MTL Tanks for Nic Salt

If you’re looking for intense and controlled flavors, then the MTL (mouth to lung) tanks below are for you!  Unlike the DTL (direct to lung), these devices are designed to hold the vapor in your mouth and let it build up before inhaling.  This way your taste buds can absorb all the deliciousness from your favorite all day vape juice.

Click any of the images below to find out more about the specific model.  If you get stuck trying to choose between them, contact our support team via live chat or the phone number at the top of the website.  They’re experts with picking the right one to match your needs, so you’ll always get the best MTL tank to give you the right amount of flavor, each-and-every time.

Innokin Zlide Tank

The Innokin Zlide Tank adds to all the things you loved about the Zenith tank, and then some! With this tank, you will have a slide to open the top cap to refill easier! The glass is replaceable in case your glass cracks. The 510 drip tip is replaceable...

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Aspire Nautilus 2S MTL Tank

The evolving Aspire brand brings you the all-new Nautilus 2S MTL tank! The next in the Nautilus 2 line of flagship tanks have an e-liquid capacity of 2.6mls and powered by the 0.4Ω BVC coil. Vape with any of the Aspire Nautilus coils for either a...

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Nautilus Mini Tank by Aspire

The Aspire Nautilus Mini Tank is based on it's larger counterpart, the Aspire Nautilus. Following the same style queues, it is attractively made with stainless steel and glass. The Nautilus Mini also employs the same coil, the tried and true Aspire...

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What are MTL tanks?

MTL tanks are devices that provide users with a mouth-to-lung vaping experience - one that when the vapor produced is gathered in your mouth and is then inhaled into your lungs all at once. These tanks, which provide a cigarette-like experience, operate on a higher resistance that generates a more modest vape cloud over a DTL (direct-to-lung) tank, all while providing the user with a smooth vape hit.

How do MTL tanks work?

When you activate your device, it takes the e-liquid and transforms into vapor.  The vapor is then gathered in your mouth and inhaled into your lungs. Though the cloud production with these tanks is a little less than that of a sub ohm tank, it still produces maximum flavor. This is due to MTL tanks operating at a higher resistance, the e-liquid vaporizes at a slower rate.

Which is better, MTL or DTL?

MTL is for those who want maximum flavor over huge clouds. The DTL (direct-to-lung) tank is for those who want to produce larger clouds of vapor. The decision ultimately comes down to what kind of sensation you are looking for in a vaping experience.

MTL tanks produce moderate clouds while optimizing the flavor of your e-liquid. The DTL (direct-to-lung) tank provides a direct lung hit, meaning the vapor goes directly to your lungs, much like taking in a deep breath of air. This eliminates vapor production in the mouth altogether and is a preferred method by those who are looking for a more intense vaping experience that produces large clouds of vapor.

How often do I need to replace an MTL tank?

With proper care and maintenance, MTL tanks can last for forever - except for the coils. The coils within the device will need to be replaced over time, depending on how often it is used. If you feel the flavor of your vape production is declining, or you taste a burnt flavor when drawing from your device, this is usually an indicator that you need to replace the coil.

Are they for beginners or advanced vapors?

MTL tanks are popular with beginners because they provide a fine throat hit and create a smooth vaping experience. Even some of the most advanced vapors turn to MTL tanks as their option, however, those who are looking for larger cloud production sometimes opt for DTL tanks.

What is the difference between an MTL and sub-ohm?

The difference is between how much resistance each one produces, and how much wattage each needs. MTL tanks operate on higher ohm coils; they create more resistance and run on less wattage. This develops less vapor, providing a gentle throat hit. Sub-ohm tanks have lower resistance coil and operate at a higher wattage, which creates larger vape clouds and a more intense vaping experience.

How much do they cost?

MTL tanks range in cost depending on the design but expect to pay around $20-$30 for a durable and sleek looking tank, with replacement coils costing around the $10-$15 range. If you have any questions or concerns regarding which tank is the best fit for you, hit up our customer service in the live chat and they will be happy to assist you.


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