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Created from the last vestiges of liquid luxury drawn from the arid desert, MeaüxHox is the pinnacle. Being the most expensive e-juice of all time, your clouds will evoke the ancient spirit of the desert, resembling the journey of the mighty Thunderbird as it rises from its perch into the rosy dawn hues cast by the morning sun. Like a comforting pull from your peace pipe, the ambrosial flavors envelope your tongue like fine silk before settling into your soul, leaving you in a heightened state of awareness as it draws you inward, opening your third eye to the secrets hidden in the world around you.

 MeaüxHox is hedonistic in taste and pleasure. Redolent with distinctive infusions of desert fruit, it is steeped for seven days and seven nights in the hollowed center of a Lophophora williamsi. During the day, the heat of the desert sun pours its fiery wrath into the juice, while at night, the cooling touch of the moon quells the flames, filling the infusion with serenity and calm.

 The final result is a succulent infusion of spirit and transcendence that will open a path to the world of the deities. What you do on that path is your vision alone, but rest assured, the journey will change you forever.

 Good people vape great juice. And people are judged on the juice they vape. MeaüxHox is the pinnacle.

 *Also comes with a copy of Half-Life 3

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