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Looking for a vape mod that matches your lifestyle? Look below to find the right one that provides you with the perfect experience from clouds to flavor and strength.  Not sure which one to buy or shopping for your first one? No problem, we’re here to help.

If discretion is important so you can vape at work, vaping pods are a great choice.  If you’re advanced and want full flavor with large clouds to help you de-stressing after work or to enjoy a relaxing night at home, box mods are a perfect for you.  The pens make a great choice if you need something that fits almost anywhere, can be used discreetly and can be disposable..

Once you have the right vape mod picked out, simply select the style options like color and proceed to checkout.  Your device will be shipped out in a discreet package and arrive asap so you can enjoy your new vape mod in no time at all. 

Uwell Crown V2 Coils

The Crown 2 Coils use a brand-new “bullet” shape to prevent turbulent airflow. Smoother airflow contributes to both better flavor and vapor production. The Crown 2 coils has a stainless steel casing with extra large juice holes to keep the...

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Joyetech BF SS316 for Cuboid Mini

The Joyetech Bottom Feed SS316 are replacement coils for the Cuboid Mini, Cubis and the AIO tanks . Constructed with stainless steel, it is a bottom feeding coil designed to work in either stainless steel temperature control mode, or in regular wattage...

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Chubby Gorilla 30ml Unicorn Bottle

The Chubby Gorilla 30ml Unicorn Bottles have a squeezable elongated design that is perfect for dripping or filling tanks while traveling and fits easily into a pocket. Specifications: 30ml capacity Pocket Friendly Design Child resistant cap LDPE...

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Vape Wild Vape Bands

Many of our customers asked for vape bands, and now we have them! VapeWild Vape Bands are made of high quality silicon and are available in deep sky blue with white text. Vape bands are great vape accessories and help protect your tank and mod...

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Kanger SSOCC Replacement Coils

The KangerTech SSOCC Coils (Stainless Steel Organic Cotton Coils) are operable with most of the Kanger lineup and a crowd-favorite! These replacement coils offer a low resistance of 0.5 ohm and a higher resistance of 1.2 ohm, so everyone can enjoy these...

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Samsung 25R 18650 Battery

These Samsung Vape Batteries are the perfect batteries for vaping, made by Samsung, these cylindrical, flat top, 18650 battery cells are rated at 2500mAh and have a CDR of 20 Amps. Specifications: Nominal discharge capacity: 2,500mAh Nominal...

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Efest LUC V4

Efest LUC V4 Charger LCD Universal Charger The Efest LUC V4 is a high quality charger with 4 charging channels and a large LCD screen. The LUC V4 is equipped with four independent charging channels, which boast features such as reverse polarity...

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Uwell Crown Coils
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Uwell Crown Coils

The UWELL Crown Tank coils are perfect for your original Crown Tank! These coils are made of stainless steel with a dual vertical design. They also contain 100% organic Japanese cotton and have four large...

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Aspire Nautilus BVC Coil

The Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils are revolutionary coils with a unique vertical coil design, that gives bigger wicking passages and can really pack a punch in your Aspire Tank. This means better wicking and more airflow, which translates into pure and clean...

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Joyetech Ego One Coils Ego One Coils
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Joyetech eGo One CL Coils

These are the innovative Joyetech eGo One CL Coils, designed for the Joyetech eGo Clearomizer as well as other popular Joyetech tanks. These kanthal coils contain organic Japanese cotton to ensure pure taste from your e-Juice. TheEgo One Coils come in 0...

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Aspire Atlantis Cotton Coils

The Aspire Atlantis Sub-Ohm Replacement Coils give your Atlantis tank, such as the V1 or V2, what it needs to perform like they should. They use the excellent "Bottom Vertical Coil" technology and also come with an Organic Cotton Wick. The Atlantis coils...

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What is a Vape Mod?

It is large, often box shaped device, that holds 1 or more batteries to power a full e-cigarette.  It works by pressing a button which connects the battery to the coil through a circuit. This heats the coil which is saturated by e-liquid turning the liquid into vapor which the user inhales.

How do I clean it?

To clean your vape mod:

  1. Collect your preferred cleaning agent (vinegar, rubbing alcohol, or glass cleaner), paper towels, and q-tips.
  2. Remove your tank and batteries from your mod
  3. Dampen your paper towel and q-tips in your cleaning agent
  4. Wipe down the outside of the mod with the paper towels
  5. Clean the 510 connection and internals with your q tip
  6. Ensure your mod is completely dry before reassembling tank and batteries

How does it work?

A battery inside the device supplies the power to the coil through a circuit that is completed when the user press a button. This heats the coil, which is surrounded by e-liquid soaked cotton, creating vapor to be inhaled.

Which vape mod blows the biggest clouds?

The mod with the highest wattage output will blow the biggest clouds, keep in mind there are many other factors that come into play. Make sure you have are using a coil with a resistance low enough to handle such wattage and are using a vape juice with a high percentage of vegetable glycerin (VG). This is the recipe for creating cloud competition worthy vapor production.

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