Vape Mods

Looking for a vape mod that matches your lifestyle?  Look below to find the right one that provides you with the perfect experience from clouds to flavor and strength.  Not sure which one to buy or shopping for your first one? No problem, we’re here to help.

If discretion is important so you can vape at work, vaping pods are a great choice.  If you’re advanced and want full flavor with large clouds to help you de-stressing after work or to enjoy a relaxing night at home, boxes are a perfect for you.  The pens make a great choice if you need something that fits almost anywhere, can be used discreetly and can be disposable..

Once you have the right vape mod picked out, simply select the style options like color and proceed to checkout.  Your device will be shipped out in a discreet package and arrive asap so you can enjoy your new vape mod in no time at all. 

SMOK Priv V8 Kit

The SMOK Priv V8 Kit is a pocket-sized mod with portability and power in mind.  The Priv V8 has a max wattage of 60w. This kit also comes with the ever-popular TFV8 Baby tank with a max capacity of 3 mL. The Priv V8 comes in at 86mm x 34mm x 24.5mm...

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SMOK Stick Prince Starter Kit

VapeWild is bringing you the SMOK Stick Prince for your vaping pleasure! The Stick Prince is a straight voltage pen style vape, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting the wattage. Just like i'ts predecessor, the SMOK Stick V8, it makes life a...

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SMOK Novo AIO Portable Pod Kit

The SMOK Novo Kit is a great addition to anyone’s pod mod collection! This slim and stylish mod is perfect for those looking for something simple but effective. The Novo has a 450 mAh battery, so it should get you through most of your day without...

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Aspire Spryte AIO Pod System

The next step in Aspire's pod mod journey is the Aspire Spryte AIO. This super sleek mod is perfect blend of classic Aspire tech and moving forward in the pod market. The Aspire Spryte has a a 650 mAh battery that can last most of your day to suit your...

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Aspire Nautilus AIO Pod System

Set sail with the new Aspire Nautilus AIO Pod System! This compact pod mod will give you all you need in its ultra-portable and durable design. Able to carry 4.5mls of your favorite e-Liquid and nic salt, Aspire can keep afloat with the best of them! In...

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Suorin Vagon Ultra Portable Pod System

Suorin is back at it again with the Suorin Vagon Ultra Portable Pod System. This little mod is ultra sleek and stylish, especially with the holster clip built to make it easy to put away and retrieve for ultimate user convenience. The Suorin Vagon comes...

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Aspire Breeze 2 AIO Kit

The Aspire Breeze 2 has arrived and improves its design to be a worthy successor to the original Aspire Breeze! Still retaining that compact design, it offers a wealth of improvements over its older sibling.   The Aspire Breeze 2 comes with a...

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VooPoo Panda AIO Ultra Portable Starter Kit

The Voopoo Panda AIO starter kit is a perfectly sized option for all of you Stealth vapers and Nicotine Salt vapers alike. With the Panda Replacement 5ml pods and a larger internal battery, this device is perfect for an on the go device.With an...

$28.99 $23.99
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VGOD Stig Cubano Disposable Pod Device (3-Pack)

¿Te gusta el sabor de los cigarros Cubanos?* Then the Cubano Stig by VGOD has you covered! This all in one device is lightweight, easy to use, requires zero maintenance, and is draw activated making it the perfect disposable device!Each...

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VGOD Stig Tropical Mango Disposable Pod Device (3-Pack)

Take a trip to the beach with Tropical Mango Stig by VGOD. The lightweight, easy to use, and zero maintenance devices make it ideal for on the go travel or daily use. The devices come in packs of three and are ready to go out of the box. Each of...

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VGOD Stig Lush Ice Disposable Pod Device (3-Pack)

It's time to cool off with a Wintery Menthol burst of Watermelon and the VGOD Stig Lush Ice is sure to keep you frosty! The Lush Ice Stig is the perfect all in one device that couldn’t be any simpler to use. With an intuitive draw activated design,...

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VGOD Stig Mighty Mint Disposable Pod Device (3-Pack)

Mighty Mint flavored VGOD STIG pods are an effortless yet flavorful satisfaction that delivers a cool refreshing mouth to lung hit for all menthol lovers. VGOD STIG Pod Devices come in a 3 pack of draw activated e-cigs. Each pod mod is fully...

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GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Vape Mod

When GeekVape designed the Aegis Legend 200W Mod the goal was to build a durable device that could stand up to the day-to-day rigors that some vapers put their hardware through. Essentially they weren’t designing a mod for someone that sits at a...

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Vaporesso Swag 80W Mod Blue Vaporesso Swag Mod
Sold Out

Vaporesso Swag 80W Mod

The Vaporesso SWAG 80W TC Box Mod proves that you don’t have to be big to have swag. Coming in with a maximum wattage output of 80W, this intelligently built mod manages to handle an impressive temp control suite and variable wattage modes with...

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Vaporesso Revenger Mini 85W Starter Kit

With it’s wonderfully executed combination of portability, sleek design, and rich features, the Vaporesso Revenger Mini 85W TC Kit is a stand out option in a crowded field. Teaming up the Revenger Mini and the NRG SE tank, Vaporesso has managed to...

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Vaporesso Swag 80W Starter Kit

The Vaporesso Swag Kit combines the Swag 80W mod and the NRG SE Tank to create a setup that’s designed for portability. If you think that getting a smaller device and tank will force you to give up features, not so fast my friend. Let’s take...

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Vaporesso Revenger 220W Mod

The Revenger 220W mod from Vaporesso is a solid combination of design, features, and affordability. This device is incredibly versatile, allowing you to vape in multiple different ways to ensure you’re getting the best possible experience.The...

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Vaporesso Revenger X 220W Mod

Vaporesso presents the Revenger X 220W Mod, an impressive update of the popular Revenger mod. If you’re going to update and release a new version of an already popular mod, you have to make sure you do two things: include all the features that made...

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Vaporesso Revenger X 220W Starter Kit

If you’re in need of a powerful starter kit, look no further than the Vaporesso Revenger X 220W TC Starter Kit. This versatile and stylish mod packs in a whole lot of features while providing immense power and performance. And with 220W of power...

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GeekVape Blade 235W TC Mod

The GeekVape Blade 235W Mod combines performance and style to create a versatile box mod that you’re going to want to try. Built from extremely lightweight, but highly durable, aircraft grade material, the Blade looks good but is tough enough to...

$64.99 $53.99
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GeekVape Blade 235W Vape Kit

Meet the GeekVape Blade 235W TC Kit! Until now, when someone said “Blade” you no doubt thought of Stephen Norrington’s criminally underrated 1998 vampire movie starring Wesley Snipes. Thanks to GeekVape, now you can think of that film...

$74.99 $63.99
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GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Kit

If you’re looking for another indestructible vape setup to go down in history like a hero of old, look no further than the new Geekvape Aegis Legend 200W Kit! The kit features their new GeekVape Aegis Legend 200w mod which sports a Waterproof,...

$73.90 $63.99
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Tesla Punk Mini 85W Mod

The Tesla Punk Mini 85W just took the OG Tesla Punk and made it more compact. That’s right. Get the same steampunk-style look and feel you desire, just with a better fit in your hand. Just because you’re scaling down in size...

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VooPoo Mojo 88W Starter Kit

The VooPoo MOJO Kit combines the MOJO Mod and UFORCE Tank to create a vape kit that’s designed to let you vape on the go, with all the features you’d expect from a modern mod, while looking good doing it. VooPoo's MOJO Kit is all about...

$49.99 $47.99
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VooPoo Gold Drag 157W Starter Kit

The VooPoo Gold Drag is a variable wattage box mod that comes equipped with the GENE.Fan chipset that has an efficiency rating of 95% for amazing power output with each pull. The body of this magnificent mod boasts a zinc alloy chassis with resin accent...

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SMOK X-Priv 225W Box Mod

SMOK is back, ready to wow your eyes, with the fully featured and stylish X-Priv 225W Mod, packing a powerful punch in an ergonomic mod body built on a zinc alloy chassis with zinc alloy and carbon fiber paneling. If this sounds luxurious, that’s...

$59.99 $44.99
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UWELL IronFist 200W TC Box Mod

The Uwell Ironfist 200W TC Box Mod is all about options. Different colors, different grip textures, multiple vaping modes, it’s all about versatility. This 200W powerhouse looks good and feels good in your hand, thanks to its ergonomic design and...

$79.99 $49.99
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UWELL Nunchaku 80w Vape Starter Kit

Unless you’ve been specifically trained, you do not need to own a set of nunchaku. Fortunately, you can get the next best thing and carry the UWell Nunchaku Kit! No, you can’t use it to dispatch with the ninjas that regularly pop out and...

$99.99 $64.99
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Vandy Vape Pulse BF Squonk Kit

Designed in collaboration with Tony Brittan (Vapor Trail YouTube Channel), Vandy Vape presents the innovative and feature filled Pulse BF Squonker Mod Kit. Combining the BF Squonker Box Mod and the Pulse BF RDA, this kit features advanced designs that...

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The Most Expensive Mod in the WORLD - The Modicle

The Most Expensive Mod in the WORLD: The Modicle - ULTIMATE LUX EDITION - $1,999 If you're looking for the most expensive mod in the world, you've found it. The bowl was hand-carved from a dragon’s horn and adorned with exquisite and...

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Suorin Drop Ultra Portable Pod System

The Suorin Drop Ultra Portable System is a small, curvy, and stealthy pod mod that has been revolutionary to the vape industry. With vibrant colors and super simple user experience, this is the perfect mod for the on-the-go vaper. Coming equipped with a...

$39.99 $22.99
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Suorin Air Ultra Portable Pod System

The Suorin Air Ultra Portable System is a pod vape system designed for easy use and convenience, while also allowing you to use your favorite e-juice. Designed with style and functionality in mind, the Suorin Air Vape will make your vape game strong and...

$29.99 $17.99
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Vapeccino Mate1 Vape Starter Kit

VapeWild's Thoughts & Reviews The Dope Out of all the pod mods I’ve gotten my hands on, the style of the Vapeccino is the one I like the most thus far. It’s got a super futuristic vibe that I dig. It’s reminiscent of something out...

$29.99 $25.95
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SMOK Mag 225W Mod

The SMOK Mag 225W Mod is an aggressive spirited mod designed to evoke the feeling of holding a gun, and with its ergonomic design, trigger-like firing button, and quick release battery compartment, it definitely lives up to the description. The SMOK Mag...

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Augvape Druga Squonk Kit

Sleek, simple, and super compact, that's what the Augvape Druga Squonk Kit is all about! This tiny little beast is fully mechanical, yet has everything you need to get your squonk on with no unnecessary frills. The plastic nylon body makes this mod...

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Vaporesso Switcher 220W Mod

It’s time to switch up your whole entire vaping experience with the Vaporesso Switcher, the mod that combines design and functionality in a major way. We could easily start with the interchangeable case that slides off with ease. But that would...

$60.99 $54.99
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What is a Vape Mod?

It is large, often box shaped device, that holds 1 or more batteries to power a full e-cigarette.  It works by pressing a button which connects the battery to the coil through a circuit. This heats the coil which is saturated by e-liquid turning the liquid into vapor which the user inhales.

How do I clean it?

To clean your vape mod:

  1. Collect your preferred cleaning agent (vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or glass cleaner), paper towels, and q-tips.
  2. Remove your tank and batteries from your mod
  3. Dampen your paper towel and q-tips in your cleaning agent
  4. Wipe down the outside of the mod with the paper towels
  5. Clean the 510 connection and internals with your q tip
  6. Ensure your mod is completely dry before reassembling tank and batteries

How does it work?

A battery inside the device supplies the power to the coil through a circuit that is completed when the user press a button. This heats the coil, which is surrounded by e-liquid soaked cotton, creating vapor to be inhaled.

Which vape mod blows the biggest clouds?

The mod with the highest wattage output will blow the biggest clouds, keep in mind there are many other factors that come into play. Make sure you have are using a coil with a resistance low enough to handle such wattage and are using a vape juice with a high percentage of vegetable glycerin (VG). This is the recipe for creating cloud competition worthy vapor production.

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