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Here at VapeWild, we like to shake things up every month with a Mystery Flavor! With each order, we give you a bonus bottle of a soon-to-be released flavor that our crack team of specialists created for your vaping enjoyment. Oh, but the fun doesn’t stop there! On the first of every month we not only reveal that flavor, but we make a film just for you guys to get your giggle on! You can always check back here to review previous flavors and see if your taste buds were spot on. So, make an order, snag a bottle, and enjoy the mystery!

Our Most Recent Mystery Flavor Videos

July Mystery Flavor

King of Spades by 4 Kings

History of the Mystery

Long ago, in a world where VapeWild was just getting started.....a mistake was made. Dun dun DUNNNNN! A batch of flavoring was mixed incorrectly. Quickly realizing his mistake, the first instinct of the mixologist was to give this new Frankenstein e-juice a go.  Upon tasting this e-liquid, he realized that what he unintentionally created was not a monster, but a masterpiece. He shared his creation with other VapeWild employees and the question arose "Now, what do we do with this tasty mistake?". 

An idea struck the VapeWild team, "Why don't we send this to our customers?". Not knowing what the response would be we slapped on a label covered in question-marks and shipped them with all orders. Questions and comments began reaching our customer service agents, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. The guessing game had begun and Banchee Gone Wild was VapeWild's 1st Mystery Flavor. 

Four years later, we're still shipping out little bottles on a monthly basis and customers are still playing the game. We've since added fun videos along with each reveal to add to the excitement of the monthly Mystery Reveal. We've come a long way since Banchee Gone Wild and I'd like to think we've got even wilder with our releases.

To take a turn at the Monthly Mystery guessing game, just place an order and you'll receive our newest flavor to be released on the 1st of the following month!

Top Selling Mysteries

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Hannibal Nectar
Cowboy Cooler
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July 2017 Mystery Flavor
December 2017 Mystery Flavor
The Streak
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Star Struck

All Vape Wild Mystery Flavors by Month

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