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OmNomNom e-Juice


Product Description

Maybe we’re old but in case you’ve forgotten the joy of gobbling up ginger snaps and butterscotch at your grandma’s house, then you’re in for a real treat. Omnomnom brings back the nostalgia of old-school snacking with this twist on the fresh tart flavor of gingersnaps and the sweetness of a butterscotch hard candy. We’ll have you humming “omnomnom” every time you vape this gingersnap vape juice! 

Primary Flavors: Ginger, Butterscotch, Cookie

OmNomNom was January 2018's Mystery Flavor!! For a list of all of VapeWild's Mystery Flavors, CLICK HERE

Made in the USA

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Product Reviews

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  1. mm no no no

    Posted by Kim on Oct 7th 2018

    I love butterscotch but this . . . this flavor . . no. nothing om nom nom about it. I mean its good but the other powering ginger flavor is not my cup of tea. I loved the butterscotch flavor in it but that ginger WOW . . too much.


    Posted by John. on Sep 21st 2018

    Out of all the flavors that I've tasted, this is by far the best one, If you haven't tried it, get some now, you'l love it.

  3. Delicious!

    Posted by Sofia Corona on Sep 6th 2018

    I have tried tons of flavors and brands, and I have to say this is the tastiest juice out there!! The ginger or butterscotch aren’t too overpowering. Together they make the best flavor! Every time I run out of this flavor I get so sad! I love it so much! Everyone should try it

  4. Delicious

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 24th 2018

    Love this flavor! It’s the best !

  5. Delicious

    Posted by Teri Garrett on Aug 16th 2018

    I like it. Not over powering

  6. ginger no butterscotch

    Posted by angela allen on Jul 17th 2018

    I love gingersnaps and butterscotch but I found it to be bitter with a touch of cinnamon. I can taste the hint of ginger.

  7. Cinnamon pancakes

    Posted by Erin wichmann on Jul 10th 2018

    I don't think it tastes like cookies and butterscotch but exactly like cinnamon pancakes. Not only do I LOVE this taste but I can't vape anywhere without people coming up to me to tell me my vape smells SO good

  8. Very particular taste, and permanently stained coil

    Posted by Eric on Jun 20th 2018

    I'm sure somewhere out there are lots of people who love to vape this, but I found it unvapeable maybe cus the flavor just isn't for me. FYI, it did permanently stain a new cool, so beware if you're using a pre made coil that you can't rewick after trying this.

  9. Love It!

    Posted by K. Jefferson on May 30th 2018

    Love it! My favorite vape. Always keep my tank full.

  10. My ADV

    Posted by Tracy Mumdhenk on May 26th 2018

    Omn nom nom my favorite all day vape. The taste satisfies my tastebuds.

  11. Disappointed

    Posted by Jared on May 1st 2018

    After reading all the great reviews I was suprised to find that this juice is kinda gross. It doesn't taste like ginger at all which was the whole reason I wanted to try it. It's more akin to cheap coffee creamer in its flavor. Now I'm stuck with a months supply of the stuff.

  12. Great desert flavor

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 28th 2018

    I mix this with on cloud custard..awsome

  13. It took a minute...

    Posted by Natalie Muller on Apr 26th 2018

    I ran completely out of juice until my order arrived so I picked up the mystery flavor (which normally I wait until a profile is released) and started in on it. At first it was definitely just eh but about half way through the bottle, I realized I couldn’t put my vape down! Now, it is my all day/every day vape.

  14. Love it!

    Posted by Nikol on Apr 13th 2018

    This is amazing!!! I really couldn't taste the ginger until the very end of the exhale. It was a nice little snap to balance out the sweet from the butterscotch. I got it as a sample and turned around and ordered 120mls. Even my BF likes it and he's been vaping the same juice for the last year and a half.

  15. My daughters A1

    Posted by Jenwan on Apr 12th 2018

    My daughter LOVES this. I would say she's hooked on OmNomNom and Snickerdoodle. It's really a battle between the two of them. Me too.

  16. This shiz is the bomb.com

    Posted by Winsor C on Apr 11th 2018

    My dudes. This vape juice is wild. So fire. This tastes so good an image of Guy Fireri appeared in my vape cloud, and said "Welcome to flavor town fam" And I was just like, woah bro. Woah.

    Very refreshing, 10/10 would blow fatty clouds again.

  17. Mistery solved!

    Posted by Mello on Apr 8th 2018

    I placed my first order in January and got the mistery sample size free. it was amazing but unfortunetly only 3mg of nicotien when i use 12mg so i didnt use it at all but DAMN was it tasty. I got more of a hazelnut taste from it but now that i found it i can totally see butterscotch. the name says it all, so nummie! glad i can order it in 12mg now that i know what it is!

  18. Love this

    Posted by cadensmama99@icloud.com on Apr 6th 2018

    I mix this with butter beer and love the flavor all day every day!

  19. Om YUM YUM

    Posted by Jill Markwood on Apr 5th 2018

    Amazing taste, very subtle and sweet!!! My fave!

  20. Perfect

    Posted by ASHLEY on Mar 26th 2018

    Flavor matches description 100 percent. Very nice juice.

  21. Ah maze ing

    Posted by malissa Sanchez on Mar 21st 2018

    16 month vaping
    This is hands down the best juice

  22. Obsessed!

    Posted by Steph on Mar 14th 2018

    I was in love with this flavor right from the start. I am completely obsessed with this juice I can't get enough of it. It's hard for me to put down. Two thumbs up on this one!

  23. Just when I needed it

    Posted by peta on Mar 13th 2018

    My first ever review. I needed this. ( i think it was was for free too?) I purchased vodka to put in my juice today because it was lacking-big waste of money. I vape butter scotch daily, would never have considered adding ginger.This is my Savior..NO cigs 4 months I LOVE THIS. Throat hit when i needed it the most. (don't normally like ginger) from Australia will order all mgs when i can. Favorites- Brexit at Tiffany's , Kick start my tart & On cloud custard mixed with OmNomNom. THE BEST. Thanks

  24. Pleasantly surprised

    Posted by Monica Leedy on Mar 11th 2018

    I usually try the mystery flavor as soon as I get them but this I waited awhile cause I just never got around to it but yumm it tastes like ginger snap cookies dunked in butterscotch pudding to me lol I will definitely be ordering some in the future

  25. OmNomNom ForReal

    Posted by dudley on Mar 10th 2018

    I asked for a sample of this juice because I didn’t order in the month of January because I ordered so many times in December

  26. Yum Nom Nom!

    Posted by Michelle Porter on Mar 8th 2018

    Clean m2 .15 coil on my Smok V8 pen. Sooo yummy. A different choice for me as I go for non-sweet!
    This has undertones of Ginger that keep it grooving for me as an all day vape. Yum yum yummy!

  27. Love this

    Posted by Lisa B on Mar 3rd 2018

    Got this as a mystery juice and me and the hubby love it. I just ordered 2 30ml. It will be are go to juice from here on out.

  28. Sounds so good!

    Posted by Julia Blanks on Mar 2nd 2018

    My January order didn't contain a mystery flavor. I was so bummed because I love trying to guess what they are (I'm usually way off)! This sounds amazing and I must order some to try!

  29. My New Favorite

    Posted by Sherona1970 on Feb 28th 2018

    I got this as the Mystery Juice for January 2018. I'll be ordering a bunch more. I can't get enough of it. It is very sweet and has nice ginger exhale.

  30. Different, tasty !

    Posted by Jduke on Feb 26th 2018

    im Glad vapewild suprised me with this sample. I’ve ordered 2 bottles since . Tasty ! For sure.

  31. I've been waiting for this

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 25th 2018

    I love it, I love butterscotch and this is my favorite flavor so far, Not pure butterscotch but still delish,

  32. Omtastic!!!

    Posted by Sheawanda Brothers on Feb 23rd 2018

    This is so far my Favorite! Cannot get enough of it! Has the best taste!! Love it! I need more!!!

  33. My favorite so far

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 20th 2018

    I taste a yummy ginger snap cookie, my favorite cookie ever. Don't taste butterscotch, which is fine with me. So happy I got it as the mystery flavor free sample. Out of all the Vape Wild flavors I've tried, this is definitely my favorite.

  34. The more you puff on it the better it gets.

    Posted by Ray on Feb 20th 2018

    At first, I was absolutely reviled by this juice but when I was waiting for vape mail, this was all I had and the more I puffed on it, the better it seemed to get. Not one for me, but not terrible.

  35. Very Yummy!

    Posted by Tanna on Feb 18th 2018

    I love this flavor, got it as the mystery flavor with my january order. I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was. I definitely taste more butterscotch than ginger, it looks like from the reviews, I'm alone in that. I think it could stand for more ginger, I really like ginger though.

  36. Not as good as I expected

    Posted by Robert Melrose on Feb 18th 2018

    I think the ginger is too forward, and really obscures butterscotch. I’d rather have it the other way. Was fired up for the potential, but probably won’t finish what I ordered.

  37. Yuck

    Posted by Michael on Feb 18th 2018

    I would only give this one star but Vape Wild’s customer service and quality are outstanding. I didn’t care for this at all. I think it’s the ginger in it.

  38. Not for me

    Posted by Jeff C on Feb 17th 2018

    I got this as a mystery flavor and couldn’t figure out what it was. I had guessed horchata, cheesecake and bread pudding...boy was I wrong! It was a weird combo that just didn’t taste right to me.

  39. OmNom Yum

    Posted by J. on Feb 17th 2018

    Another Vape Wild Winning juice. Decadent, rich but not overwhelming with amazing flavor profiles. The ginger nicely rounds out the butterscotch mellowing out the sweetness while keeping the cleanliness of the ginger true to form and adding a touch of spice.The cookie flavor adds just the right touch of salt and sweet bringing out all three flavors in just the right amounts. This is one smooth and satisfying hit after hit after hit! One of my new favorites that too will be standard in each order going forward. This would make an awesome Pre-Steeped flavor too.
    Even if your not a fan of butterscotch or ginger this is a must try flavor! Of all the brands; Vape Wild continues to surprise and please again and again!

  40. My favorite!

    Posted by Brian on Feb 15th 2018

    I got this as a mystery flavor, and loved it. I ordered a larger bottle after they revealed the flavor. It’s really smooth, and has a great creamy butterscotch exhale. I’ll definitely keep it in my flavor rotation.

  41. Unbelievably good

    Posted by DH on Feb 14th 2018

    I don’t know if I can adequately explain how good this shit is. I had 3 bottles when it’s was the mystery flavor enjoying it more and more each time I got it. It’s sweet but spicy. Unusual but something you can vape all day and not get sick of. This is the type of flavor that will have strangers stopping you and asking you what your vaping because it smells so freaking amazing. Life changing basically.

  42. Awesome

    Posted by Timothy on Feb 14th 2018

    Well I can say this is one of my all day vape juice the only thing I wish is it had a little more butterscotch taste other than that love this juice

  43. Chai Tea

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 14th 2018

    Not bad although I wouldn't go outta my way to get it again. I definitely taste the ginger and hint of cookie. I think it's really awesome I get a mystery flavor and samples every time I order. I'll enjoy vaping this one since I like chai teas.

  44. Autumn in a Bottle

    Posted by Jenn B on Feb 12th 2018

    This taste is one of the stronger flavors I have tried so far. It is a warm ginger snap spiciness. I like it alot, not an ADV for me but a nice one to get you in the mood for a cool, crisp night.

  45. Lingers

    Posted by Kat on Feb 12th 2018

    DO NOT put this in a tank if you're not ready to commit to this juice. It's virtually impossible to get rid of the taste in your coil if you end up not liking it. I really thought this mystery flavor would be pumpkin spice, or something along those lines. I despise this flavor so much, but can't hate too much because it was free. I wish vapewild would switch the flavor profiles of their mystery juices every month, because I cannot handle another overpoweringly sweet dessert flavor.

  46. It's Aight

    Posted by Macy Miller on Feb 11th 2018

    The flavor was alright. I consider to be more of a fruity vape juice kind of gal, so it wasn't my favorite. For the longest time, I kept tasting maple and then would get tinges of buttered popcorn. Maybe my senses were off. I won't knock it though since it still had a good flavor to it.

  47. Absolutely delicious!

    Posted by Victoria Sardelli on Feb 11th 2018

    Best juice ever!! Love it and I’m hooked on it!

  48. Ginger bread Manoman!

    Posted by Dawnelle Ribar on Feb 11th 2018

    Tastes exactly like a gingerbread cookie! I don't taste the butterscotch, but there is a sweetness that some gingers naps don't have so maybe that is the butterscotch, either way it is very much the flavor promised!

  49. Is it Autumn Already?

    Posted by Michelle Porter on Feb 10th 2018

    Everything good about this gingery fall flavor! Firstly! GINGER which I happen to love. Just a hint of sweetness letting the bright flavor come through in spades. Butterscotch is there in true form complimenting the ginger blending in a super yummy vape. Great with a cup of Earl Grey tea or a frosty Oktoberfest brew. This is great right out of the bag. I got a free sample, ty very much. Will definitely be ordering next round. Smok V8 stick baby on a m2 .25 coil. OM YUM YUM YUM

  50. Not for me

    Posted by James on Feb 9th 2018

    I don't necessarily think that this is a bad juice. I got it as a free sample with my order. I'm not a big fan of butterscotch. And, I get a black licorice flavor too. Weird flavor! Glad I dripped it first, so I didn't ruin my tank.

  51. Delicious

    Posted by Rhonda Hodges on Feb 9th 2018

    Very good juice! I think it needs a little more butterscotch. But you can taste the Ginger for sure reminds me of gingersnaps for sure. Wonderful after taste.

  52. Trick instead of treat

    Posted by Jill on Feb 8th 2018

    Mystery flavor... It tasted like spicy maple syrup with a double dose of "cookie" flavor. It also lingered in the coil for at least 3 or 4 more tanks of new juice (I tried to neutralize it with Twin Mint and Techno Mango). I'm glad some people liked it, I just wasn't one of them.

  53. Omnomnom

    Posted by Jacob on Feb 8th 2018

    Great name and great flavor but thought the throat hit was a little harsh. It may have been because it was 3mg and I've been vaping 1.5mg for the most part. It definitely captures the flavors as advertised.

  54. NOT A FAN

    Posted by Alyssa Alexander on Feb 8th 2018


  55. Best flavor ever

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 7th 2018

    This has to be my favorite flavor of all. Vape wild is my go to for my liquid, and this flavor will be in every order I make.

  56. Full flavored, but a Coil Stankifier

    Posted by The Mighty T on Feb 7th 2018

    OK, the flavor is STRONG. I definitely got hit with the butterscotch and that was a clear flavor note. So, right on the head with that. The extra flavors kind of made it too weird for casual use. I'm going to want to have this specifically instead of just what I happen to be carrying with me.

    I got it as Jan '18 mystery. I'm not sure if knowing what it was ahead of time would have made it a more enjoyable experience. Honestly, I think if I knew what it was ahead of time, I probably wouldn't have even tried it. There is still quite a bit left, so maybe I'll give it another shot.
    It made the coil unusable for other flavors, though. I could still taste it after filling the tank 3 times with other stuff. So I saved the coil (it's still perfectly good in general) and I'll put it back it when I'm ready to try this one again. Be ready to dedicate a special coil for it.

  57. Too much going on here

    Posted by David Buckley on Feb 6th 2018

    Got this as a freebie with my order.

    Add me to the list of "couldn't quite figure this one out". And for me it was much too sweet and a little too complex for my taste buds.

  58. Tastes just like ginger snaps..

    Posted by Jessica Steinhauer on Feb 6th 2018

    I'm not a fan of fruity vapes so much so I was happy to have a mystery flavor that wasn't fruity. The vape is pretty good...personally I nvr liked ginger snaps. But if u do like ginger snaps this tastes exactly like them( with a bit of butterscotch of course). Its amazing really. So I gave it a 4 because you guys were spot on with the flavor... And I do enjoy it... But just a lil at a time.

  59. it was aight

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 5th 2018

    This juice tastes more like French toast than anything else. It smells like maple syrup. Not what I prefer for flavors, but it tasted good.

  60. Yum nom nomm

    Posted by Katie on Feb 5th 2018

    First thing to hit the taste buds was the ginger than the cookie. I don't really taste the butterscotch. I do enjoy this flavor. Will be added to future orders. Nice job vapewild!

  61. Horrible

    Posted by Steph Fuller on Feb 4th 2018

    Was a freebie and just did not like the taste at all! I couldn't quite figure out what the taste was.. it lingered around in my coil for awhile after switching juices.

  62. I want to give it 4.5 stars...

    Posted by Omen on Feb 4th 2018

    Giving it only 4 out of 5 stars is under-rating this tasty treat, But I can't give it a full 5, because it's not even the best of the flavors available here.

    It tastes like someone ground up some Werther's Original and mixed it into some gingersnaps.
    I got some as the January 2018 mystery flavor and held-off on the flavor reveal to try it (I have to, I'm allergic to certain flavors). I wasn't enthusiastic about my expectations about the flavor because I'm not the biggest fan of spiced flavors for vaping (like cinnamon or clove), but the butterscotch nicely mellows out the ginger's heat.

  63. My new favorite flavor

    Posted by Jackson D Bellinger on Feb 3rd 2018

    When I first tried this flavor, I was blown away. It reminded me of freshly baked snicker doodles my best friend's mom use to make. I definitely get the cookie and the butterscotch flavors. The ginger isn't very prominent to me, although I can taste it now that I know it's there. I love this juice, it's smooth and buttery with a dash of warm spice it is exceptionally nice. You need this in your vape!

  64. Not my thing but good

    Posted by Leigh on Feb 3rd 2018

    I would have guessed chai latte but thats probably the ginger. I'm a big fan of the yogurt flavors. So this is different from my usual, but still its good. I think it may be growing on me


    Posted by MARIE JOHNSTON on Feb 3rd 2018

    Tried to persuade vapewild to tell me name of mystery flavor for January but no go....Love this flavorful mix! will be buying more

  66. Not very good

    Posted by Clifford Casto on Feb 3rd 2018

    Didnt like this flavor had to dump it out. I like a lot of other flavors from vw but some sound good but do not translate well into vape form. This one does neither for me.

  67. Smells great and tastes like chai

    Posted by CelticWolf on Feb 3rd 2018

    Its good! To me It tastes like Chai Now that I know what it is I can see that... And tho you can smell the ginger, I still get Chai tea poppin into mind when I vape it. Ive vaped it out of the Dead Rabbit and the Pulse22 and it def has a chai tea similarity

  68. Yuk.

    Posted by Joscelyn Griffin on Feb 2nd 2018

    I love vapewild and this is the first juice I didn't like. Some people may like it but it's not for me.

  69. Rich & Creamy

    Posted by Jitterbug on Feb 1st 2018

    It smells amazing & all the flavors are there. I'm just not much of a ginger fan. It's pretty strong so I'm hoping it mellows out a bit after some steep time.

  70. Good but not for me.

    Posted by Adam S on Feb 1st 2018

    Now that I know what January's mystery flavor was, I had to go back to my shelf and try it again. The flavor does seem pretty spot on. I was thinking like a syrup waffle something before I knew what it was. So now that I know, it is pretty accurate but not for me. I can't seem to leave my fruit flavors. If you imagine these tastes together and it appeals to you then I say vape away and enjoy.

  71. Couldn't tell what it was until I checked

    Posted by Matthew Ward on Feb 1st 2018

    At first I thought it tasted like very sweet tea, after reading that the mystery flavor is butterscotch and ginger, I immediately started tasting it. Not so much cookie, but regardless, I dig it. This is some pretty good stuff. Best mystery flavor I've had by far. Will be ordering a bottle soon.

  72. YOU HAD ME AT OM !

    Posted by Dan W on Feb 1st 2018

    Perfect mix.

  73. Oh my

    Posted by Carrieann Gilliam on Feb 1st 2018

    I am so in love with this juice omg butterscotch gingersnap yes yes yes if u haven't tried it it's a must try

  74. Luv it!

    Posted by Erin wichmann on Feb 1st 2018

    Got a free sample with my last order of lemon sanation and fruit hoops. If u love cereal / dessert flavors you'll probably like this. My husband hates it but he hates all my flavors n only likes pop flavors (yuck). This is a winner in the dessert division the for sure!

  75. This was delicious!!!

    Posted by Alex Q on Feb 1st 2018

    Got it as the mystery flavor and couldn’t figure out what it was. But now it makes more sense. Very flavorful and would definitely order again

  76. Ew

    Posted by ryan crouch on Feb 1st 2018

    Not saying nobody would like this flavor I'm sure someone does but I personally hate it. It reminds of a stail popcorn ball you get for Halloween.

  77. Nothing to write home about

    Posted by Jeremy on Feb 1st 2018

    Got this as the January mystery flavor. Didn’t taste ginger cookie or butterscotch. Was like a vanilla cupcake. It wasn’t bad but flavor to me didn’t match at all.

  78. Needs to Steep

    Posted by KWeed on Feb 1st 2018

    I could definitely taste cookie in this flavor when I got the sample. As January's mystery flavor, I couldn't quite pick out the rest of the flavors. Now that it has steeped for 3 weeks, and that I know what's in it, the flavor is obvious. Spot on, VW has nailed it, but I'm not a fan of butterscotch and this is too sticky for my liking.

  79. WOW

    Posted by Noah on Feb 1st 2018

    Not trying to gush here but this stuff is amazing.
    Great clouds and unbelievable flavor.
    Spot on with the butterscotch.
    Smooth, very smooth.
    Thanks Vape Wild for the free sample!

  80. Love it!

    Posted by Erica Patrick on Feb 1st 2018

    My new favorite!

  81. Perfect!!

    Posted by Paul Amatucci on Feb 1st 2018

    This new flavor hits it outta the park! this is a perfect ADV thanx vape wild:))

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