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Samsung 20S 18650 2000mAh 30A Battery


The Samsung 20S 18650 battery is a power packed battery for vaping, perfect for the intense cloud chaser. While these batteries drain faster than their Samsung 25R sisters, they hit harder making your ramp up time shorter giving you big clouds in no time flat! They are rated for 2000mAh.

Battery Specifications:

  • Model name INR18650-20S

  • Standard discharge capacity Min. 2,000mAh

  • Charge: 0.5C (1.0A), 4.20V, 0.05C(100mA) cut-off

  • Discharge: 0.2C (400mA), 2.5V cut-off * 1C = 2000mA

  • Rated discharge capacity Min. 1,950mAh

  • Charge: 4A, 4.20V, CCCV 100mA cut-off

  • Discharge: 10A , 2.5V cut-off

  • Nominal voltage 3.6V

  • Standard charge CCCV, 1.0A, 4.2V, 100mA cut-off

  • Rated charge CCCV, 4A, 4.2V, 100mA cut-off

  • Charging time Standard charge : 160 min / 100mA cut-off

  • Rapid charge: 60 min (at 25℃) / 100mA cut-off

  • Max. continuous discharge (Continuous) 30A(at 25℃), 60% at 250 cycle

  • Discharge cut-off voltage End of discharge 2.5V

  • Cell weight 48.0g max

  • Cell dimension Height : Max. 65.00 mm Diameter : Max. 18.43 mm

  • Operating temperature (surface temperature) Charge : 0 to 50℃ (recommended recharge release < 45℃) Discharge: -20 to 80℃ (recommended re-discharge release < 60℃)

  • Storage temperature (Recovery 90% after storage) 1.5 year -30~25℃/ 3 months -30~45℃/1 month -30~60℃



65mm (L) x 18.33 mm (D) Weight: 45.0g


-Do not overdischarge or overcharge

-Recharge drained batteries ASAP

-Do not short circuit

-Do not dispose of in fire

-Do not expose to extreme heat

-Do not expose to water

-Please be familiar with handling lithium-ion batteries before purchase.


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