Pre-Built Vape Coils for RDAs, RTAs, and RDTAs

Gunky coils on your RDA getting you down? Grab a new set of premade coils and get back to vaping in no time! You’ll find a wide array of vape coil builds below to select from along with premium cotton wicks!

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Pre-Built Vape Coil Buying Guide

Trying to find a coil that works for your vape? Here are some different kinds of pre-built coils for sale that you have to choose from. Read through this section and find out which coil is going to be best for you and your rebuildable atomizer!

Coils for an RDA

Any coils in the above selection will work perfectly with an RDA! There are a few things you need to look for to make sure they will be a good fit:

  • The post holes of your RDA are big enough
  • The deck’s diameter will fit the coil
  • You’re using a device that can handle the resistance of the pre-made coil(s)

Checking those boxes may seem like a daunting task, but it really isn’t!

As long as your RDA’s post holes are 3mm or bigger it should fit ANY coil from our selection. If your RDA’s post holes are smaller than 3mm, it will likely be best to pick a coil that has a smaller width like a clapton or fused clapton coil.

Making sure the deck’s diameter will fit the coil is easy too! Most RDAs that have been released recently have a fairly large deck. A deck larger than 24mm will surely fit your coils. If your deck is smaller, as long as it’s a single coil RDA, the pre-made coils will likely still fit as well!

To make sure you device can handle a resistance of the vape pre-built coils you’re getting, just check the specifications on the mod for its minimum resistance. This information should be widely available. If you are using 2 coils, remember the coils resistance will be half of what a single coil will be.

Coils for an RTA

When looking for coils for your vape RTA, you’ll use the same techniques described above to determine if the pre-built coil will be a good fit. On top of that, it’s always good to look for a coil that has a lot of surface area for an RTA. This is because the surface area in a pre-built coil determines the level of flavor it will produce and RTAs typically produce slightly less flavorful vapor than an RDA.

So when looking for your next favorite premade coil, look for more complex build like staggered fused claptons, alien coils, and framed staple coils.

Low Resistance Pre-Built Coils

Most pre-built coils offered are going to have a low resistance. This will help produce a lot more vapor and will be utilized at higher wattages.

Low resistance pre-made coils are less than or equal to 0.2 ohms per coil, so this means when they are used in tandem, the resistance is cut in half.

Whenever using a coil with such a low resistance, make sure your vape device is capable of withstanding that resistance. It is always a good idea when vaping with rebuildable atomizers to also familiarize yourself with Ohm’s Law.

Pre-Built Coils for Mechanical Mods 

When on the hunt for a great set of pre-built coils for your mechanical mod, make sure you're paying attention to the resistance of your coils. A resistance that is too low may cause the mechanical mod, which has no safety features, to short circuit. Make sure you're using high quality vape specific batteries with a high amperage.  Make sure those batteries can handle your end resistance and use an Ohm Reader often to double check!

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