RDAs - Rebuildable Drip Atomizers

When you want a custom RDA that produces huge and soothing clouds or an RDA that extracts and produces a pure flavor at the right amount each time, you need the right gear.  That’s why we’ve stocked this page full of the pieces you’ll need to design your own hardware so that it meets your vaping needs.

Whether it’s a replacement coil, or a mesh RDA, when you shop VapeWild, you’ll be able to maintain, upgrade and enhance your RDA the way you want it.  Look below to begin building your custom device or contact our live support with any questions. They’re always happy to make recommendations so you can make a great choice every time.  


GeekVape Ammit MTL RDA

The GeekVape Ammit MTL RDA sports a horizontally-oriented single coil build deck for smaller wire. The adjustable airflow slots are unique so the vapor is focused through the replaceable 510 drip tip of the Ammit to deliver a flavorful vapor. The...

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GeekVape Loop RDA - 4 Color Silver GeekVape Loop RDA

GeekVape Loop RDA

The Geekvape Loop RDA is a 24mm rebuildable that features an innovative and creatively built W-shaped deck with a surround funneled airflow. This design allows for a more direct airflow which makes for a much more intense flavor that we can’t get...

$21.99 $19.00
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Vandy Vape Berserker MTL RDA Berserker MTL RDA - Bottom View

Vandy Vape Berserker MTL RDA

In partnership with VapersMD, the Berserker MTL RDA by Vandy Vape is a fantastic mouth-to-lung RDA that boasts the kind of features that make you drool. The build deck is simply crafted and easy to use with its two posts, single terminal design where...

$25.99 $20.00
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HellVape X Heathen Dead Rabbit SQ RDA Dead Rabbit SQ RDA Deck

Dead Rabbit SQ RDA by HellVape X Heathen

The HellVape x Heathen team got together once again to bring you a twist on their 2017 award winning device, the Dead Rabbit SQ RDA. This squonk-friendly RDA is crafted with the builder in mind but caters to all the squonk lovers out there. The body...

$26.99 $19.00
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Augvape Templar RDA - 24mm

The Augvape Templar RDA is a rebuildable atomizer that looks as good as it vapes. Clean lines combined with either a matte black or polished stainless steel finish, this RDA will stand proudly on top of your chosen mod like an armored Templar from the...

$28.99 $19.99
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UWELL Fancier RDA/ RTA Uwell Fancier - Gold


The Uwell Fancier RTA & RDA is a clever piece of rebuildable vaping technology with a unique design that provides and RTA & RDA in one convenient device. Basically, you get everything you need to have an RTA and an RDA in one box. How cool is...

$44.99 $29.00
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StageVape Venus RDA StageVape Venus RDA - Silver

StageVape Venus RDA

The StageVape Venus RDA is a beauty to behold with its uniquely etched appearance and boldly colored resin drip tips. Aesthetics aside, this solidly built RDA is a beginner builder’s dream with its postless build deck that makes it incredibly easy...

$24.99 $20.00
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Serpent BF RDA by Wotofo

Wotofo knocked it out of the park with the Serpent BF RDA. This bottom Feeder RDA (hence the BF), or squonk RDA, comes standard with a bottom feeding pin perfect for use with all of your squonk mods. The Wotofo Serpent BF RDA is tiny in stature but...

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What is an RDA?

An RDA is a type of RBA, or Rebuildable Drip Atomizer, that uses a dripper system. A dripper system means that you manually drip the e-liquid into the device, whereas regular vape atomizers automatically ration the e-liquid for you. The rage with RDAs is you build and customize your own coil as you want. This helps expert vapers calibrate each drag to their own preferred cloud production and flavor release, and helps new vapers to discover what their own preference will be.  One added bonus is that they can be more cost effective than pre-assembled box mod kits.  

Rebuildable Drip Atomizers range between 14mm in diameter to about 40mm. Normally, the common diameter runs between 22mm and 25mm. From there, you can build on your own deck (vaping jargon for the vape unit you’re building), which can allow up to eight coils. Most are single or dual-coiled.

RDAs work great for horizontal or vertical coil builds, and the airflow works well MTL (mouth to lung) or DL (direct lung). And remember, with RDAs, customization is everything.  You can even add a bottom-feeding mod to stop constantly dripping juice, something known as a squonk mod. Again, the final decision is about what works to get you the perfect vape experience.  

How do I pick the right RDA?

To pick the right RDA, you must consider user frequency, ease of use and color preference. The ultimate end goal is to choose what will give you the perfect vaping experience.

Here are some things to consider when searching for the perfect RDA option:

  • RDA size
  • Single or dual-design
  • Airflow
  • Build deck
  • Modifiers
  • Color Preference

How much do they cost?

You can pay as little as $5-10 for a part or as much as $90. Quality RDAs run between $24-40, but that price can change often. The price can vary depending on what you want.

What are the best RDAs to buy?

With such a wide selection available, the best RDAs to buy ultimately comes down to personal preference. Are you looking for a flavor blast that will knock you off your feet, or an RDA that’s aesthetically awesome with internals to match? Some of these RDAs nest coils perfectly and the airflow holes are set directly at the coils for a smooth, perfect experience. Others are collaborations between brands for the perfect combination of features, and yet others are built to keep your lips cool while the airflow system supplies maximum vape clouds. Again, it’s up to your personal preference.


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