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Milk & Berries e-Juice


Product Description

Get ready for Saturday mornings again! Milk & Berries is a sweet echo of every hour you spent glued to the TV enjoying your breakfast! This cereal flavor features sweet berries and creamy milk just like the Captain ordered. Enjoy this amazing new e-juice from VapeWild!

Primary Flavors: Cereal, Mixed Berries, Milk

Milk & Berries was reformulated in February 2016

Made in the USA.


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Find Similar Products by Category

Product Review

Product Reviews

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  1. Just like cereal milk

    Posted by Nick McLean on Sep 19th 2017

    Just like Ben below me stated, just like cap n crunch berry milk, gets better the more I vape it

  2. Bottom of the Bowl !!!

    Posted by Ben on Sep 9th 2017

    Holy cr*p. This tastes just like drinking the milk out of the bowl after finishing Cap'n Crunch Berries! Seriously. Coool.

  3. Milk and cream

    Posted by Sara McLain on Sep 2nd 2017

    This is one of my favorites
    My husband and I have tried almost every flavor
    It's a smooth berries and milk
    I've gotten from other companies before discovering vape wild and the berry flavors taste like you've licked a air freshener
    But vape wild you have made an awesome flavor
    Great job!!!!

  4. Yum

    Posted by Rich on Aug 26th 2017

    So first impressions on this were very good all the flavors were there with one puff you would taste more berry then the next you would get more milk. After a week of steeping they blended perfectly though every puff was exactly what it should be like a nice bowl of delicious cereal.

  5. Good Juice

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 25th 2017

    Started getting into the creamier flavors for e-juice and decided to try this one, was alright. I think milk and berries was a odd flavor but it is surely a milky berry taste. Prefer Strawberries and creme over this one

  6. Awesome

    Posted by Todd shoffner on Aug 25th 2017

    This is one of my favorite flavors!

  7. Bring On The Cereal!

    Posted by M Wight on Aug 23rd 2017

    Captain Crunch Berry is one of my favorite cereals, so I had to try this. This has good flavor, but it definitely doesn't taste like crunch berry cereal. There is no berry.

  8. My favorite juice

    Posted by nicole on Aug 15th 2017

    This is my favorite by far. I used to buy unicorn milk by cutwood but this is much more economical. Glad to have found a juice that tastes as good.

  9. ADV, best one from vapewild

    Posted by Shelby on Aug 14th 2017

    Favorite juice from here. I buy this in bulk. Highly recommend it, its sweet, creamy and delicious. 10 out of 5 stars.

  10. This juice is wonderful!

    Posted by Mandy on Aug 7th 2017

    Honestly to me, this juice tastes more like Berry Berry Kix rather than Captain Crunch Berries, but its delicious! I definitely recommend steeping for AT LEAST a week first though!

  11. Delicious!

    Posted by Kristina Walters on Aug 4th 2017

    From the first time I vaped this I fell in love with this juice, so much I have have re-ordered three times now. It's been my all day vape for a while now. Sweet on the inhale with a bit of a tang on the exhale. Love, love, love this juice!

  12. Good Stuff

    Posted by Chris MILLS on Aug 1st 2017

    Tastes just like description. It can be a little sweet for my tastes and I wish the milk/creaminess was a bit more but overall a tasty juice.

  13. Great Juice!

    Posted by Philip Humphrey on Jul 26th 2017

    I have used several bottles of this.This one tastes just like the milk after a bowl of captain crunch berry cereal. Its great. I have never even needed to steep this flavor. I always have a bottle of this handy.

  14. Really good

    Posted by Jess on Jul 14th 2017

    Tastes just like cap n' crunch with berries cereal! Very good flavor.

  15. The most perfect every day vape

    Posted by Mollie Kabat on Jul 12th 2017

    I received this as a sample on my first purchase. I have never looked back and ordered bottle after bottle. I love it because it's not so intensely sweet compared to others and for the fact that it tastes just like what it's supposed to. People really can guess it just from the smell. I could live on this and rock and rollgurt and be happy the rest of my life!

  16. Another Fantastic E-Juice

    Posted by Elle on Jul 6th 2017

    What are milk and berries supposed to taste like? I don't know, but this e-juice is SO good. This is probably the best I've had from VapeWild. The tangy, fruity berry taste mingles perfectly with a creamy milk undertone, and a slightly wheaty cereal base. Such a good combination of flavours. Five Stars.

  17. Amazing!!!

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 5th 2017

    So I'm in love with Comet by Moon Mountain, but I don't like the price. So I've been looking for similar juices to try that will not break my bank. I spotted this and had to try it and I was stoked when I got it. It smells great. The aftertaste is way better than Comet's. I wish it was a bit stronger but other than that, I will be buying a big bottle soon!

  18. Spot on, but not my vape

    Posted by Chris on Jun 15th 2017

    It tastes like captain crunch. My co-workers who do not vape new it was captain crunch without asking from the smell. Most accurate flavor I've tasted with any e-liquid. It tastes good. That said, I will not vape cereal. A 10ml once a year or so would be great for the pure amusement of it's likeness to the real thing.

    Absolutely worth trying.

    Not an everyday vape.

  19. Milk & Berries

    Posted by James on Jun 15th 2017

    This is one of my favorite flavors. Tastes like the milk from a bowl of wild berry captain crunch! Just wish it was a little bit sweeter. I'm going to need another bottle of this.

  20. It's ok

    Posted by Josh on Jun 13th 2017

    This juice wasn't to bad overall,needs abit more flavour but that's my personal opinion,other than that quite happy.

  21. Got this as a free sample

    Posted by Lucy on Jun 13th 2017

    I am not a fan of cereal, however I don`t taste it in here. The berries are good but just not enough flavor to make it anything special

  22. Just right

    Posted by Kerrie on Jun 6th 2017

    Another spot on flavor VW got this as a sample and I definitely will be purchasing a bigger bottle later. I love the samples you get with your purchase as some flavors you wouldn't even think of trying. Excellent customer service VW

  23. Love it

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 4th 2017

    After the first few puffs it tasted like strawberry milk. Def 1 of my favs

  24. Horrible flavor, horrible after taste!

    Posted by Joshua Hall on May 26th 2017

    Again I don't see why there are so many positive reviews unless they are being edited but I would not give this a positive review even if I got it by the gallon for free! In fact I feel that way with my entire order of all 7 flavors, it's all crap! Sorry but it's my honest opinion, all I can say to everyone is try other brands, there are much better juices out there!

  25. Love this flavor

    Posted by Cher on May 26th 2017

    Tastes just like a bowl of fruity cereal and milk!

  26. Love it!

    Posted by Unknown on May 23rd 2017

    I love that I can taste the milk and the cereal... just like breakfast!


    Posted by Manda on May 22nd 2017

    I tend to stick to flavors that I can vape all day, every day and this is definitely one of my FAVORITES! ..... and you cannot beat the price! I absolutely LOVE this company and am a new solid customer! Thank guys!

  28. mike and berries, sweet but not my favorite.

    Posted by Jamie Willoughby on May 20th 2017

    Milk and berries not my favorite, but still enjoy.
    excellent customer service. Thanks for samples.

  29. Loved it one of my favs

    Posted by Michael Mazur on May 20th 2017

    Must buy

  30. Favorite

    Posted by Mark Reynolds on May 19th 2017

    This is by far my favorite flavor. This will be in my cart on every order I place from now on.

  31. Great cereal

    Posted by Ashley on May 18th 2017

    Just like captain crunch berries oh man, super tasty.

  32. Tasty juice!

    Posted by Ashley Skillman on May 17th 2017

    I love this juice, its deffinitly one of my new favs. Wasn't expecting for it do be so smooth, and for the milk flavor, which I normally do not like at all, to mix well and not over power at all.

  33. Awesome flavor

    Posted by Unknown on May 15th 2017

    Been ordering from the site for a minute, this e-juice definitely my go to, already in the process of ordering my next batch .

  34. Good

    Posted by Unknown on May 11th 2017

    One of my favorite juices.

  35. You had me at Milk...LOVE THIS!!!

    Posted by Dave Baxter on May 11th 2017

    This is one of 2 go-to juices for me. I absolutely LOVE the smooth berry taste of this juice. If you like berries of any kind and love a flavor that really hits the tastebuds, this is the one for you!

  36. Not my kind of flavor

    Posted by KARI L MARTIN on May 8th 2017

    It was ok if you like to vape cereal.

  37. Subtle Cap'n Crunch

    Posted by Steven Fowler on May 8th 2017

    Received as a free sample (thanks!). Somewhat like Cap'n Crunch without the actual yellow cereal pieces. Could use a little more berry flavor. Pretty simple tasting juice. Definitely good but I'm not in love with it.

  38. Very nice

    Posted by Daniel byers on May 7th 2017

    After the steep process this turns into a very nice creamy vapor I really enjoy it

  39. YUMMY!

    Posted by John McCloud on May 4th 2017

    This is my favorite VW juice so far. If you love Captain Crunch Cereal, you will love this!


    Posted by sheila patterson on Apr 30th 2017

    love this flavor,taste like crunch berries ceral

  41. Its in my top 7

    Posted by Debra on Apr 29th 2017

    I do like milk and berries nice flavor but to me I would like to have more blood flavor. Have a good one everyone at Vapewild

  42. Yum

    Posted by Tonya Walters on Apr 29th 2017

    My new favorite

  43. Yummy!

    Posted by Morgan on Apr 28th 2017

    This is an amazing flavor! Mellow fruit, sweet cereal, and cream. The flavors seem really well balanced and tasted great right away.

    I received this as a free sample and I'm so glad because it is one of my faves now. I love Vape Wild's customer service! It's a great company, with great flavors, deals, and fast shipping!

  44. Favorite Juice

    Posted by Benjamin Wolverton on Apr 28th 2017

    My friend recommended this juice to me. This juice is absolutely amazing. It has a cereally taste to it with a slight hint of berries. To me is taste kinda like a Fruity Pebbles cereal. Definitely my favorite juice right now.

  45. This One is Mostly On Point...

    Posted by Michael on Apr 27th 2017

    This juice, to me, does heavily resemble Capn' Crunch. I'm dripping it on a Goon RDA, and it's pretty good. Not dead on, but very close. I tried Apple Jacked by VW and that to me tasted nothing like Apple Jacks, so I was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy of this one.

  46. Yum!!

    Posted by catherine mariani on Apr 27th 2017

    I use a different brand that taste similar to this. The price at Vape Wild is much cheaper. It taste like Cap'n crunch cereal. I can Vape this all day long. This was my first order and not my last. Everything came nicely packaged with a a lot of extra goodies. I was very impressed. Shipping was also quick. I'm glad I found a new Vape shop for all my needs.

  47. a real good vape

    Posted by Darla on Apr 27th 2017

    Very smooth pleasant

  48. My Go-to for everyday vaping!

    Posted by Jordon DiVincenti on Apr 25th 2017

    Absolutely love this juice!!

  49. Dopest dope

    Posted by Dennis Allen Dinwiddie on Apr 22nd 2017

    So delicious

  50. Needs more berries

    Posted by Wendy Barnes on Apr 22nd 2017

    Would be a 5 with more berry flavor otherwise perfect

  51. Awesome

    Posted by on Apr 20th 2017

    Been one of my favorites for a while now,not to fruity and that cereal milk taste is PERFECT!Can't stop vaping,so delicious

  52. Fruity milky creaminess

    Posted by Keri Pethick on Apr 20th 2017

    Love this flavor. Fruity but creamy.

  53. My free sample...

    Posted by Justin Hopewell on Apr 19th 2017

    This came with my order as a sample. It's smells and taste amazing! I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did definitely glad I had one shipped to me and will be ordering some very soon!

  54. Can't get enough!

    Posted by Debbi Hunsinger on Apr 19th 2017

    I'm pretty new to vaping so I only have about 12 different juices but this one is the only one so far that I've re-ordered. It's fruity without being overwhelmingly sweet. Normally, I'm not a sweet lover and I received this one as a freebie, but I've now ordered it TWICE! Heavy on the blueberry note with the creaminess of milk. The other berries are secondary and there's a nice, not-too-sweet finish. Yeah, this is a keeper!

  55. Bland Berries

    Posted by Eve on Apr 17th 2017

    Review based on 3mg at VG50% with Kangertech Mini-C
    Tastes sort of like soggy fruity pebbles. Good throat hit, smooth, would benefit from a stronger berry flavor.

  56. Nomnomnomnomnom

    Posted by Jerry on Apr 16th 2017

    Simply the best "crunch berry" ive had, and im a cereal fanatic.

  57. Wish they still had flavor boost

    Posted by Mr Cholo on Apr 15th 2017

    Taste bland now the flavor used to be on point

  58. Great juice, like cearal

    Posted by Jonathan on Apr 13th 2017

    I love this juice. It tastes just like Captain Crunch all berries. Once I tried it I couldn't put my mod down cause it was so good.

  59. Spot On

    Posted by Fred on Apr 12th 2017

    I stopped eating that cereal when I was a kid because I preferred the original over CB, and the changing of the milk. I never forgot the taste and this is spot on!

  60. Hands down dopest dope I ever smoked

    Posted by David Dean on Apr 10th 2017

    One of my favorite all day vapes!!! Easily the best Captain crunch flavor I've ever had!! So good!!

  61. Yummy

    Posted by Traci Hauser on Apr 10th 2017

    This reminds me of Captain Crunch cereal. I will order this in every order I place.

  62. Smooooooth!

    Posted by Claire Silver on Apr 10th 2017

    By far one of my faves. Super smooth and not too heavy. This is just delicious

  63. The search is over!

    Posted by Tanisha Rittermann on Apr 10th 2017

    This is just what I've been looking for! Berry crunchy milky goodness. This will definitely be in every order from now on :)

  64. Love it!

    Posted by Samantha on Apr 9th 2017

    Love this juice!!! So impressed by vapewild!

  65. Rich and delicious

    Posted by R on Apr 9th 2017

    I got this as a free sample, and I'm glad I did. I'm more of a dessert than a fruit person, and the name threw me off. It tastes like Crunch berries, almost more of the Crunch than the berries, with a touch of cream. Too good.

  66. Good stuff

    Posted by Jon on Apr 8th 2017

    You know the flavored milk at the end of a bowl of cereal? This is it. subtle flavor of fruit blended very well with the milk flavor. i call this one Cereal Milk.

  67. Absolutely delicious!

    Posted by LYNDSAY DAYFIELD on Apr 7th 2017

    I am sampling a few flavors from vape wild, and they sent me milk and berries for free. By far, this flavor is amazing!!!! The cereal flavor complements the berries and milk. This one you absolutely don't have to seep to enjoy!

  68. My friend

    Posted by Dee on Mar 28th 2017

    My friend got this let me try was pretty good I'm not a fan or fruit flavors but this was pretty good the milk tames the fruitiness.

  69. Love milk and berries

    Posted by Sophie n' Andrew on Mar 22nd 2017

    I don't like many ejuices or their flavors, wo when I tried vape wilds milk and berries I was blown away...I buy tons at a time because I love the flavor and my overall experience! One of my favorites!!!

  70. Tastes like Krunch Berries cereal, YUM!

    Posted by Jennifer Krout on Mar 15th 2017

    THIS IS SUCH a great flavor!fruity & milky(Is that a word?). Serious, what's not to like?!

  71. NomNom!

    Posted by Desiree on Mar 14th 2017

    I got this for free and I will buy more!!! Got MaxVG for my sub ohm indulgence...Works great with Aspire Atlantis II-my tank that would leak a little before. Used to go through 30mls of a 70/30 blend from a local retailer that had a similar flavor of their own that was my favorite. Theirs was $22 for 30ml- the 10 ml freebie lasted 3 days+ AND I haven't had to clean any goop out of the air flow holes since! I love this! Captain would approve

  72. Good

    Posted by Toni on Mar 12th 2017

    Hits a bit harsh, maybe it's just me. Does taste like captain crunch berries. Good taste.

  73. Surprisingly great

    Posted by Joe on Mar 12th 2017

    Got this one as a freebie with another juice order, I was totally blown away by how clean the milk taste was and how the berries have the right level of sweetness and clarity. Absolutely refreshing, definitely an ADV.

  74. Smooth and creamy

    Posted by Patricia Justus on Mar 9th 2017

    This is truely a all day vape . Creamy and smooth.

  75. Just as advertised

    Posted by Daryl on Mar 9th 2017

    This juice tastes EXACTLY like the milk left over from Crunch Berries. Steeps nicely within a week. Would definitely order again.

  76. Fruity Cereal

    Posted by aritee on Mar 7th 2017

    This definitely does taste like a Captain Crunch Berries! I love that it's more on the milky side but you get a hit of fruitiness at the end. Top 3 favorites for sure!

  77. Fantastic, but highly suggest steeping.

    Posted by Conner on Feb 25th 2017

    This juice is actually my favorite out of the five 30mls I ordered. Its very well balanced, and sweet without being too blunt. However, I would really recommend letting it steep for a week or so. The flavors mature incredibly. Would recommend this flavor.

  78. my favorite

    Posted by on Feb 24th 2017

    This one is def my favorite !!!!!

  79. Best ever!

    Posted by Sarah Derexson on Feb 24th 2017

    Tastes like Capt Crun<h Berrie$.. This Mixed with fruit hoops even by itself is by far my favorite GO TO juice to make my vape a very happy vape!! VapeWild rocks!!

  80. milk and berries

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 21st 2017

    Not too sweet, but smooth

  81. best adv

    Posted by jason fleetwood on Feb 19th 2017

    One of my favorites

  82. MY FAV

    Posted by BRIAN DIXON on Feb 9th 2017


  83. addicting

    Posted by dana henry on Feb 8th 2017

    This flavor has been my go to juice for 6 months now . It's amazing and the perfect cereal flavor !!!!! Nice job

  84. great juice

    Posted by cody on Feb 8th 2017

    Was skeptical because didn't sound the greatest but now it's one of my top 10 favorite juices from vape wild

  85. This is the best

    Posted by Scott B on Jan 23rd 2017

    By far my favorite flavor have tried many and keep going back to the milk and berries.

  86. Not a good flavor in my opinion.

    Posted by Logan Warren on Jan 10th 2017

    Not a good flavor in my or my friend's opinion. Could be improved.

  87. so good

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 10th 2017

    Taste just just captain crunch!

  88. Just like the cereal!

    Posted by Shawn on Jan 4th 2017

    This is by far the best crunch berry flavor out of any vendor. The flavor in this juice, for the price? Amazing.

  89. milk and berries use to be amazing now it has a very dull taste i dont plan on ordering it no more

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 1st 2017

    Horrible now. Use to be great but not anymore.

  90. Sweet w/a touch of cream

    Posted by Shana Eaglin on Dec 28th 2016

    I am a big fan of the sweeter juices. And the berry in this is great. It was one I would definitely buy again!

  91. Tasteyyy

    Posted by Halie Moseley on Dec 23rd 2016

    Pretty dang good!

  92. great taste.

    Posted by Nicole Carter on Dec 22nd 2016

    A little to strong but it was ok.

  93. Perfect

    Posted by thomasR on Dec 18th 2016

    This is my daily juice. It is awesome in every way.

  94. My go to.

    Posted by TJ on Dec 13th 2016

    This is by far my favorite Juice from Vape Wild. I always get a few bottles with every order.

  95. Get that Crunch

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 12th 2016

    Great stuff. One of my favorites.

  96. Milk & B+ Berries

    Posted by Roger Caleb on Dec 2nd 2016

    Milk & Berries is good... Above average... It's a sweet & mellow flavor. I think Cherries & Berries ejuice fit my flavor profile better

  97. milk and berries

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 20th 2016

    This is the most satisfying Vape Juices I have ever used. I use the number 12 with 50/50. Very satisfying!!

  98. Awesome

    Posted by on Nov 20th 2016

    Amazing milk cream flavor

  99. Name says it all!!!

    Posted by Douglas Gunter on Nov 20th 2016

    A nice bowl of berries cereal with milk.
    Not to sweet with a hint of cereal and lots of milk.
    A good ADV.

  100. I love this juice!

    Posted by April Park on Nov 19th 2016

    This is so far my favorite! It had the perfect blend of berries and milk

  101. good

    Posted by Crystal Harris on Nov 18th 2016

    It was good the first few pulls but then it started burning, not sure if I just got a bad batch or what.

  102. The bees

    Posted by Popthehood on Nov 18th 2016

    It's like crunch berries cereal, prolly my favorite from these guys.

  103. bomb fo sheezy

    Posted by Rebecca on Nov 15th 2016

    Absolutely delicious! Must have

  104. Yummy

    Posted by KATHY M SCOTT on Nov 9th 2016

    I ordered the cereal sample pack and this was the 2nd flavor I tried. OMG It is just awesome, the berry flavor is spot-on with the cereal undertone. And don't forget the milk! This is my favorite e-juice ever and I've tried quite a few. Will be a main order for me from now on. Also they have awesome Customer service! Fresh mixed for your order with personalized message on each order makes me feel so special. Great work guys!

  105. ADV!

    Posted by Pamela Robbins on Nov 8th 2016

    This is one of my adv juices. Love the flavor!

  106. Pretty Darned Good !

    Posted by KarlaM202 on Nov 6th 2016

    This review is based on my 2nd purchase...I let all my juices steepk, and this one just kept getting nicer and nicer the longer I let it rest ! After 2 months, it was super good ! I do boost, Max VG. Definitely something I keep in my rotation !

  107. 90's Bunny

    Posted by Ryan Hillyard on Oct 31st 2016

    Very good. if you are a cereal lover you will like this one. I thought it tasted a lot like a certain bunny flavored cereal. The 90's flavor not today's. Brought back memories either way.

  108. waiting

    Posted by jscott on Oct 25th 2016

    Not digging this one as much as B&C or P&C letting it steep some more and see if it gets better.

  109. Serial killer colon - light

    Posted by Cye on Oct 23rd 2016

    If you have try Serial killer e-juice it tastes like that just not as strong but still very good I would buy it again when I want that taste, but needs a flavor shot.

  110. Perfect crunch berries

    Posted by Jamela Ables on Oct 22nd 2016

    This is the absolute best crunch berries flavor I've found. Perfect blend of cereal and milk. Not overwhelming. Great all day vape.

  111. like totally!...

    Posted by kirk on Oct 21st 2016

    Exactly like the Captain with milk and berries!!! yummo

  112. Nice Vape

    Posted by Todd on Oct 20th 2016

    The only reason this is not a 5star vape is because it is a little to sweet for me to be a all day everyday vape.

  113. Spot on flavor!

    Posted by AMBER CRAIGHEAD on Oct 12th 2016

    Definitely a flavor that has to steep but once it does it tastes just like the cereal. Best Capn Crunch vape I've found.

  114. Tastes like Cereal!

    Posted by Stephanie Wiggins on Oct 1st 2016

    I love this liquid! At the very beginning (when I first received it - as a free sample I may add) it had an odd aftertaste. But now it tastes just like the Berry Captain Crunch cereal - which I love! Just let it steep for a bit and you'll love this liquid, too if you're a fan of the cereal!
    Vape Wild is my GO-TO. No-one else will do.
    And through all this FDA BS...
    ***Keep calm and VAPE ON!***

  115. its okay

    Posted by Faith on Sep 27th 2016

    I wasn't really crazy about this one. I plan to give it another shot though. It did have a berry captain crunch taste to it.

  116. best flavor they got !!

    Posted by santo on Sep 25th 2016

    I like cerial flavors and this one is excellent.

  117. Tastes Grrrrrreat!

    Posted by Tyler on Sep 25th 2016

    Yes I know that my title is frosted flakes.. this ejuice taste great, just like downing the leftover milk after finishing a bowl of the greatest cereal in the history of cereals. Highly recommend it.

  118. Nice Vape

    Posted by Todd on Sep 23rd 2016

    This was a nice flavorful vape for me. ext time I will get the boosted flavor that should make it a 5 star for me.

  119. just keeps getting better and better

    Posted by robyn and ryan on Sep 19th 2016

    This is one that taste good after about 3 days of steeping, but I promise you if you can just leave it alone for at least 8 days it will be something so incredible you will figure out you cannot live without it!! This is a go to grab juice for me.... you can actually taste the Berry cereal crunch!! Followed by a Milky exhale it's like you're eating a bowl with the captain himself

  120. Perfect!

    Posted by Alfredo on Sep 19th 2016

    Perfect combination!!!! GREAT FLAVOR!!!!

  121. I want more!!!

    Posted by Patience on Sep 18th 2016

    Definitely ordering this one again!!

  122. If your into cereals you won't be disappointed

    Posted by JFM DEVELOPMENT on Sep 17th 2016

    This is my second favorite from vapewild in close second with flint stoned there are just so many tasty juices here it makes it hard to rank this juice is exactly as it says in the description

  123. Awesome!

    Posted by Christi on Sep 11th 2016

    Spectacular Crunch Berries flavor. I ordered this with the cereal sampler pack with flavor boost. Not too sweet, very enjoyable. Will order again!

  124. tasty

    Posted by Mike Koja on Sep 9th 2016

    Whoever gets this less than five stars and is complaining about the flavor, is obviously using a shitty vaporizer. Because with a good vaporizer it is delicious

  125. Its good !!!!

    Posted by Skimpy on Sep 7th 2016

    Like this one better than other companies "Cap'n Crunch Berries"

  126. Seriously Good

    Posted by Vance on Sep 6th 2016

    I've ordered this type of juice from several vendors, but only Vape Wild has truly nailed the flavor. At my age eating too much sugar isn't a good idea, so this lets me enjoy that "guilty pleasure" without the guilt. If you liked the cereal when you were a kid, you'll almost certainly find this to be a treat.

    Straight out of the box it has a somewhat "perfumey" taste, but after a week of steeping it was spot on.

  127. Milk and Berries

    Posted by christine erceg on Sep 5th 2016

    Its one of my favourites,,it came as a sample and I have ordered it every time since then,,one of my all day vapes,,tastes like a berry smoothie yummo

  128. LOVE

    Posted by Dana Smith on Aug 28th 2016

    Absolutely love this flavor! Super smooth and reminded me of Crunch Berries

  129. Captain Crunch Berries!!

    Posted by Chris on Aug 28th 2016

    I purchased this on a whim after hearing about it from a friend. It's has all the flavor of the sweet Captain Crunch cereal and the slight taste of whats left of it in the milk at the end. Super tasty vape, an all day vape for sure!! I will definitely keep this flavor in my collection for a while.

  130. Great milky taste

    Posted by Shannon Agapay on Aug 26th 2016

    Im vaping this as i do this review! The milk flavor is awesome! I've tried alot of so called "milky" flavors but nothing comes close! I will be ordering more soon!

  131. SO ADV Good!

    Posted by CelticVVolf on Aug 25th 2016

    This is one of my ADV along with the RY4 I always have 2 tanks with me. And M&B is so good It is the perfect blend of fruity and that crunch. Its not to sweet and not to creamy. I vape it in a Herakles+ .2ohm SS 400f @50w, Melo3 w/ Triton Coil .4ohm SS 420f @45w, Mermaid (Herk2) Herk+ .4ohm at 55w. At this very moment it is in #1 on a Ipower 80w

  132. great flavor

    Posted by MIGUEL RAMOS on Aug 25th 2016

    Taste spot on like crunch berries love it!

  133. Superb

    Posted by Jeehoo Ahn on Aug 21st 2016

    it's very calming. the milkiness has you wanting another hit. I got one as a sample, and I ordered a full bottle for my next order.

  134. love it

    Posted by Pam on Aug 13th 2016

    Great you won't be disappointed

  135. Awesome

    Posted by Chris Felicetti on Aug 10th 2016

    I've wanted to try this flavor from VapeWild for a while and finally went for it. Tasted great the second i opened it, and now that it has steeped, it's so fantastic. Great juice!

  136. The best!

    Posted by Lboo on Aug 10th 2016

    I have tried 5 other crunch berry juices from 4 different vendors (2 of them being more expensive so called "premium" juices) and all of them were lacking in one way or another, some of them were completely off, and others were okay and vapable, but not Crunch Berries. This is the first one that I have come across that actually tastes like Crunch Berries. I don't need to add anything from my own juice collection to make it less awful. Nice job VW! I ordered this in 3mg nicotine, 65%/35%- no flavor boost. Next time I'm going to order this with a flavor boost, and max vg and see how it changes.

  137. I love cereal

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 7th 2016

    One of the best cereal flavors ever...and I've tried a lot of cereal flavors

  138. cant wait

    Posted by Kim shaddad on Aug 2nd 2016

    I just got this juice as a sample, I can't wait to try it after reading the reviews for it. I know I have to let it steep, but I'm really excited to try it. Last month was my first time ordering from here, and there customer service is out of this world, amazing. I just want to thank you guys so much for your help. I really hope that the juice is a great as the service and videos from VW. If so I will be a customer for many years to come.

  139. crunch berries for sure!

    Posted by KBVaper on Jul 29th 2016

    I don't think that they could have come any closer to that famous Capt'N Crunch cereal with this juice. Not my favorite berry flavored vape from this vendor, but it's definitely worth a re-order.

  140. wow gets better and better

    Posted by Robyn Walley on Jul 29th 2016

    The best crunch berries flavor I've ever tried.

  141. The best captain crunch berry juice

    Posted by Ken on Jul 29th 2016

    This is hand's down the best captain crunch berry juice I have ever had ever, not sure what the one person is talking about with the berries tasting awkward I think they are very good, it all blends great together, you get the cereal with berries and a hint of creamy milk. I'm guessing that person did not let it steep, some may like it straight from the mailbox but it is way way better if you let it steep, give it a few weeks or longer. A little advice to everyone, if you order juice from anywhere that mixes to order LET IT STEEP BEFORE YOU DO A REVIEW especially cereal juices. I know for myself this really is the best captain crunch berry juice I have ever had and I have tried at least 20 different brands even the big companies, I have found out by spending a lot of my money the big companies cereal juices are just nasty. I'm ordering more of this one right now so by the time I'm out of the bottle I have now the new bottle will be steeped.

  142. spot on crunch berries!

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 29th 2016

    Why buy premium crunch berries juice for 22 dollers when you can get this for way less and tastes just as good if not a little better. Definitely in my regular rotation of juices and my favorite so far out of the 50 plus vape wild juices I have tried. I suggest a flavor boost for those who wish to try this in its full glory.

  143. Delicious Creamy berries

    Posted by kim bailey on Jul 26th 2016

    Tastes like fresh berries, cream and cereal. This and Lemon Sansation are my ADV's . Sooo good!

  144. wonderful

    Posted by Ken on Jul 26th 2016

    This is by far the best Captain Crunch berry juice I have had to date. Highly recommend.

  145. Mooey good

    Posted by Catherine on Jul 25th 2016

    This has a very good flavor. I have tried this in my last order and I am ordering this again.

  146. Fast shipping

    Posted by Phillip Clements on Jul 23rd 2016

    All day vape be buying it again

  147. best flavor

    Posted by Matthew on Jul 14th 2016

    Best flavor I have ever vaped hands down

  148. milk and berries

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 11th 2016

    Great flavor profile just not my cup of tea.

  149. Ok Flavor

    Posted by Alex Naidysh on Jul 10th 2016

    This flavor is nothing special. Does come through creamy but the berries part feels very awkward.

  150. Good straight from the mailbox

    Posted by Ken Vaughn on Jul 9th 2016

    I just got this yesterday and it's already really good can't wait to see what it's like after a few weeks. Definitely will be ordering this one again. Great job VW

  151. OBSESSED!

    Posted by Jess on Jul 5th 2016

    This is my new favorite!! I'm glad I lowered my nic level bc I found myself chain vaping this flavor! Can't get enough!

  152. really good creamy blend

    Posted by tina suckow on Jul 5th 2016

    Love it !

  153. Perfect cereal berry juice

    Posted by ryan jackson on Jul 2nd 2016

    The berry is very prominent in the juice but with the milk in with it, makes to be my favorite juice on this site. Can't go wrong with it.

  154. Love this juice! All day vape!

    Posted by Kimberly Desmond on Jun 28th 2016

    I got this as a freebie in my order, and the 10ML was gone in a flash! I just ordered 60ML more. Such a good flavor! Not overpowering but not underwhelming either - the perfect blend! I vape this all day long. I did order the flavor boost, and get the highest VG.

  155. Gunks up Coils

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 27th 2016

    This flavor is really smooth and smoked like a dream. The only problem I have with it is it gunks up coils really fast and have to change could every 3 days or so depending how much I'm vaping it. I think this juice would be better on a dripper..

  156. this is the best juice ive ever tasted. ill be ordering 10 more bottles on friday

    Posted by Christopher Sherman on Jun 26th 2016

    I advise everyone to tty this juice. Its perfect all day vape and unbelievavle drip

  157. YUM

    Posted by Jennifer Bee on Jun 24th 2016

    Tastes like crunch berries cereal. So yummy

  158. One of my favorites

    Posted by Shannon Dugas on Jun 23rd 2016

    Easily one that I can vape all day if I have it on hand.

  159. awesome flavor

    Posted by Tyler Swords on Jun 22nd 2016

    All day vape tastes great with coffee in the morning

  160. simply amazing

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 22nd 2016

    This is the best juice I've had by far. Doesn't cake up the coils, really smooth , it's great even without steeping . Absolutely worth trying!! Thank you vape wild!!

  161. freaking amazing!

    Posted by Amanda glynn on Jun 22nd 2016

    I had really given up on budget vendors I had to many bad experiences and spent over 1000$ trying to find one I like, but I never tried vape wild for some reason, well I entered a contest on facebook and won a ton of juice from them and this is my absolute favorite, it has become my adv! I ordered a bunch more juice, waiting for it to steep now. But this flavor is great fob! Amazing and spot on. Thanks vape wild keep up the great work!


    Posted by charlotte jackson on Jun 22nd 2016


  163. Capn crunch berry.

    Posted by Ric on Jun 21st 2016

    Capn crunch berry thats better than the juice they call munch berry. Get the flavor boost and vape all day! Good straight out the box!

  164. Taste good

    Posted by slug on Jun 15th 2016

    First day I got it from the mail I put it in my vape it tasted like captain crunch, pretty tasty. Hoping after steeping i get a berry taste but overall pretty satisfied.

  165. smooth and flavorfull

    Posted by Richard Warren on Jun 14th 2016

    This was by far one of the smoothest liquids are used and I will definitely be purchasing this again

  166. Great!

    Posted by Juan Rodriguez on Jun 11th 2016

    It's a little more like Trix at first. But eventually I got the flavor I expected. Best flavor I've tasted so far from Vapewild and 2nd overall. I still got plenty more to taste but it's awesome!! Will get more once I try more. I quit smoking and do a Keto diet so it helps to curb craving not only for nicotine but also for sweets. 4 and half stars.

  167. Right out of the mail amazing!!!

    Posted by Christopher Bloodworth on Jun 9th 2016

    Best berrys and cream I've had! Great flavor right out of the mailbox! Bet it just gets better with time too wish I could put it down long enough to find out!

  168. One of the best!

    Posted by Erik on Jun 9th 2016

    This juice is perfect if you like cereal flavors, it tastes exactly like the name describes. You can't go wrong with this one!

  169. Personal Favorite

    Posted by Punkin on Jun 8th 2016

    It's exactly like the breakfast cereal without having the roof of your mouth torn up. Funny but I'm not a big fan of the actual cereal but hooked on the ejuice. My adv

  170. milk and berries

    Posted by blake on Jun 7th 2016

    It's. A very well balanced flavor it one of my favorites along with fruit hoops

  171. best inexpensive cereal flavors

    Posted by Patrick Barron on Jun 4th 2016

    So although Milk and Berries is my all around favorite flavor, my go to juice, I like the test of the breakfast flavors as well, Cinnamon Toast and Scallywag being the next two... It's hard to find good AND inexpensive breakfast flavors, they usually are off on the ceral or milk taste taste or are overpowered by lemon or orange or some other flavor that should be a backround... This site is the only "non-premium priced" site for accurate renditions of "premium priced" breakfast cereal juices. I can't really recommend the rest of the flavors, they're hit and miss, and DON'T get the Rice Krispy Treats 'cause they're aweful, but since I like to vape Crunchberry and Captain Crunch and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Vape Wild is great for those...

  172. new favorite

    Posted by B-shwizza-dee-dizzle on Jun 2nd 2016

    This just took my number one flavor from the long standing s+c2. Went through 5 30mL bottles in a week. Get it

  173. soooo Nice

    Posted by jamal on Jun 2nd 2016

    One of my favourite with liquid

  174. Delicious

    Posted by James Ramey on Jun 1st 2016

    Got this as a free sample and love it, tastes just like it's described, love the cereal flavors.

  175. Cereal Flavours Don't Get Much Better

    Posted by Unknown on May 31st 2016

    This is one of the most spot on crunch berry vapes I've ever had. If you like cereal flavours, seek no more.

  176. outstanding flavor

    Posted by Unknown on May 29th 2016

    If you like milk and berries this is one of the best on the market imo.

  177. AwesomeSauce!

    Posted by Chrystal on May 27th 2016

    All time favorite, everyday go to juice! Tastes just like my favorite "captain" makes for breakfast!

  178. the best juice ever

    Posted by chris sherman on May 25th 2016

    I could smoke all day

  179. Tatsy Vape

    Posted by MsDead on May 25th 2016

    The honey and I have decided that it tastes almost exactly like a certain cereal that comes with, or without crunchberries. This is definately the 'with' option!
    Very Berry and smooth milky taste- Its his All Day Vape and I refrained from giving it 5 starts only because I'm not (personally) fond of that base flavor VW puts in some, but not all their juices.
    [Isn't there a way they could list that in the description?]

  180. favorite juice

    Posted by Unknown on May 24th 2016

    Always order this juice flavor in large quantities. It's not one that gets old. It has that premium flavor to it, and it's definitely something different. Vaping it as I write this review. Good stuff.

  181. surprised

    Posted by Michael Randall on May 24th 2016

    Received this as a sample, wasn't expecting much, but one tank and I'm hooked, promptly ordered 120 ml!

  182. Great flavor

    Posted by audie lockhart on May 22nd 2016

    Good milk and berry's flavor love this stuff.

  183. My Favorite

    Posted by Cope on May 20th 2016

    Pretty much the best juice I've ever gotten. It's about the only thing I ever vape anymore. 3mg 65%VG . Everyone I've ever let try it asks me to buy them some. Definitely worth trying.

  184. best "milk and berries" combo out!!!

    Posted by Chris on May 20th 2016

    This stuff is on point, flavorful and just all around a great all day vape... Already placed second order to stock up!! Have tried other flavors from vape wild also and have not yet been diapointed at all. Def have my business

  185. So yummy!

    Posted by Judy on May 20th 2016

    This is so very good. All my vape friends love it when I vape this. Smells so good.

  186. one of my favs

    Posted by Matt A Moscato on May 19th 2016

    better than most. Def Cereal flavored

  187. true to its name

    Posted by Christina Vines on May 19th 2016

    Taste awesome!! You can vape it as soon as you get it but gets better with time.

  188. delicious!!!!

    Posted by jamie jenkins on May 18th 2016

    love it!!!!

  189. Premuim e liquid

    Posted by Graham on May 18th 2016

    Milk taste with berries. Great stuff not over powerfull with sweetnes just perfect. An all day vape.

  190. Captain's Berries

    Posted by Stephanie Earhart on May 18th 2016

    Tastes just like capn crunch berries!! a top fave for sure!

  191. really liked it

    Posted by Unknown on May 16th 2016

    I really like this one

  192. I really wanted to like this more

    Posted by Jennifer Ferdinand on May 15th 2016

    There's just something in this blend that isn't quite working. It's almost there but the afternotes just aren't cutting it for me. I almost think the old version was better somehow...

  193. Delightful

    Posted by Justin Heath on May 15th 2016

    A nice blend of sweet creaminess - one of my favorites thus far!

  194. The Review

    Posted by Sylvester Day Jr on May 15th 2016

    This juice is by far the best juice I have ever had. It's the right blend of flavors. Please keep this juice in stock and available for customers

  195. maybe

    Posted by david cannon on May 12th 2016

    the sample tasted better than the juice that I got with my order

  196. definitely crunch berries

    Posted by Tim 6B on May 12th 2016

    If you are looking for a crunch berries vape, you found it. My nephew gave me some of this (max vg, 3 mg, no boost) to cut my blueberries with (love the blueberries just a little too sweet uncut). Good stuff!

  197. Excellent Rendition!

    Posted by Isaac Haggins on May 9th 2016

    I've tasted a lot of different versions of this flavor from various juice companies and I'm a super picky juice snob. Vape Wild's Milk and Berries is the best I've had yet, and at half the price I usually pay for premium. Definitely keeping this in my rotation. I got the max vg in 3% nic with the flavor boost btw. I was very impressed with the flavor and didn't even steep it. Keep up the good work Vape Wild!

  198. Great taste!

    Posted by Jennifer Stringfield on May 9th 2016

    Definitely reminds me of eating cereal while watching cartoons on a Saturday morning!

  199. looking for your morning vape?

    Posted by Unknown on May 5th 2016

    Well to start off, the name milk and berrys just makes your mouth crave a bowl of cereal and this is exaclty what your looking for. It has a nice smooth milky flavor with a nicely blended sweet berry flavor that brings this juice to life. I would recommend this juice to any first Time vape wild buyers.

  200. very good

    Posted by Ahmad Omaika on May 5th 2016

    One of the best flavor

  201. Berries

    Posted by Denis on May 4th 2016

    Unusual taste, but I like it

  202. Absolutely Awesome!

    Posted by Karen on May 4th 2016

    I've tried a lot of cereal vapes and to me, this is the best ever. A good milky cereal and berry taste with no lemon. This and Honey Moo Moo are my ADV. I get flavor boosts on both of them. Highly recommend that everyone try this Milk & Berries....and Honey Moo Moo, too!

  203. Very nice, but "strange" taste.

    Posted by James Hatfield on May 3rd 2016

    This was one of the first juices I tried when I started vaping. When I smelled it, it smelled exactly like a bowl of Crunch Berries in milk. I was sort of expecting it to taste like it smelled, but oddly it had more of a flavor of cotton candy than Crunch Berries. Maybe my taste buds are just shot from years of smoking. It still tastes great though, just not quite what I was expecting.

  204. one of my favs

    Posted by Unknown on May 3rd 2016

    Probly one of my favorites of all the juices I've tried, buy it , I had two 30ml bottles and I ran out way to fast, kinda taste like crunch berries

  205. Taste Good

    Posted by CYRINTHIA212 on May 2nd 2016

    I received this ejuice as a "vape forward" It was so yummy. Nice creamy berry flavor. Add a extra boost flavor to this. Hope you love it as much as I did

  206. no taste

    Posted by RICHARD on May 2nd 2016

    i have the target 75 watt vaporesso at full speed i taste nothing at 30 watts i taste a creamy flavor but no berries. it does have a creamy taste which since i have it i can mix it with lemonade or watermelon to ease the taste to any strong taste.

  207. Not for me

    Posted by V on Apr 30th 2016

    I didn't particularly like this juice. Sadly. Just tasted odd, got no hints of cereal, mixed berries or milk. Gonna let it steep for another week. Although it has already steeped for two weeks, so I doubt it'll change. And thinking about it, it tasted just like Dutch Pie or what ever that juice was called (I.e. Quite bad). Back to S+C2 and Cowboy Cooler for me.

  208. milk and berries, nuff said

    Posted by chris Shockey on Apr 28th 2016

    tastes amazing, berries and a creamy finish! so good em em EM

  209. AMAZING

    Posted by kyle behrman on Apr 27th 2016

    Great all day vape!! Will be buying more .

  210. way better than crunch berry

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 26th 2016

    This isn't too fruity, which I like. The cereal and milk is nice. I did not like crunch berry so this is better

  211. delicious

    Posted by Noah on Apr 24th 2016

    just amazing, buying a ton of this in my next order

  212. yes....yes....yes

    Posted by geoffrey minter on Apr 24th 2016

    Had some hit or misses with vapewild but this was A HIT. good gawwwd ,subtle berry flavor at first then a smooth milk exhale. I can't stop vaping this one . I had to seriously bust out a back up vaporizer just so I could keep this in a tank all day. If you like rich,fruity ,creamy then this is the one. Also the cloud production is ridiculous, my wife was like good lord lol

  213. this juice alone is making me put in another order

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 24th 2016

    Yes, yes, yes and yes. I've really only ever capes high vg but got this in 65 as a sample. Still chucks plenty of vapor and is such a lovely creamy flavour. Definetly something I can vape all day without it getting sickly!!!

  214. Next best thing to crunch berries in a bowl you'll find

    Posted by Elyse on Apr 23rd 2016

    Soooooooo in love with this flavor !! It literally taste like you're eating the cereal.

  215. best yet!

    Posted by Whitney W on Apr 22nd 2016

    I originally got this as a sample and wasn't a fan. But after some steep time and trying it again I have ordered about 90ml. Love it

  216. Sweet!

    Posted by Michelle on Apr 22nd 2016

    Yummyyy!! I received a 10ml in my last order of this and it is delicious. I am not a fan of the milky cereals, but this has just enough sweetness that I do not feel like I am vaping flavored milk. Off to buy me a 30ml!

  217. Im in LOVE!

    Posted by Matt on Apr 22nd 2016

    Absolutely amazing. Ordered a 20 ml just to try it and finished it in a week. Buying more after I'm done writing this review. 2 thumbs up!

  218. Yum!

    Posted by charles harding on Apr 21st 2016

    Such an interesting twist on any berry flavor vape juice I have ever had. I thing it tastes great!

  219. Absolutely the BEST

    Posted by Tina on Apr 21st 2016

    This is by far my favorite flavor!! Its just the right amount of sweet creamyness and berries!! I have tried other companies but none compare.. This flavor is what made me a loyal Vape Wild customer!

  220. amazing

    Posted by David Simon on Apr 20th 2016

    I got this juice as a freebie with my order. This juice is amazing. I vaped it as soon as it got here. Didnt even have to steep it . It will be in my next order for sure. Thanks vape wild!! :)

  221. Best Crunch Berry!

    Posted by Rita on Apr 20th 2016

    This is the best crunch berry flavor I've every had. Your get all three flavors cereal, milk/creaminess and berry. Most other brands give you one or two IF your lucky. Let it steep and enjoy.

  222. def my top 5 fav

    Posted by leslie on Apr 19th 2016

    milk and berris was a revelation for me. it is so smooth and creamy with just the right amount of berries. only reason i didnt order on my last order is bc they had shamrock milkshake, and i ordered 240 ml of that bc its also in the top 5 lol/

  223. Fantastic!

    Posted by Drew Cutting on Apr 19th 2016

    I love the taste of this. I'm crave sugary juices over fruity juices, but I swear this is one of the best I've ever tried for fruity flavors. 10/10 would buy again.

  224. Delicious!!!

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 19th 2016

    Taste just like the milk after a bowl of Crunch Berries!!!

  225. I'm Impressed

    Posted by Rita on Apr 19th 2016

    It took some steeping but it came out perfect. At first it tasted a little strange... chalky milk. But NOW I get the cereal along with milk and berry . This tastes better than higher priced juice I've purchased recently. Give it a little time and you won't be disappointed.

  226. Milk n Berries! WOW!! Just WOW!

    Posted by stoddard on Apr 17th 2016

    This juice is unbelievable, it is fantastic, I vape it from a triton v2 with clapton .05 coils on a fuchai and let me tell you, WOW! This was my freebie with my order, I'm in love!! Will order a bunch next time thats for sure. Thanks VapeWild

  227. Really great!

    Posted by James Deneen on Apr 17th 2016

    I haven't had much luck with cereal vapes from local shops but vapewilds fruit hoops and milk and berries are great. I actually liked this one better than the fruit hoops. Great right out of the bottle.

  228. great Flav

    Posted by Kevin J Market on Apr 16th 2016

    Great to have now and the to change up my adv with

  229. OMG

    Posted by Jon on Apr 15th 2016

    This came in my original order of murica juice as a small sample bottle and OMG its the best "breakfast" vape i've ever had.

  230. another review, Same product

    Posted by Abel Cabral on Apr 14th 2016

    Please accept this review as a complete thank you for ANOTHER freebie of the milk and berries. Man this stuff is good. Anyone that likes honey moo moo or fruit hoops this is for you. It has great flavour right off the bat. Ordered my juice on a Saturday, after VW hours, but I live in California so the 2-3 day shipping is super on point as well. Estimated delivery was Wednesday (today lol) and here it is, 8 bottles of two juices that weren't milk and berries and now I'm kind of sad I didn't order some milk and berries this month lol it is a must try for all, I believe :)

  231. i dislike vape shops

    Posted by Anthony on Apr 13th 2016

    I vape a lot but 100% do not associate myself with the "vape community" nor have I ever written a "vape review," but I really have to give this company credit for doing what they do and sending this as a sample along with my order. This is a really f-ing good cereal flavor and I can't express my gratitude for vapewild taking the stress away by letting me avoid hopping from shop to shop looking for flavors that are really good. I'm happy with my order and this company for allowing me to do what I enjoy...discretely...and happily. Thanks vapewild.

  232. YUMMY! ADV for sure!!

    Posted by MICHELLE COPE on Apr 13th 2016

    OMG, where has this one been all my vaping life?!?!?! This tastes just like sitting in front of the TV on Saturday mornings! I thought the taste wouldn't be so great now that I am vaping zero nic, but it was spot on!!

  233. this flavor is awesome

    Posted by Michael Treadway on Apr 11th 2016

    This is a fantastic flavor I got 1.5 nic flavor boost and max vg. So smooth and tastey

  234. Vape Wild nailed this flavor profile

    Posted by Courtney Barnum on Apr 10th 2016

    One of my most favorite juices for the mornings. Actually pairs quite well with my coffee too. Instead of eating cereal, why not vape it? Vape Wild, you rock this flavor!

  235. Good one :)

    Posted by Abel Cabral on Apr 10th 2016

    Got this one as a freebie in my monthly order, tried it out and liked it. Set it aside for a while and now the flavor is all there, the milk is on point and the berries are a nice combo, tastes a bit like the fruit hoops but I would like to try them side by side before I start comparing. All in all, good juice:)

  236. delicious!

    Posted by Nicki on Apr 9th 2016

    Probably my favorite flavor! super berry flavor with yummy milk. Tastes just like cereal

  237. Can't put this down!!!

    Posted by CountessVapula on Apr 8th 2016

    Let me just say...WOW! This is not something I would have bought for myself but I got it as a bonus so thought I would give it a try while I waited for my others to steep. Love Love Love! This will definitely be added to my buy list every month. Nice berry flavor on inhale and lovely cereal and milk on the exhale. Great job on this one VW can't wait to see how great it gets after steeping....if I could just put it down long enough.

  238. exceptional

    Posted by Greg Bottoms on Apr 7th 2016

    Great taste great price vape on

  239. usually don't care for cereal juices but....

    Posted by Justin S on Apr 6th 2016

    This one is very good and full of flavor. I didn't care for fruit hoops at all but i received milk and berries as one of my bonus flavors and i can't put it down! We'll be a part of my steady rotation from here on out

  240. captain berries(milk berry)

    Posted by Kutanua Jones on Apr 6th 2016

    Not my favorite but their products are great. I'm going to order the discontinued 20ml bottles that are on sale so that I can try the other great flavors they have. A few free sampleshipping they sent me were amazing though. I didnt think that I would like it at first but I did!

  241. Crunchberry goodness

    Posted by Jess on Apr 5th 2016

    Definitely in my top 5 E-liquids from VW. Even my husband vapes on this every so often and he's not even a vaper :)

  242. Brings you back...

    Posted by Kimberli on Apr 3rd 2016

    To the good ol' days of no worries. This was my very first cereal flavor and I absolutely love it. I highly recommend getting this juice!

  243. Captain Crunch Berries

    Posted by Jason Innes on Apr 2nd 2016

    Loved the flavor but the flavor was weak to me. Maybe I didn't steep it long enough.

    I'd get it with a flavor boost next time.

  244. Amazing cereal vape

    Posted by Christopher Ray on Mar 31st 2016

    It's just as good as fruit hoops but it has more of the dry cereal taste. A great cereal vape!

  245. Ahoy me captain

    Posted by Brian Raffensberger on Mar 30th 2016

    All I can say is wow to this flavor you get the strong hit of the crunchy golden cereal at beginning and it finishes with a light berry and milk what a winner by far my all time favorite

  246. Amazing!

    Posted by Alan Parker on Mar 30th 2016

    Spot on taste of Captain Crunch berries!

  247. reminds me of my childhood

    Posted by Crystal Myatt on Mar 23rd 2016

    The new formula is amazing! My husband just stated that this flavor reminds him of his childhood, and the only thing missing is his big wheel!

  248. Good Stuff!

    Posted by Bob K. on Mar 20th 2016

    Tastes just like the cereal and like most flavors I've tried from VapeWild it is excellent!

  249. holy sh!$t

    Posted by phaifeyboo on Mar 20th 2016

    taste fn great!!! let it sit for a week an you be kool to vape all day.

  250. Satisfies the sweet tooth!

    Posted by The Captain on Mar 19th 2016

    Great flavor! If you like flavor of a certain crunchy cereal with multi-color "berries", you will love this. Don't be scared to get the flavor boost. It is not overpowering at all. Thank You Vapewild for breaking my dependency on the overpriced local vape stores!

  251. Sooo tasty!

    Posted by Anthony Kinyon on Mar 19th 2016

    Definitely one I've my favorites. I could drink the stuff for sure

  252. Best Flavor Ever

    Posted by Lance Cote on Mar 16th 2016

    best flavor i have ever had and will def be ordering alot of this.

  253. Awesome customer service!

    Posted by Brenda on Mar 14th 2016

    This juice is great. It really does taste like the cereal. There was a small problem with my order bur it was resolved quickly! VW gets an A+ foe customer service from me. My missing bottles of juice were at my home in 3 days with no problem. We are all human and make mistakes but it's how you choose to resolve them that counts. Great job VW!

  254. another awsome flavor

    Posted by joe gilroy on Mar 9th 2016

    Taste just like crunch berries awsome flavor. Can't put this stuff down. Vapewild is the best. Great customer service also!

  255. Crazy good

    Posted by Cameron Kopel on Mar 8th 2016

    It's insane how much this juice tastes like the cereal. It's so good, you can almost taste the crunch. My second favorite juice from vapewild, it's just awesome.

    3mg nic, max VG, flavor boost

  256. best juice

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 6th 2016

    This is honestly my favorite juice. It tastes just like the cereal and I never get sick of it . Definitely would recommend

  257. New formula rocks!!!

    Posted by Cynthia Dawson on Mar 3rd 2016

    I'm not a huge cereal fan but this is way better than the original. It's smooth, but has a nice throat hit (not harsh, just right). The berry part of the flavor is more complex and stronger now. The cereal part is more noticeable. Of course it isn't steeped, so it's good out of the box! Also I really don't think it needs a boost! If you liked the old formula, you'll love this one! Im using 6mg 65/35 on an IJUST2.

  258. Chocolate aftertaste

    Posted by MItch on Feb 7th 2016

    Didn't care for this one too much, had a chocolate after taste and the berry flavor was non existent!

  259. One of my favorites!

    Posted by Tammy Padgett on Feb 5th 2016

    Very tasty. Tastes exactly like Captain Crunch N Berries. Love, love, love it.

  260. Hands down best juice I've had

    Posted by Conor on Feb 5th 2016

    I have been sorely disappointed with a lot of the new stuff I've tried from VW, but they have some true classics on their shelves, and this is hands down the best juice I've ever had. It's not out-of-this-world amazing, but it's an extremely dependable every day juice I personally swear by. It isn't over the top, it doesn't gunk up my coils (like A LOT of other VW juices sometimes do), always tastes great, and the ladies love/hate that I always smell like a bakery.

  261. very good!

    Posted by Brad Huber on Feb 1st 2016

    This is so far my fav vape wild juice! Loved the flavoring even before I let it steep I will be ordering a 120ml bottle during tax time lol

  262. like i just opened the box

    Posted by jason allard on Jan 30th 2016

    I first tried this out of my kanger mini at 40 watts with a .5 coil, it was just ok. I upgraded a few days later to a joytech cuboid with a uwell crown and .25 coils at 80 watts and this flavor is awesome, used 15 mils in a day so far. The flavors are popping and I can feel the creamy milk with hint of berry on the exhale. The family is liking the smell around me, lol. Cant wait to try some of my other new flavors in this setup, it really makes a heck of a difference.

  263. Spot ON!!!

    Posted by Tuppy on Jan 26th 2016

    The Crunch Berry is spot on! It tastes just like the cereal and the juice has cereal notes on the exhale. Instant all time favorite and I will be keeping this juice on my shelf constantly.

  264. Tastes just like cereal

    Posted by Karen Phillips on Jan 24th 2016

    This tatses just like the cereal, I love the flavor

  265. Great

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 21st 2016

    One of my favorites. Good blend of berry, milk and cereal. On my 3rd order and not getting tired of the flavor yet. Great prices and great service. Thanks Vape Wild!

  266. steep it.

    Posted by John on Jan 20th 2016

    Really good stuff, tastes as good as what you could go spend 25 bucks on at the store. Tastes ok fresh but it's definitely one you want to steep for at least two weeks for the flavor to come out.

  267. Average flavor

    Posted by Jason on Jan 19th 2016

    While this flavor was average, it seemed like there was a lot more crunch and zero if any berry in it. There was quite a bit of the Cap'n Crunch flavor with a hint of a creamy cinnamon and sugar mixture but a lot of the berry flavor was lacking. Still a pretty solid flavor, just was hoping for more of the berry flavor to be present.

  268. Harsh

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 16th 2016

    Love the crunchberries BUT for a max VG still seems super harsh

  269. Just what I needed

    Posted by Robert on Jan 13th 2016

    I have been ordering this for a while, I love it.

  270. amazingly good & truly my all day vape choice !!

    Posted by Lin on Jan 12th 2016

    Lovin this 24 /7 ..breakfast lunch & dinner. The flavor is so perfect..a must try if you haven't.

  271. Incredible Taste

    Posted by Daniel Ormsbee on Jan 12th 2016

    This is hands down the best vape juice I have ever tried in my entire life. I can't ever let myself run out

  272. The ok pile

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 12th 2016

    The berry is more predominant than the cereal, but overall its a decent backup flavor if you have no juice left. I prefer the regular captain munch, but this juice is not bad...

  273. My breakfast every morning!

    Posted by Tony on Jan 8th 2016

    this juice once again never lets me down!!! taste just like what its called!!

  274. Great stuff

    Posted by Alex on Jan 7th 2016

    I really like this flavor. I suggest mixing it with a bit of the Cinnamon Toast Cereal flavor. Amazing mix, you won't be disappointed. (75% crunch, 25% CTC)

  275. Awesome juice

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 5th 2016

    Great flavor and spot on!

  276. My brother-in-law and I love it!

    Posted by CMDR Disco on Jan 5th 2016

    Got mine 0 nic, 65/35 vg/pg, unboosted. Flavor is spot on at 35 watts and above (0.5 ohms on Kanger Subtank Mini)

    I've read that you should let this one steep a week, so I'll try that next, but even without steeping it's a great ADV.

  277. Awesome Flavor

    Posted by Troy on Dec 29th 2015

    Tastes like captain crunch!

  278. Awesome Flavor

    Posted by Troy on Dec 29th 2015

    Tastes like captain crunch!

  279. Love it!

    Posted by Beau on Dec 26th 2015

    This is my favorite flavor ive had from Vape Wild. It's spot on. I get some every month. It's great with or without flavor boost. I recommend this to everyone!

  280. good flavor

    Posted by revalasvegas on Dec 24th 2015

    Just about spot on with the flavor. Needs to steep a week. Ordered several 30mls already and will again.

  281. Something is off

    Posted by Jimmy on Dec 21st 2015

    Maybe I got a bad batch or maybe it's just not for me, but I didn't care for it. I tried it out as soon as I got it and it was ok, decided to let it steep for a bit, and when I came back to it two weeks later the flavor had changed for the worse. It doesn't taste like crunch berries anymore, but more like a generic baked sugar sweet flavor ... too sweet for me, made me feel a little queasy from how sweet it was. Judging from other positive reviews, it's probably just not a fit for my taste.

  282. The Best

    Posted by Cindy Monk on Dec 18th 2015

    This is the best juice I have ever vaped. Can't get enough. Thank you Vape Wild, for the free sample, I would have never thought this would be a flavor I would have liked.

  283. Great

    Posted by Jonathan Miller on Dec 17th 2015

    Awesome flavor

  284. My Favorite ADV!

    Posted by Sam Chronic on Dec 17th 2015

    This was my first cereal juice it as a sample and have since ordered 60ml every month. Great right out of the box but definitely comes together with more of the creamy milk and cereal tones with some steep time. There is a touch of tartness that also mellows out after steeping providing an overall sweeter vape. Right now flipping between Crunch Berry, Smurf Cake and Tiramisu but Crunch Berry is going 75% of the day. Love the other juices but always come back to Crunch Berry. Can't recommend it enough!

    Battery: eVic VT 60w
    Tank: Aspire Triton
    Coil: .4 ohm Stainless Steel Triton coil - set at 27.5w

  285. Awesome!

    Posted by Brandon Kirk on Dec 14th 2015

    Tastes just like the cereal!

    So far this one is my favorite!

    3mg nic
    flavor boost

  286. best cereal flavor

    Posted by Robert Velasquez on Dec 14th 2015

    After proper steeping, this is the best crunch berry I've tasted; not too many out there that are any good. Vape Wild has been my go to for juice. Folks, you won't be disappointed with the great service and best tasting juices around.

  287. smells just like the cereal, my kids love the aroma

    Posted by john on Dec 12th 2015

    Can't wait for it to fully steep.... Tried it already, best breakfast flavor ever

  288. good crunch berry

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 12th 2015

    It is a really good juice

  289. Epic

    Posted by Tony on Dec 3rd 2015

    My favourite of all VW juices so far.

    I've tried the majority and there have only been a couple that have disappointed (orange dream/nuttin' better) but Crunch Berry is ridiculously good. It just nails a really nice balance. It's sweet but not too much that you can't chain vape and get sick of it.

    I'm also a fan of most of the other cereal type vapes, too (Fruit Hoops, etc) but this one beats the others hands down.

  290. amazing juice !!!!!

    Posted by William Luke on Dec 3rd 2015

    One of my ADV juices !! In my top all time favorites. Have never had a bad bottle ! Highly, highly - oh and did I say highly recommend!!!! Great berry flavor but also has a great cereal flavor undertone to balance !

  291. excellent!

    Posted by Brandon Cassidy on Dec 2nd 2015

    It smells like your opening a box of crunch berry cereal, spot on!

  292. Not bad

    Posted by Haelie Shaw on Dec 1st 2015

    This needs more berry flavor, but it is definitely good.

  293. Good flavor

    Posted by Tj on Dec 1st 2015

    Received this as a sample for free...Thanks VW. It's been steeping for a couple of weeks. I like the flav, but just wish there was more berry, and a little less crunch. I use my uwell crown tank to try all the sample I get. It produces the best flavor. I would buy this , and add some more berries to it..but that's just me

  294. Really Good!

    Posted by Jeffrey Schwartz on Nov 30th 2015

    I got a 10 mil bottle as a freebie and I liked it so much I just ordered 120 mils more. Yeah, really good!

  295. Love it

    Posted by Ryan Hart on Nov 30th 2015

    Got it as a sample and wow I wish I have more!! Highly recommend, tastes exactly like the cereal

  296. One of the bestest!

    Posted by Jessica on Nov 27th 2015

    Got this as a free sample and I could not put it down. It was the first one I finished from that order. I only let it steep about 3-4 days. Got it in 65 vg 3 mg nic. This stuff is so stinking delicious. Definitely has turned into one of my fave e-liquids and I'm looking forward to ordering a larger bottle next time.

  297. Amazing

    Posted by SH on Nov 23rd 2015

    Got this as a free sample with my order and WOW. After steeping for a while, it tasted amazing. Really tasty coconuty inhale with a smooth berry/milk exhale. Definitely a must try.

  298. Not Horrible

    Posted by Nicole Ryan on Nov 23rd 2015

    I didn't enjoy it. I think Fruit Hoop is 100% better.

  299. Suprisingly awesome! Dead on cereal taste!

    Posted by Sam Chronic on Nov 23rd 2015

    I'm not a fan of anything fruit flavored, for the most part, and my ADV's from Vapewild have been King Cake and Vanilla Clouds, so kinda lets you know my taste preference leans towards the dessert world.

    I previously received Crunch Berry as a "vape it forward" and did just as advised...gave it swag without so much as cracking the lid to take a whiff. On a recent order, I received another sample of Crunch Berry and it sat for a few days...the other night, I was in the mood for a change and thought "what the hell" so gave it a try. As I said...probably had the sample for 3 days and never shook it up and, obviously, didn't give it the recommended steep time. Also I use an Aspire Triton tank for both King Cake and Vanilla Clouds but have a couple eGo Mega One tanks sitting to not foul up either of my Triton tanks and the coils - I threw the Crunch Berry into one of the eGo One Mega tanks. So to steep time and thrown into a tank that I basically discarded...The odds were definitely stacked against really giving any effort towards the Crunch Berry having a sufficient chance.

    Gave the Crunch Berry a good shaking...put in a new coil (guess that's somewhat of an effort) and fired it up. I was immediately blown away by how much it tastes just like the cereal. Even down to the milk! Great rich inhale with the notes of cereal and then an amazingly creamy exhale contains some of the fruitier berry notes and a hint of milk. My girlfriend even immediately took notice and exclaimed "woah...what is that? It smells just like captain crunch!". She even gave it a try...totally dug it and she is not a vaper and rarely has tried a flavor.

    A day later now, and I still can't put this juice down. So, you guys nailed this one on the head and ordering some Crunch Berry right after I wrap on writing this review. All day vape worthy and, by far, the best take on a cereal vape that I have ever experienced. Solid work! Definitely give this one a shot will not be let down.

    Juice: Crunch Berry - 65 / 35 (VG/PG) at 3mg nicotine
    Equipment: eVic VT 60w mod (set at 480 degrees) with an eGo One Mega tank (.2 ohm nickel coil)

  300. OMG!

    Posted by Eric Sheppard on Nov 22nd 2015

    This is so delicious. I am running a subox mini, .50 ohm, at 20 watts. At this setting with this flavor at 50/50, you will get outstanding flavor. It sort of taste like captain crunch. I highly recommend.

  301. Simply delicious

    Posted by Michael King on Nov 22nd 2015

    Tastes just like the cereal!

  302. wow

    Posted by Justin on Nov 19th 2015

    Like all juice I've tried from vape wild, it has to steap. But after two weeks or so it tastes just like the cereal I used to eat as a kid.

  303. Awful!

    Posted by Jesse on Nov 17th 2015

    I was super excited to try this juice, it was a major dissapointment. It has an awful flavor, almost like rotting coconut. I ordered a 30 ml 60 vg and 10 MLS 50/50 just because I like different ratios in different devices. Both are awful, both have been steeping for 2 weeks and it is just nasty. I don't understand how you can be so off on a flavor, it taste nothing like crunch berries or even berries or even cereal! Vape wild has some pretty damn good juices this is not one of them.

  304. Nice, sweet and berry goodness!

    Posted by Kevin on Nov 16th 2015

    My ATM go to favorite. Tastes so much like crunch berry cereal. I highly recommend 65/35 X2 flave! Enjoy!

  305. Taste exactly like the cereal

    Posted by Stephanie on Nov 15th 2015

    It taste just like the cereal which is delicious but for some reason all the cereal juices sour on my stomach.

  306. Perfect

    Posted by Chris on Nov 13th 2015

    Very nice cereal vape!

  307. Excellent!

    Posted by Stephanie Eaton on Nov 13th 2015

    I got this along with a sample pack, in a 30ml bottle, (because I LOVE Crunch Berries & Ooops All Berries). Hadn't tried the Captn Munch at all yet either, but am so happy that I did, because I absolutely LOVE IT. I ordered it on a whim, and, in good faith, that it would be good... And its BETTER than I had imagined!! Definitely my ADV, alone. Must Try!!

  308. My new favorite juice

    Posted by Todd Ingold on Nov 10th 2015

    This was in with the rest of the order as a sample and it was my first cereal vape. Wow. I'm blown away by how it truly tasted like the milk at the end of a bowl of crunch berries or froot loops. Will be re-upping with more of this.

  309. Omg

    Posted by Bailey on Nov 9th 2015

    I got this as a sample, and, let me say, I am amazed. I'm so ordering more of this.. And whatever mystery #1 is! I love this company SO much. Amazing juice!

  310. Amazing

    Posted by Nick on Nov 8th 2015

    I got this as the free sample that vapewild throws in when you order and it is amazing! Vaping at 38 watts in my crown tank with a half ohm coil it tastes just like the cereal.

  311. Best Berry Flavor

    Posted by Brenda on Nov 8th 2015

    I have vaped other brands of this flavor, but I find that this has the best berry flavor I've had and I didn't even give it time to steep. Definitely an all day vape.

  312. cornbread?

    Posted by Storm ellis-dean on Nov 7th 2015

    Well. I have finally found a gross flavor besides the McNasty
    we received this as a freebie and steeped it for about 3 weeks. Loaded it into my ijust2 with .5ohm coil and all i could taste was cornbread. I let my hubs try it and he came up with the same taste as i did - cornbread . Well, this is my 2 cents! Vape on!

  313. WOW

    Posted by Ray on Nov 6th 2015

    I got this in my "SURPRISE ME" sample pack. To be honest, when I got it, I didn't think I would like it. It's not my usual type of e-juice I go for. After smelling it, it was intriguing, so I gave it a shot. WOW, I REALLY LIKE THIS JUICE. I'm putting this on my list for regular rotation.

  314. Good fresh

    Posted by Jon on Nov 3rd 2015

    I like this one a lot. It's very comparable to a competitors product that I have vaped almost a liter of. I find the berry flavor to be most prominent when it's fresh, unsteeped. After it's aged a couple of weeks, it seems to lose some of that subtle flavor. Still a good vape and will likely order again. My after work vape most nights in a sub ohm dual coil big air dripper with organic cotton. 6mg, 65/35 vg/pg blend, no boost.

  315. Soooooooooo good.

    Posted by Dana on Oct 27th 2015

    I just love this flavor it's one of my favorite ones. All of the flavors I have got have been really good. This place is AWESOME :)

  316. Sweet

    Posted by Dino Gonzales on Oct 24th 2015

    Juice is good not my fave but def not a bad juice. Awesome company with a awesome variety of flavors.

  317. addicting

    Posted by Ryan Welsh on Oct 23rd 2015

    Will be ordering more for sure

  318. Meh... taste like carnival apple

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 22nd 2015

    It taste exactly like carnival apple to me.

  319. Good

    Posted by Ev on Oct 21st 2015

    Good juice, but the flavor is a bit weak. Steeped for 2 weeks, flavor improved but still a bit weak. 0.5Ω, goblin mini, @ 20W.

    i get the cereal flavor, but the berry is super duper light. doesnt make it a bad juice, in fact the lightness of the flavor lends itself as a nice ADV by not being overbearing. but all in all, i like more pronounced flavor, so i might skip this one next go-around, but perhaps not. i might give it a second chance with extra flavor added.

  320. delicious

    Posted by wesley estes on Oct 21st 2015

    So I vaped a bottle before it steeped and it was... Delicious. Then I let it steep for about 2 weeks and it was so much better. I absolutely love yalls juice. Keep doing what your doing.

  321. Exactly what you're hoping for

    Posted by Amanda Stephenson on Oct 19th 2015

    You know what it's supposed to taste like-- and that is EXACTLY what it tastes like.

  322. crunch berries!!!! <3333

    Posted by Tawd on Oct 18th 2015


  323. Very impresseed

    Posted by Garry Bailey on Oct 17th 2015

    Well I just couldn't wait to give it a shot.. I know I should've steeped it for 2 weeks, but so glad I didn't. You all at VW are to be commended on your wonderful awesome flavor making. This smells and tastes like the cereal and I'm very impressed with it. I will be buying lots more of your juices to come. Thank you for doing a great job....glad I found this site..:)

  324. Crunch Berry

    Posted by Ryan gerdes on Oct 16th 2015

    I have tasted all of Vapewilds cereal e-juice, when i received this in the mall, i put it into my Joy tech evic vtc mini, and i couldn't get enough of of this Berry crunch flavor, Recommend majorly!

  325. it an all day vape

    Posted by Justin Prosser on Oct 13th 2015

    I keep ordering this vape time and time again. It's a good flavor for a great price.

  326. Simply Bomb

    Posted by Bryan on Oct 12th 2015

    This stuff is straight awesome, I don't know if I get crunch berries exactly but very very good.

  327. DELICIOUS ♡

    Posted by FIONA on Oct 6th 2015

    This flavor has been on my wish list for months!!! The reviews always put me off ordering!
    Decided to order a 10ml in my sample pack..... WOW! It's so lovely and delicious! Will defo be ordering this in a larger bottle next time! Such a nice cereal crunch & fruity taste! In my opinion far nicer than fruit hoops... I didn't like that!

    Try it... you won't be disappointed! !

  328. coconut cookies.

    Posted by david on Oct 5th 2015

    Why does your crunch berry taste like coconut cookies? I really wanted to like it but I dont. luckily your samples were decent.

  329. Holy Dang!

    Posted by Alexander Lamping on Oct 4th 2015

    Got a 10mil sample of this in my order and it was purely delicious. I will be ordering 60 mils of this every time I order! Great Job!

  330. YUM!

    Posted by Nikki on Oct 2nd 2015

    I loved it straight out of the box, steeping only improves it! A nice balanced crunch berry taste with that cereal goodness.

  331. Simply AWESOME

    Posted by Rich on Sep 21st 2015

    Every time I order juice from Vape Wild I always pick up a bottle of this, it's my go to flavor, it's my all day vape for sure!! I like to try new things but always make sure I have this on hand just in-case I'm not keen on the new flavors I've selected. But so far everything with only a couple have been stellar!!! KEEP IT UP GUYS!!!

  332. smooth and tasty when steeped

    Posted by Joe S on Sep 18th 2015

    I have ordered this many times and found depending on when its made, I'll need to let it steep for 3 or 4 weeks before it taste "just right". I can start vaping on it sooner but it does have a more dry taste and less sweet.
    If not ready yet, it still taste very good mixed with milk man, the longer its steeped, the less milk man ill use to get that nice sweet berry and milk taste. right now, this is one of my top 5 ADV.

  333. Great Juice

    Posted by Nick R on Sep 16th 2015

    I've vaped this at 0mg 65/35 VG/PG on a Billow V2 at 25-40 watts and a velocity with quad coils at 100-150 watts. Taste is strong with flavor boost, vapor production is good, no throat hit. Fruity/berry flavor on the inhale, sweet and creamy on the exhale. Tastes exactly like the popular cereal.

  334. not good

    Posted by donald on Sep 13th 2015

    Got a 6mg bottle 30ml and the hit is very harsh. Burns my throat. Doesnt have good flavor. Not a big fan. I wouldn't recommend this flavor.

  335. great taste

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 7th 2015

    Best juice for the price!!!!

  336. smooth

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 7th 2015

    Love this juice

  337. Not Sweet, Harsh

    Posted by sarah on Sep 3rd 2015

    Just like Captain Munch, it's very harsh when you hit it... slight burn of the throat and that's even at 60w. I didn't taste berries at all. Needs a creamy note (most people eat their cereal with milk, so it only makes sense to give it a creamy note) and actual berry flavor. Wasn't very sweet at all.. Not the worst though.

  338. i figured out the problem.

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 30th 2015

    The juice itself isn't bad. It's just 3mg of nicotine feels like 20mg it burns my throat from here first time this has happened to me from a Vape company

  339. inconsistent

    Posted by Kristen huneycutt on Aug 29th 2015

    Some bottles had a cloudy look with a harsh throat hit and the rest were fine. The good ones we're amazing, not sure what happened with others as they were all steeped exactly the same.

  340. Not good at all.

    Posted by Zacharia Parry on Aug 26th 2015

    Taste like wood to me. There isn't a taste of berry, there isn't a taste of the cereal, there is just this nasty taste of only what I could describe as wood.
    I have let it steep, breathe; I have shaken it, and warmed it to mix it better. Nothing could get this taste to go away.
    I ordered 60ml with flavor boost, and was really hoping for it to be like my favorite cereal, or at least similar. Nothing though.
    Luckily I got other flavors in the order, so it wasn't a huge loss.
    Will probably give to a friend, if he doesn't like it will just toss it.

  341. unvapeable

    Posted by nick on Aug 24th 2015

    This was one of the juices I looked forward to vaping the most when I got it and is simply not what other companies put out as crunch berries tried it numerous times and found the taste is unbearable. Can't see my self vaping more than a few drips of this entire bottle before I just toss it

  342. doesnt taste like ceral

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 23rd 2015

    Just tastes fruity to me. Not a huge fan of the taste

  343. let it steep

    Posted by Travie D on Aug 18th 2015

    Out of the box it tasted kind of funny so I set it back and hit it in a few weeks and it tasted much better.

  344. really good.

    Posted by lexi on Aug 17th 2015

    really nice fruity juice, it has that artificial cereal type fruit taste that we all know and love. tiny hint of vanilla, but not super milky if thats what you're looking for. over all a great flavor!

  345. awesome

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 14th 2015

    This juice is fantastic. I can even taste the yellow puffs.

  346. Loved it!

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 13th 2015

    I loved the berry flavor in it i just wanted more of a milky flavor.

  347. LOVE this juice!

    Posted by Kayla on Aug 13th 2015

    Crunch Berry is my favorite! Its so good, I feel as if I'm eating a bowl of crunch Berry cereal. It does seem like it has a hint of vanilla but it just makes it so good!

  348. Captain Crap

    Posted by sarah on Aug 11th 2015

    Really disappointed with this flavor. It's very bland and I don't taste any sort of berries at all... I probably would have been better off getting the "Fruity Pebbles/Fruit Loop" flavor, but I love Captain Crunch. Even after steeping, the flavor isn't really there. I wouldn't say it's the worst, but definitely not what I was hoping for.

  349. taste as expected

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 9th 2015

    Taste just like I am eating the cereal love it!!

  350. 2

    Posted by Jessica Wonders on Aug 9th 2015

    Spot on crunch berry cereal. One of my many favorites from Vape Wild.

  351. Nailed it!

    Posted by Adam Wild on Aug 8th 2015

    I've tried this flavor from a few different places. VW got it right. It's one of my top 3 all-day vapes.

  352. Berry disappointing

    Posted by Grizzly on Aug 7th 2015

    When I first got this in a sample size it knocked my socks off and put my taste buds thru the roof. So I ordered a mass quantity which failed with zero flavor. My order was swiftly replaced. Still sadly a disappointment. A hint of flavor but nothing near the smaller size. The 240 ml I ordered came srperated into 30 ml bottles. Customer service is outta this world too. Just gun shy now about ordering high volume.

  353. spot on

    Posted by Michael on Aug 4th 2015

    Tastes just like the cereal.

  354. The best

    Posted by Kimberly Garrison on Aug 1st 2015

    This is my all time favorite juice

  355. Great but....

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 1st 2015

    Needs more of a berry flavor with the crunch. Still pretty freaking good.

  356. SO AMAZING!!

    Posted by Cole Reynolds on Jul 31st 2015

    I truly love the quality of the juice. The only problem I have is that I ran out. The flavor is amazing, the vapor is superb, and the quantity is beyond words. I love being about to get 4 bottles of amazing juice for the price of one of the regular ones I get. Thank you and I can't wait for my next order.

  357. hubby

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 30th 2015

    My husband absolutely loves his crunch berry!!

  358. ADV status

    Posted by Abbey on Jul 30th 2015

    this is by far the best juice I've ever had. It literally tastes like the milk after a big bowl of the cereal. I have this in my ADV rotation and I absolutely love it!
    Ordered it 10 ml, 65/35. 6mg nic, and a flavor boost. I let it steep for 2 weeks.

  359. Nope

    Posted by Theresa on Jul 30th 2015

    Doesn't taste like the cereal at all, no creaminess, no vanilla, no sugar, no berries. Just a big nope

  360. Awesome flavor

    Posted by L R on Jul 27th 2015

    Not only was this e-Juice flavor delicious, but it was delivered quickly! I am so happy with their service. Vape Wild doubled my order for free, they are awesome. Order from them! Trustworthy.

  361. A solid cereal vape!

    Posted by Luis Caballero on Jul 25th 2015

    As good as any premium Crunch berry I've tried, and at a fraction of the price.

  362. Delicious!

    Posted by VinnyD on Jul 20th 2015

    Tastes just like a bowl of this forever awesome cereal! Vaped mine after letting it steep for only a couple of days and before I knew it I'd gone through a whole 30mL within a week!

  363. sweet spot!

    Posted by Teasa on Jul 18th 2015

    This juice is spot on! Sweet cereal flavor just like crunch berry cereal. One of my favorites!

  364. pretty close

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 17th 2015

    Not an exact match flavor as crunch berry but still good

  365. Love it

    Posted by Preston on Jul 13th 2015

    I got this free with order and it is awesome..Takes me back to when I was a kid :) Thanks VW... I can see a big bottle coming soon..

  366. just like the cereal

    Posted by justin on Jul 7th 2015

    This tasted just like the cereal it was great.

  367. awesome

    Posted by Jonathon Bevers on Jul 6th 2015

    Someone else said this but it was a perfect explanation... It tastes like the crunch berries cereal milk after all the cereal has been eaten. I.e. it's awesome!

  368. Good stuff

    Posted by J on Jun 24th 2015

    Tastes just like the cereal! going for a larger bottle next time for sure!

  369. the only thing it's missing is milk!!!

    Posted by MWM Queen on Jun 16th 2015

    Great juice!!! I love the cereals! Tastes like the bottom of the cereal bag lol try it!!!

  370. Yummm

    Posted by Shawna on Jun 10th 2015

    This was right on. I will be reordering this one again. Love it!!!

  371. Berrylicious!

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 9th 2015

    Tastes just like you would expect.

  372. Saturday Morning!

    Posted by sc0ttynepas on Jun 8th 2015

    Feel like a kid again with a bowl of sugary cereal. This was amazing straight from the mail, and only got better with steeping.

  373. Delicious

    Posted by no on Jun 4th 2015

    This has become my adv, but it has to steep. Seriously, don't even taste it when you get it. Just let it sit there, maybe shake it up every now and then. Give it about 17-20 days. Then you can have some. You've earned it.

  374. Love it

    Posted by Rus on Jun 2nd 2015

    First time getting this flavor from here. Love it, this is my ADV from another place and it taste just like theirs. Price here is a lot cheaper which I really like that because I vape this flavor more than any other flavor.

  375. love it

    Posted by jessica on Jun 1st 2015

    Perfect morning vape.

  376. Spot on...

    Posted by VapeMode on May 28th 2015

    This is probably one of the best Crunch Berry juice I've had yet, it takes a close 2nd to my own. Really impressive for the price

  377. A Little Different

    Posted by BR on May 26th 2015

    A little different than what I expected. It does have a berry flavor, but is a bit on the sweet side. If you're looking for a cereal flavor and aren't sure which one to choose, GET THE FRUIT HOOPS.

  378. Milky goodness

    Posted by Bama on May 23rd 2015

    This was a pleasent surprise, love these cereal blends by VW, this was so much like the real thing, great berry flavor with a cereal finish, almost as good as Fruit Hoops, will be ordering more.

  379. Great Vape

    Posted by Josh on May 23rd 2015

    Love It Tastes Wonderful

  380. 3 weeks

    Posted by Shawn on May 14th 2015

    This flavor is great, but you gotta wait. Don't buy this flavor if you can't wait to steep because it tastes like dirt for a good two weeks.

  381. No flavor

    Posted by Rande on May 11th 2015

    This had absolutely no flavor at all.

  382. GREAT!

    Posted by rob on May 11th 2015

    Great flavor its my all day vape

  383. I like it

    Posted by Jon on May 7th 2015

    Some mixed reviews here but all in all pretty good.

  384. Good Vape

    Posted by Von on Apr 24th 2015

    Good Crunchberry flavor that's not as strong as say Fruit Loops. I let it steep for a week, and it was a really balanced mellow vape. Couldn't give 5 stars, because I feel it needs to be revaluated just a tad.

  385. Not too fond of berry

    Posted by Irvin C. on Apr 21st 2015

    I don't want to say it's the worst because each e juice is based on preference. I was under the impression that crunch Berry was another flavor. However, I was sent fruit hoops as a complimentary flavor and I must say that's what I was looking for.
    Personally, I didn't like the crunch berry but the fruit hoops was just to my liking. I'm not really a fan of the berry/strawberry flavors but I did very much enjoy the fruit hoops.
    I think the capt crunch is what I'm looking for. The milk and cereal flavor is what I wanted. I'm not going to say it wasn't good but I wasn't too fond of it

  386. Ordered for a friend

    Posted by Tommy on Apr 21st 2015

    He likes it very much

  387. Has a weird taste

    Posted by Jamie on Apr 12th 2015

    It's not too bad it works for just vaping but I don't really enjoy the taste it has a weird like nastyish taste at the end that I don't like

  388. crunch berry blast

    Posted by anthony moeller on Mar 29th 2015

    I tried the crunch berries with a flavor boost and it was so strong with the berry flavor that the capt crunch flavor was non existent

  389. delicious

    Posted by Travis on Mar 25th 2015

    On my first order from this site, i picked up 5 flavors. This crunch berry is one of my favorites. It has a good flavor with a good hit, and its not too sweet. Just really flavorful. definitely gonna buy this again.

  390. tasty

    Posted by daniel on Mar 23rd 2015

    I've never tasted crunch berry before but this juice is really flavorful. You get a milky cereal taste with a hint of berry's and the smell of the vape is soo good. Would recommend to any cereal lovers out there!

  391. Posted by Josh on Mar 17th 2015

    Not really much of anything hint of berries but very minimal
    Very disappointed with this one

  392. Nope

    Posted by Jesse on Mar 13th 2015

    This is way to sweet

  393. amazing

    Posted by Darrell on Mar 12th 2015

    Breakfast in a bottle. Great juice got more of a crunch flavor than berry. Made just need some steep time as I just pulled it from the box.

  394. Good juices Good prices Takes time

    Posted by Eric on Mar 2nd 2015

    To start my review of this juice I would like to say VapeWild juices are great juices. A good juice for the price is hard to find now with the e juice market rising.
    I, like many people, look for instant gradification in everything I buy. With that said, this juice comes fresh out of the batch. I recieved this juice along with 5 others (purchased 5 + 1 surprise free) All but one (the free one, banshee) were NOT ready to vape. I was a little frustrated with this at first. The litterature that came with the juices stated let it steep for 2 weeks. Shake daily and let breathe occasionally. All while testing the juice. I saw a huge difference between the juices from arrival to now (which are ready to enjoy).

    VW Crunch Berry is a great juice with proper steep and breathe time. I pruchased it in 6mg nic and max VG. I am using it in my PlumeVeil RDA on a dual 18650 Tesla Box Mech Mod. It is a very unique flavor of a mixed berry sweetness with a unique cereal taste. Plenty of vapor. I suggest a flavor boost at max VG. I recommend it to anyone who likes cereal vapes. Fruity vapors may not like it so much but try it anyways. Easily an all day vape.

  395. I REALLY Wanted To Like This

    Posted by Wesley on Feb 14th 2015

    6 nic, no flavor boost, max vg. I tried it once right out of the package and it tasted like cigarette ash, in all honesty. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and put it in the closet for two weeks. Brought it out and now it tastes like cigarette ash flavored cereal. Might be for some, but not me.

  396. Nice berry flavour

    Posted by Louis peacock on Feb 14th 2015

    Tastes like captain munch except better because it has a nice berry flavour to it. I got it as a free sample thank you vape wild.

  397. Everyday vape

    Posted by terry null on Feb 10th 2015

    the best vape I've had in a long time! It could use a lil more cherry flav but still awesome!

  398. YUM

    Posted by M S Castello on Feb 10th 2015

    I don't eat the cereal but I love the flavor of this juice. Awesome.

  399. Crunchberry Tasticness

    Posted by hevenz on Feb 6th 2015

    This tastes exactly like the leftover milk you get after a fat bowl of Crunch Berries. Easily one of my favs.

    No Steeping
    80%VG - 6mg Nicotine
    Added Flavor Boost
    Used in Atlantis with Sub OHM Battery
    Used in Eleaf iStick with Nautilus Mini

  400. Great vape. Iffy name.

    Posted by Dustin on Feb 5th 2015

    Don't get me wrong.. I've vaped this stuff non-stop. It's a really good juice. The thing with me is, is there isn't enough cereal milk flavor as there is a crunch cherry flavor.
    Don't take this as a bad review.. it isn't by any means. I'll be picking up a 120ml bottle once this is done for sure.

  401. Pretty Good

    Posted by Andrew Soto on Feb 4th 2015

    This doesn't taste like the cereal to me just tastes like mixed berries but I'm more then good with that. If you like berry flavors then you'll like this one :)

  402. best place to buy e juice

    Posted by Johnny Erbschloe on Feb 1st 2015

    Everyone should try this one great tasting and clouds.

  403. Good, but not Crunch berry

    Posted by Mo on Jan 23rd 2015

    Good taste, but definitely not Crunch berry. Tastes more like berries and cream. Tried a few others that were spot on, so this is a bit disappointing.

  404. It's OKAY, but not even close to a crunch berries

    Posted by Albert on Jan 21st 2015

    It tastes berryish, with something else going on. Not sure what. Maybe like a berry cream? I don't know. But it's definitely not crunch berries. If that's what you're looking for, I'd look elsewhere. Throat hit is tolerable dripped at 6mg, and vapor production is thin. P.S. I got this with a flavor boost, too.

  405. Ehhh

    Posted by Daniel on Jan 14th 2015

    This juice wasn't quite what I was expecting. I couldn't really taste the crunch berries and it wasn't sweet at all. I thought that there would be a bit of a sweet taste with this juice.

  406. Really good!

    Posted by Brandon on Jan 13th 2015

    This tastes just like the cereal without the brown parts. Just tastes like crunch berries which was great. I will likely order more of this.

  407. Oh My Damn

    Posted by hevenz on Jan 11th 2015

    So at first I was a bit disgruntled with this company thinking it was taking forever to get my shipment, but as it turns out, the tracking number they gave me had changed and to my surprise my products had already arrived. I cracked open this bottle right away and filled my Atlantis tank with it and WOW. I got max VG with flavor boost and the flavor is out of this world delicious. This tastes just like Crunch Berry without a doubt. With some e-liquids you have to kind of read the description to get an idea with the flavor, I could of told you this flavor blind folded it's that GOOD. Thank you Seema for the free samples included with my order! Will order from VapeWild again and exclusively!

  408. Wife's new Favorite

    Posted by Chris on Jan 6th 2015

    Personally I'm not that big a fan of it unless I mix in some Captain Munch. The wife however loves it. She says it doesn't have that thick syrupy flavor that most fruit flavors she has vaped have had.

  409. Saturday Morning Cartoons

    Posted by Dane on Jan 3rd 2015

    So my order came in the other day and this was one of the favors that I chose with the sampler pack. Crunch berry was the first one I decided to try out and I'm happy that I did, on the inhale I get a good crunch and milk flavor with the berries on the exhale. These flavors bring back memories of watching saturday morning cartoons, and I hope this flavor does the same for you!

  410. Great!

    Posted by Doug H on Jan 2nd 2015

    Love this juice, sweet tasty and smooth. Will get again

  411. It's got the berries down

    Posted by Chris C. on Dec 12th 2014

    Not getting any "crunch" but the berry flavor is fantastic. Very close to the flavor you would get from a berry based cereal. I just mix a bottle of this with some rice krisps and you get closer to what the flavor is shooting for.

  412. Awesome vape!

    Posted by Melissa on Dec 6th 2014

    Really good flavor! Look forward to trying other flavors!

  413. Wicked Awesome!

    Posted by Dan on Dec 5th 2014

    Tastes just like eating "Oops! All Berries", if you remember that. Add some cream for the full "bowl of cereal" experience!

  414. Good

    Posted by Mandi on Nov 21st 2014

    Its okay I can taste the yellow ones and it has a slight berry taste after a exhale , Never been into the food flavors that much , but I do enjoy this one late at night or early in the morning.

  415. Pretty good

    Posted by Devin on Nov 9th 2014

    You get mostly berry out of this, very very light hints of captain crunch, but it's a good berry flavor.

  416. Berry berry good

    Posted by Ginger Morin on Nov 6th 2014

    I received a sample of the crunch berry it was very very good I would highly recommend it

  417. Good but not crunch berries

    Posted by Matt on Oct 30th 2014

    This juice tasted really good but as a friend of mine pointed out, it tastes nothing like crunch berries. I taste a spot on waffle crisp. It's very syrupy with the taste profile of a waffle underneath. I enjoy it, it just isn't what I thought it would be.

  418. A decent effort.

    Posted by John Wolfe on Oct 30th 2014

    I've tried a handful of crunchberry flavors, and while this is not my favorite of the one's I've tried, it is decent. Pretty harsh and heavy on the berry out of the bottle, but after a couple weeks of steeping the creaminess of the flavor comes out significantly, highly recommend steeping.

  419. Crunch berry

    Posted by Chris on Oct 25th 2014

    I don't normally write reviews, but this juice is damn worth one. I couldn't ask for a better experience. Cheap prices, free shipping (rather quick for free, tbh.) completely customizable juice (nic, vg/pg, even extra flavor shots!) and to top it all off, the taste is spot on. You can't go wrong with this company or flavor. I am def going to order more.

  420. Mmmmmmm......

    Posted by Greg on Oct 24th 2014

    The cereal flavor was not overwhelming and the berry stood out. All in all I liked this flavor and would definitely order again.

  421. Yummy

    Posted by ArchEnemy79 on Oct 10th 2014

    Taste good faint hints of cereal and a blast of berry goodness defiantly an ADV

  422. its good

    Posted by paolo on Sep 22nd 2014


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