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Rad Bull Energy e-Juice


Product Description

Energy drink vape juice lovers, we have a great vape for you! We don't know if it will give you wings, but you'll surely be lost in the clouds!

Primary Flavors: Energy Drink

Made in the USA.

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Product Review

Product Reviews

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  1. Don't let the others deter you!!

    Posted by Unknown on May 4th 2018

    This is an exact energy replica, it might not taste EXACTLY like red bull but it's darn close! You gotta remember your vaping it not actually having an energy drink so of course it might not be exact...

  2. Spot on

    Posted by Alex Q on Apr 4th 2018

    Very good taste. To me, its exactly like a Red Bull, but not as strong of a taste. The battle between this and the Goblin juice, I think I prefer the other one. But if red bull is your drink I think it’s worth a shot to taste this one.

  3. Loving it

    Posted by Denise Burton on Feb 28th 2018

    Taste is spot on
    Has become my favorite flavor

  4. Taste Like Robitussin

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 30th 2018

    i've had really nice energy drink juices before and this wasn't a good one. just taste like cherries... and not in a good way. there's sort of a cherry medicine flavor going on in there.

  5. If you like Red Bull you'll probably like this juice.

    Posted by Karen Sawinski on Jan 17th 2018

    accurate flavor

  6. Love this juice!

    Posted by Mikaela Ruzicka on Dec 14th 2017

    I love this juice I got a 60ml and a different one for my boyfriend, and I had to fight him off from using the last of my Rad Bull juice lol that's why i'm ordering more and he gave me a big kiss when I told him I was getting him his own! thanks vapewild it's the perfect juice!

  7. Monster

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 8th 2017

    Doesn’t taste like Red Bull at all. It taste just like the green monster drinks to me. So two stars for me. Good flavor just isn’t Red Bull.

  8. Rad Bull gives you wings!

    Posted by AG on Nov 18th 2017

    I'm an energy drink junkie and tried this in the hopes it wouldn't taste like cough syrup as so many horrible energy drinks do. It really is spot on Red Bull! Absolutely love it, coming back for 60 mls. Great ADV, I couldn't get enough.

  9. Most Like Red Bull

    Posted by Carrie Johnston on Nov 14th 2017

    I've tried several Red Bull flavors and this is much closer than any I've tried to date. With that said, there are several Vape Wild flavors that I like better. If I could make it sweeter and tarter I'd probably try it again lol.

  10. Best flavor on the site

    Posted by Andrew Ruziecki on Oct 31st 2017

    I tried a bunch of vapewild ejucies and the RedBull has the strongest tasteful flavor out of all the ones I tried. Everyone order of mine includes a red bull!!

  11. Not what I expected

    Posted by Michael Connolly on Oct 12th 2017

    Doesn’t taste like Red Bull. Disappointed especially that I ordered 120ml of it.

  12. Totally on point

    Posted by Selina Maeder on Oct 5th 2017

    It tastes exactly like that winged drink. It is like a sweet tart. I wish it had the caffeine though :)

  13. On point!

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 19th 2017

    As normal they hit the nail on the head! Absolutely amazing.

  14. Rad Man

    Posted by Anthony on Aug 7th 2017

    Pretty much dead on description. Right on man.

  15. Meh

    Posted by emerald knotts on Aug 3rd 2017

    Meh. It's not terrible.

  16. Great taste

    Posted by Valman on Jul 26th 2017

    Great vape. Not the best red bull flavor vape I've had but unbeatable for the price. Will be buying again.

  17. My #1

    Posted by Robbie on Jun 8th 2017

    I love Rad bull!

  18. Not flavorful enough

    Posted by on May 18th 2017

    I'm sad to write the review, but I guess it's just my opinion! The price was fantastic, it was clear (most are dark colored), containers and tips were good, as was the strength but unfortunately, there just wasn't enough flavor for me. Ordering and delivery were both a breeze and right on time.

  19. Rad bull

    Posted by Unknown on May 16th 2017

    not to sweet, a very likable flavor

  20. Rad bull

    Posted by Josh on Apr 27th 2017

    Sweet but likeable flavour,would buy again.

  21. Meeeeh...

    Posted by Mark Liapustin on Apr 24th 2017

    Not as I wanted to be. taste more like a Monster energy drink and not other energy drinks or as described. my friend love it. my opinion.

  22. Decent

    Posted by spencer Morley-Short on Apr 22nd 2017

    Taste good and has good flavor but taste nothing like red bull

  23. Great taste my go to

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 18th 2017

    Its my favorite

  24. Just like the drink

    Posted by on Apr 14th 2017

    The flavor is outstanding, closest I've found to match Red Bull energy drink.

  25. Only flavor i vape

    Posted by Mary Taylor on Apr 12th 2017

    Love thus vape. Not too sweet, not too tart!

  26. Its ok...

    Posted by MisfitP on Apr 2nd 2017

    The juice is just ok. The smell is pretty amazing after steeping for a bit and smells like a certain energy drink but the taste is close but not really there and tastes a little funny like flinstones vitamins from when I was a kid which is fine cause I loved those but its not something I care to vape honestly. I only got a sample and tried it in multiple tanks and a kryton rda but wasnt impressed. Perhaps someone else may like it, its still worth a try at the very least I suppose.

  27. Not exactly an "Rad" Bull, more like Monster

    Posted by Mark on Mar 12th 2017

    I was a little disappointed of that, but it's okay, the liquid is still tasty.

  28. best flavor thus far!

    Posted by Rafael Castillo on Mar 4th 2017

    I love rad bull flavor Cheri sent me two extra flavores. E juice tastes just like Red Bull I got 50/50 3mg nic . Will buy again!

  29. Bull Throttle

    Posted by MG on Mar 2nd 2017

    This isn't a bad juice by any means but I'd argue that it needs to be reformulated if Red Bull were the mark they were aiming for. It has that "liquid Smarties" flavor that most people associate with an energy drink but traditional Red Bull it is not. Close, but *much* closer to Coca-Cola's Full Throttle. Not terrible... but also not what I had in mind.

  30. nice taste

    Posted by josh on Feb 18th 2017

    I wish had more

  31. Awesome

    Posted by Ida Blair on Feb 16th 2017


  32. the best

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 15th 2017

    Tastes just like Red Bull. The daughter and I both love this one

  33. Just like drinking a Red Bull

    Posted by Ed on Feb 11th 2017

    Awesome juice

  34. wow

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 25th 2017

    This is amazing... love the flavor....

  35. so good

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 22nd 2017

    Really taste like the bull energy drink. Smooth

  36. loved it

    Posted by Amy Longoria on Jan 12th 2017

    I love this flavor it tastes just like Red Bull which is what I was looking for

  37. Tastes like an energy drink. But not Red Bull

    Posted by Mike Thomas on Jan 6th 2017

    If i haven't read the label i would have said that it tastes really good. I mean it tastes like some energy drink.. but not Red Bull. IMHO.

  38. Flavor is spot on but, oh, my throat

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 17th 2016

    They nailed the flavor spot on, it even has a "carbonated" sense to it, but something about this juice (same for Goblin Energy) kills my throat. It was a struggle to finish one tank in my TF-RTA before I shelved this juice. (Mirror comment for Goblin Energy)

  39. So tasty!

    Posted by Josh Welsh on Dec 12th 2016

    I like this one it tasts like Red Bull. Its pretty cool that drinks can be emulated into e liquid for vaping. Thanks VW

  40. nice .. but

    Posted by Esam on Nov 19th 2016

    The flavour is so nice but there is a burning hit in the throat that destroys the whole thing

  41. Godlike

    Posted by Joseph John Galea on Oct 30th 2016

    This juice has ascended from the gods.
    People which say that this juice is not spot on with the Redbull line need to bleach their tongues to refresh their palate.
    10/10 would buy again, god bless.

  42. Energy Drink

    Posted by Grey on Oct 15th 2016

    My favorite, not too harsh, not too sweet, a good vape.

  43. Monster

    Posted by Jaysn Rye on Oct 9th 2016

    Didn't taste anything line redbull. This tastes pretty much like the goblin energy. If you like monster energy drinks you'll love this.

  44. Pretty damn good my dudes

    Posted by Logan on Oct 3rd 2016

    I like the flavor. I bought it with 0 nic so I could taste it best.
    It's GOOD!

  45. Might be bull could be a monster

    Posted by Ashlei on Sep 30th 2016

    Great taste, but maybe switch the name of these two ;)

  46. was hoping for more!!!

    Posted by Robert on Sep 17th 2016

    Don't get me wrong it was a nice juice I was just expecting a little more of the flavor..

  47. Tastes great

    Posted by Dave on Sep 1st 2016

    This is one of my favorite flavores I've tried so far. Especially if you mix a little orange drank liquid with it.

  48. Monster more than redbull

    Posted by Félix Levert on Aug 27th 2016

    Pretty good juice, the only problem I have is that it's more of a taste of Monster energy drink than Redbull's. Since I'm not a huge fan of Monster I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would, but for you guys that like ''general'' energy drink flavor, this juice is pretty decent.

  49. surprising

    Posted by zack on Aug 17th 2016

    First of all, I want to say I'm a die hard Monster fan. But this juice.. this is great. Nice flavorful inhale that made me open my eyes wide with excitement first time tasting. Very good job on this one guys!

  50. hell ya

    Posted by D. Johnson on Aug 2nd 2016

    This has been by leaps and bounds the best E-liquid that I have bought. The quality is great, flavor is great, customer service is great, delivery time...great, and the price can't be beat!!! I definitely tell everybody I know to switch to Vape Wild for their vaping supplies.

  51. Rad bull- Vapewild

    Posted by Phillip William Shreve on Jul 15th 2016

    Very flavorful on the inhale. The energy drink taste is there. With a cool exhale. It's a mixture of a monster and red bull really. But very close. Got 60 ml of this and am quickly going through. It's an all day vape for me. The price alone is worth trying every flavor at least once.

  52. Great Job

    Posted by Mike on Jul 11th 2016

    Great juice. Tastes great and I'll definitely be ordering more. Thanks!

  53. Redbull freak

    Posted by Dylan on May 31st 2016

    I've been a Redbull freak for a long time and this is by far the closest product I've found that taste like it. Five stars to VapeWild on this one. My wife has had four or five different capes and has loved them all. This is the only place I will buy my Bape from.

  54. Great taste, great flavor!

    Posted by Zachary Morris on May 19th 2016

    I was actually surprised on how much I enjoyed this juice, it really does taste like Red Bull. Even has that little carbon burn going down like the real thing has. Really good.

  55. great

    Posted by jordan on May 17th 2016

    Was really close to actual drink flavor

  56. Awesome Energy Drink Flavor!

    Posted by Sara Leadbetter on May 2nd 2016

    I got this as a free sample with my purchase and I really love the flavor. I love energy drinks and this gives me the flavor without having to actually drink one. I will be buying more of this one!

  57. if u like red bull this is 4 u

    Posted by Vanessa on Apr 29th 2016

    Just like a red bull drink fantastic

  58. tastes like red bull

    Posted by dylon harris on Apr 22nd 2016

    It has a really sweet and tart flavor and is a nice flavor. I just dont like the harsh cough syrup taste it leaves in your mouth

  59. Thanks

    Posted by Mohamed Abdultawab on Apr 12th 2016

    I just received my order now as you promised . Thanks guys. This is a top quality e liquid

  60. Pretty Good

    Posted by Daniel Winters on Apr 10th 2016

    I got a 65PG bottle and it tastes like Red Bull but seems off due to lack of carbonation. It had plenty of flavor that was good.

  61. not bad?¿

    Posted by dylon harris on Apr 4th 2016

    wasnt exaclty bad, i bought a 10 ml 50/50 bottle with a flavor boost. and i love the taste of redbull but it tasted like cough syrup. idk if its just me or its the flavor boost but over all isnt bad

  62. not what i was expecting.

    Posted by kevin on Apr 3rd 2016

    Although it isn't horrible, it doesn't really taste like red bull. Honestly it tastes more like monster. Who knows maybe they mixed up the labels. I wound up taking a few puffs then giving my bottle to a friend. Wasn't for me.

  63. energy vape

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 10th 2016

    Only let this steep a week and it was pretty good can't wait for the other bottle to be ready and see if its any better

  64. pretty good, tastes like all the other red bull vapes

    Posted by mike on Mar 4th 2016

    It tastes like all the other red bull Vapes from other shops if not better than some .

  65. the best energy drink juice

    Posted by kendra on Mar 3rd 2016

    I have tried many different variations of the red bull juices and this one by far is the best. It tastes exactly like it and I could not be happier

  66. great

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 20th 2016

    Taste just like red bull the boost makes it the best !

  67. different

    Posted by andrew downs on Jan 16th 2016

    It tastes like Monster to me. But it's good!

  68. It gives you wings

    Posted by Ahmed Kirdar on Jan 15th 2016

    This is a tasty flavor. Steeped it for a couple of weeks. It smells like the energy drink and the taste is pretty close. Also mixes well with other flavors. Worth a 10ml sample bottle. But I recommend the flavor boost.

  69. Yum

    Posted by Haelie Shaw on Jan 5th 2016

    Not as good as Goblin Energy but still really good. Blew through the bottle in basically 1 night.

  70. Great Flavor

    Posted by Bryant on Dec 22nd 2015

    It gives you wings!

  71. its ok

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 16th 2015

    Least favorite of the pack. Tastes not very redbull.

  72. HOLY

    Posted by Marc Wofford on Dec 15th 2015

    This is literally my favorite flavor, it mixes super well with other juices too to create a more diverse flavor profile.

  73. radbull

    Posted by Austin Sparks on Nov 29th 2015

    Smells like red Bull. Not quite the right taste tho

  74. red bull

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 28th 2015

    Just was not for me

  75. Rad Bull

    Posted by Blix on Nov 28th 2015

    Was skeptical about ordering this flavor because I've tried everyone's version. But this is spot on RedBull. Using it on the unregulated Tugboat box mod Anarchist, 13 Heavens RDA .09 build. 3mg 65vg with boost and its amazing.

  76. tastes like red bull

    Posted by mokr on Oct 23rd 2015

    Great product great taste works well in my e cig
    I am new to this company but the s r vice is GREST

  77. Not very good

    Posted by Nick on Oct 22nd 2015

    I really did not enjoy this flavour, it tasted bad as soon as i got it and still tasted bad after 2 weeks. I would really recommend not buying this flavour as you will regret it.

  78. tastes very similar to redbull

    Posted by Alaskanvaper on Sep 29th 2015

    Got a 30ml with 65vg and 3mg. Setup is a Goblin RTA and a regular Sigelei 150w/0.4 ohms. Tastes perfect at 32w

  79. Monster energy

    Posted by Logan on Sep 28th 2015

    this doesn't taste like red bull, this tastes like the green monster. its a good flavor but probably wont reorder.

  80. Sehr gut

    Posted by Zbear on Sep 23rd 2015

    Diese vapejuice war sehr gut. Es schmeckt ganz wie die Energietrakt dass es heissen.

  81. Exactly what I wanted and hope it'd be!

    Posted by Sam on Sep 12th 2015

    If you like Red Bull the only thing missing is the carbonation. The flavor is perfect. My only problem was that I ordered the 20ml because I was afraid I'd be disappointed. This flavor just became an ADV!

  82. yum

    Posted by jayson hauk on Sep 7th 2015

    Flavour is good, and customer service is awesome, very happy with vape wild :)

  83. Nothing Special

    Posted by Alex on Sep 3rd 2015

    Although the flavor is okay, it doesn't have that "wow" factor that I was looking for. It was at a reasonable price and since I ordered (3) 30ml bottles, they threw in (3) free 10ml bottles including: Goblin energy (monster), Peach Agave & a mystery flavor. Red Bull e-juice (from Vapin' the 619) has been my go-to juice since I started vaping over a year ago but since they rape you on the prices I tried Vape Wild. I may not get Rad Bull again but I wouldn't mind trying some other flavors.

  84. Not close enough to the real thing.

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 2nd 2015

    Not a horrible flavor, but definitely not tart enough. If you into thinking it's an off brand knock of that drink you might like it more, but I cjust kept wanting it to taste like the real thing, and it just doesn't. Probably won't order again.

  85. Good Not Great

    Posted by Erik Figueroa on Aug 28th 2015

    While the flavor is there, it is however VERY subtle. Vaped on Kanger Subtank Mini with the RBA coil. 65VG 30PG. It has potential though.

  86. It's my go to juice

    Posted by Mike Randall on Jul 12th 2015

    Great flavour out of the box, don't notice much change as it ages, maybe because it's gone so fast. Switched back to sub ohm device, need to switch to the higher vg blend next order

  87. Best e-juice I've ever tasted!!

    Posted by Camila Gadelha on Jul 9th 2015

    I'm so picky when come to e-liquid. I just DON'T like most of the flavors. But this one O.M.G It's THE BEST!!!!
    I don't like anything that taste like vanilla cupcake.
    This is amazing <3 Thank u!!

  88. Almost 5 stars

    Posted by Paul on Jun 19th 2015

    This juice is awesome. I would have given 5 stars if it was available in the pre-steeped line. Love it will order more thats a fact...

  89. noooope

    Posted by Chris on Jun 5th 2015

    Tried a couple builds out of RDA's and RBA's. 0.6-0.32 ohm builds on sub tanks and drippers.

    This and another flavor are the only two that I've tried from VW that I really really really don't like. It definitely had that energy drink flavor though it was a muted "flat pop" taste like you left the can in the sun for an hour. It's the flavor that's ALMOST there but won't be included on my purchase list from VW again. Bad aftertaste and I almost felt like I was getting headaches from this. I'm a chain vaper for sure and couldn't vape this for long periods of time.

    Like I said, it's ALMOST there but it's not there enough for me to keep it in my inventory.

  90. Awesome

    Posted by Stef on Jun 3rd 2015

    Nice tart flavor, one of my all-day vapes.

  91. It is what it says

    Posted by Kyle on May 28th 2015

    Taste like red bull! I'm not going to get it again because I found it was way way way to sweet.

  92. Delicious, but light

    Posted by Erich on May 3rd 2015

    Definitely could be an ADV. Flavor is very similar to a certain type of energy drink, but its very subtle. Still a very good flavor if you like energy drinks!

  93. So good I can't stop vaping it

    Posted by Kevin on Apr 28th 2015

    Just ordered my third 120ml of it tastes just like red Bull only complaint is its a little harsh. Just cut it with a little vg and it tastes great.

  94. its ok

    Posted by Cory on Apr 4th 2015

    Doesn't taste like Red Bull that much at all, in fact I thought I was camping the Goblin juice. Did they give me the same stuff with a different label. It is all day vape-able.

  95. Tasty

    Posted by Theoleocon on Apr 3rd 2015

    Tastes quite like redbull imo, I enjoyed it and finished my sample bottle. Not much else to say!

  96. Love u long time

    Posted by Travis jusd on Mar 13th 2015

    Great flavor I had Peach added and I love it I can't put it down

  97. Harsh

    Posted by Zak on Mar 11th 2015

    This juice was way too harsh. Maybe I got a bad batch of it but it gave me too much of a throat hit and caused me to cough a lot. I would not recommend getting this flavor.

  98. Killer juice

    Posted by Travis Judd on Feb 12th 2015

    Had Peach add to rad bull best flavor I've had from anywhere I think this should be a flavor added to the shop list

  99. Kyle Arndt Rad Bull

    Posted by Kyle on Feb 7th 2015

    Taste only slightly resembles red bull. Should be much more sharp in my opinion.

  100. Gives you wings so you can FLY!

    Posted by Andrew Soto on Feb 4th 2015

    This one is a flavor bomb, add some blueberry to it and watch out you'll be sucking every last drop out of you're tank with this one!

  101. awesome

    Posted by doug on Jan 31st 2015

    Its not my everyday vape but its my go to when I get sick of my daily. This flavor is exactly what the say it is

  102. Spot on

    Posted by Bennett on Jan 24th 2015

    I've tried a couple Red Bull attempts, and was sorely dissapointed. Vape Wild's Rad Bull is SPOT ON! I was skeptical but it really is quite accurate. Kudos to Vape Wild for formulating a very accurate flavor!

  103. Flavorless

    Posted by Trey Davis on Jan 23rd 2015

    Ordered one with and one without the flavor boost, I couldn't taste them at all.

    Still vaped it as I was low on juice, no flavor whatsoever.
    Tried two tanks.

  104. no flavor boost neede

    Posted by ScubaSteve on Dec 27th 2014

    Just wanted to write this for anyone considering getting it and if they should get a flavor boost. And the flavor is all there on it without it and I recommend you don't. Out of my whole order this one had the best unboosted flavor strength

  105. Tasty!

    Posted by Josh on Dec 5th 2014

    The smell on this is perfect. Smells exactly like a freshly opened can of Red Bull. The taste is pretty close, and I think it will get even closer after steeping a bit longer. This juice is bit heavy for me to use as an ADV, but I definitely enjoyed it!

    40/60 PG/VG, 12 mg, no extra flavor

  106. Amazing

    Posted by Unknown on Nov 30th 2014

    Aweosme Ejuice tastes just like red bull!

  107. Perfection

    Posted by Mandi on Nov 20th 2014

    Taste exactly what it intended to taste like, Perfect when drinking one it intensifies the flavor!

  108. Really Good!

    Posted by 123username123 on Oct 11th 2014

    Very good flavor, comes across exactly as what it is intended to replicate. Nice, refreshing vape for the mid-day. I enjoy it!

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