Pod Vape Mods for Nic Salt

When discretion is a must because you’re at work, or space is limited within your purse, pocket or travel bag, a vaping pod mod is the right option for you, especially if you're using nic salt e-liquids.  Look below to shop for a style that matches your lifestyle and vaping needs.

You’ll find options that use nicotine salt liquids or flavored e-juices.  There’s a selection of disposable styles or you can choose from the collections with replaceable pods and coils so you save money.  Your vape pod mod should match your lifestyle, not the other way around. That’s why we stock selections from compact pens to disposable mods. When you see one you like, click the image and read about the product so you can make sure it fits your needs.  

If you have any questions, our customer support team is always happy to help.  Click the live chat or give us a call during business hours and we’ll help you select the perfect device to help you vape when, where and how you want.


VGOD Stig Cubano - 3 Pack VGOD Stig Cubano Pod Mod
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VGOD Stig Cubano Disposable Pod Device (3-Pack)

¿Te gusta el sabor de los cigarros Cubanos?* Then the Cubano Stig by VGOD has you covered! This all in one device is lightweight, easy to use, requires zero maintenance, and is draw activated making it the perfect disposable device!Each...

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VGOD Stig - Lush Ice VGOD Stig Lush Ice Pod Mod
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VGOD Stig Lush Ice Disposable Pod Device (3-Pack)

It's time to cool off with a Wintery Menthol burst of Watermelon and the VGOD Stig Lush Ice is sure to keep you frosty! The Lush Ice Stig is the perfect all in one device that couldn’t be any simpler to use. With an intuitive draw activated design,...

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VGOD Stig Mighty Mint Disposable Pod Device (3-Pack)

Mighty Mint flavored VGOD STIG pods are an effortless yet flavorful satisfaction that delivers a cool refreshing mouth to lung hit for all menthol lovers. VGOD STIG Pod Devices come in a 3 pack of draw activated e-cigs. Each pod mod is fully...

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VGOD STIG Tropical Mango - 3 Pack VGOD Stig Tropical Mango Pod Mod
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VGOD Stig Tropical Mango Disposable Pod Device (3-Pack)

Take a trip to the beach with Tropical Mango Stig by VGOD. The lightweight, easy to use, and zero maintenance devices make it ideal for on the go travel or daily use. The devices come in packs of three and are ready to go out of the box. Each of...

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Can Vape Pods Be Refilled?

Yes, but only if you buy a model that has refillable parts.  If it has a refill port, then you only need to clean the pod so you can try a new juice.  To find out if yours is a refillable option, read the packaging or product description before you buy it.  

How Long Will It Last?

3 – 5 days is the average time a refillable one will last.  Pens and other styles may last up to a week or as little as 2 days, it just depends on how often and how frequently you use it.  

What is a Vape Pod?

It is a portable compact device that replaces the need for a tank.  Instead it uses a built in coil, battery, and e-juice container to let you vape without having to carry a bulky device around.  

Can you Vape Without One?

Yes, you can buy a traditional system, but those are not as easy to carry around as they tend to be bulky and you’ll need to have a bottle of e-juice on hand.  

What is the Difference Between a Pod and a Pen?

A pod is a compact tool that lets you vape.  The biggest difference is that pens resemble a pen in side and are cylindrical while other styles are rectangular and can come in many sizes and widths.  

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