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contains nicotine.
Nicotine is
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SMOK Stick V8 Kit

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Product Description

The SMOK Stick V8 Kit is a tube-style starter vape kit aimed toward bringing sub-ohm performance, portability, ease of use, and quality to a demographic, the novice vaper. That's right, new fans, we haven't forgotten about you. The intuitive plug-and-play power unit uses a direct-voltage system and features a stout 3000 mAh power cell capable of firing 20 amps continuously. What that means for you, beginner vapers, is that you don't have to fool with watts, amps, ohms, or anything else scientific. We can't all be Sheldon Cooper. Operation is simple with no adjustments necessary. Just press the single button to fire and plug her in when the low-voltage indicator blinks 15 times. This SMOK Stick starter kit also includes SMOK fan-fave TFV8 Big Baby Tank, which comes packing a 5ml capacity, adjustable airflow, hinged top-fill, and SMOK’s all-new 0.15 and 0.25ohm V8 Baby M2 coil heads optimized for direct-voltage setups. Engineered for simplicity and capable of chucking some clouds - the SMOK Stick V8 Kit is everything the beginner needs to enjoy the sub-ohm standard, and also a great setup for the seasoned vaper on the go.

Battery Features:

  • 24.5mm Diameter
  • 75mm Height
  • Integrated 3000mAh Battery
  • Direct Voltage Output System
  • Voltage Range: 3.4-4.2V
  • Single Button Operation
  • Intelligent Battery Life Indicator
  • 8 Seconds Protection
  • Low Resistance Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • MicroUSB Charging Port
  • Passthrough Capability
  • 510 Connection
  • Available in Stainless Steel, Black, Blue, Red, and Rainbow

Tank Features

  • 24.5mm Diameter
  • 5mL Juice Capacity
  • Superior Stainless Steel Construction
  • High-Grade Glass Reinforcement
  • Convenient Top-Fill Design with Hinge Lock
  • Dual Adjustable Airflow Control
  • Black Delrin Ultra-Wide Drip Tip
  • 0.15ohm V8 Baby-M2 Dual Coil
  • 0.25ohm V8 Baby-M2 Dual Coil
  • 510 Connection

What's in the Box:

  • 1 X SMOK Stick V8 3000 mAh Battery
  • 1 X TFV8 Big Baby Beast Tank
  • 1 X 0.15ohm V8 Baby-M2 Dual Core
  • 1 X 0.25ohm V8 Baby-M2 Dual Core
  • 1 X Micro-USB Cable
  • 1 X Drip Tip
  • Spare Parts and O-Rings
  • User Manual

VapeWild's Thoughts and Review:

The absolute simplicity and ease of use of this starter kit was a huge draw. Not worrying about batteries, setting wattage, rewicking, and dripping is the best part about this mod. If you're an on-the-go vaper like many of us, you'll appreciate this grab and go technology. You simply need to charge with a USB cord, that comes with the SMOK V8 Kit, and it's good to go. The TFV8 tank that comes with it is one of the more superior tanks on the market, with its super smooth top-fill capabilities and a swing door that makes refilling on the fly a breeze. Overall, the mod is perfect for beginners who don't want to do much but fill and vape. The drawbacks? You can't control wattage. If you want a "hot" vape, you're very limited to the amount of power this device puts out. Being a lover of external batteries and box mods, the USB charging isn't a feature that is liked by many. But usually that's the thought pattern of advanced vapers who like to control the kind of vape they have. If that's what you're looking for, you won't find it with this SMOK Stick V8 Kit. But if you're having a busy day full of adulting, this is the mod you want to grab and "stick" in your pocket.


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Product Reviews

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  1. Just bought my second.

    Posted by Bowers on Oct 2nd 2018

    Love my Smok Stick V8! Easy top fill. Never had a leaking problem.

  2. Fog machine

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 2nd 2018

    This thing is like a human fog machine! Great service from vapewild too.

  3. Great for cbd and very low nicotine

    Posted by JW on Oct 1st 2018

    Need a 3 mg vape juice. Do not use anything higher unless you want to die. Awesome clouds. I put in a screen cause she spits. She's very heavy. Could also double as a weapon if needed.

  4. Love the SMok V8 Stick

    Posted by Linda McLaughlin on Sep 30th 2018

    Stopped smoking 3 months ago and vaping has been the greatest way for me. Love the V8 stick. Great taste and clouds!

  5. WOW!!! An Awesome vape stix !!!

    Posted by Traci on Sep 29th 2018

    I ordered one and tried it out for a week then I just had to turn around and order another as I just fell in LOVE with it!!! The hit is great the clouds are great and the flavor is just amazing!! This vape stix is just a sure fire hit with me. As always thank you Vape Wild for presenting such awesome products to the vaping community.

  6. Favorite!!

    Posted by CHIRL DAWN SAYLOR on Sep 27th 2018

    I've tried many mods of friends, have a pick and vapresso and I love love love this the best! The red is also sooo beautiful..soo me! If u are a simple vaper and are unsure of trying this bc u cant adjust the wattage, trust me, I tried it and wont go back amazing!

  7. Works great

    Posted by Megan E Galinis on Sep 26th 2018

    Easy to use ,the coils last 2 weeks on average, perfect clouds, great flavor. For the price you can't beat it

  8. Excellent vape

    Posted by Ian Untalan on Sep 26th 2018

    As someone who only used a dripper in the past I was reluctant to switch to a tank. I haven't been impressed by any tanks that I have tried, but this one is superb. Just as good of clouds as any vape. Highly recommend.

  9. Great vape for the price!

    Posted by Miguel Tarin Torres on Sep 26th 2018

    This vape is great! It blows some great clouds and I have not experienced any leaking at all. Totally recommended

  10. Best Mini

    Posted by Trent McCormick on Sep 25th 2018

    Have had this for 2 weeks now and I am very, very happy with it. Great clouds and Battery lasts all day for me. You've got a winner here.

  11. Awesome Stick

    Posted by Tommy Trenton Jr. on Sep 24th 2018

    This thing aint for the faint lol or beginner! Strong clouds! Only advice, use the RBA coils and rebuild your own. This will burn through coils faster then usual. You save money by using the rebuildable RBA's! This device is straight forward nothing special except its a beast of a stick! Built tough. Long lasting battery. Nice colors. Big in the hand. 5ml baby beast tank and thats that! Worth 30 bux!

  12. 3rd one we’ve bought.

    Posted by D from KC on Sep 21st 2018

    Bought two, one got a bad charge port after some time of use and bought a 3rd. highly impressed. Works great, good taste, great form factor.

  13. Just got a 2nd one, they're amazing

    Posted by That dude named named Zach again on Sep 20th 2018

    Just got my second one and I love it even more than the first. The red is a nice metallic red and the purple is a bit darker. As someone previously stated it was too strong for them, at first it choked me up too but I've never been much of a vaper. But trust me don't stop, this thing is phenomenal.

  14. Best one for me.

    Posted by Shana McVickers on Sep 19th 2018

    It has been the best one for me so far.

  15. Best One I have found

    Posted by Roy Barrera on Sep 18th 2018

    I really like this model. Easy to use and convenient.

  16. Too strong

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 16th 2018

    I like the size of the product but it’s much too strong. I couldn’t even take one draw on it and it choked me. It’s not the juice or the nicotine level, it’s the device itself. I tried the higher and lower ohm coils and they both did the same. I was very disappointed because I really liked the device but I just can’t use it.

  17. Primary

    Posted by Nico on Sep 15th 2018

    I've had this product for over a month. I didn't have much faith in it as I've had bad experiences with stick mods in the past.
    This thing is phenomenal. The Big Baby Beast that came with it costs 2/3 the price of the item itself. The cloud and flavor production is fantastic. It's like being able to tune my Alien 220W just perfectly (although in my opinion it's more optimized than I ever got my Alien).
    The only sort of downside is that it has a built-in battery so you can't just swap batteries out as you need to. But the battery lasts me two whole days. I vape a little at work and chain vape when I'm at home.

    Bottom line, get one. I might get another one down the road just to have on me.

  18. it's a little beast

    Posted by fatbluecherry on Sep 15th 2018

    Good battery life and excellent vapor. You can really appreciate the flavor of your e-juice too. I would highly recommend this to a friend.

  19. Great, simple, and looks like a mini lightsaber.

    Posted by That dude named Zach on Sep 13th 2018

    Been using it for a couple of weeks now, and I love it. Has really helped me stop smoking. I actually just bought another because they’re that dope. Nice on clouds too.

  20. Great device if a little leaky.

    Posted by Roy Thomason on Sep 13th 2018

    I've used only one tank of juice in my Smok Stick V8 so may not be ready to make a full review. That being said, I love it, the only problem I have is it leaks a bit. Throws massive clouds and good flavor. It's simple to load and charges fully in about four hours.
    I'll likely buy another so I always have one charged.

  21. Great

    Posted by Nick on Sep 13th 2018

    What can I say this thing is great. No messing around adjusting temps or watts, easy to carry in the pocket, it's a nice on the go vape stick.

  22. Survived 3 Weeks Outside in the Hot Summer Elements and Rain!!

    Posted by Alicia Miller on Sep 11th 2018

    I originally wrote a 5 star review and after an experience I really needed to update my review ... If I could I would give this device 10 stars!! While I was mowing the grass I set this on my porch and when I went to get it ... it was missing ... I thought I had brought it inside my house and I spent 3 weeks searching for it. I choked it up to a loss and purchased another. Well ... one day I was walking outside and to my surprise .. I found my missing V8 stick sitting next to my porch .. It must have fell off my porch and landed in my flower bed. Mind you ... it was sitting with no protection outside in the summer for 3 rainy weeks being rained on, covered in mud and sitting in the sun. I immediately though it was done until I pressed the the button and to my total surprise ... IT WORKED PERFECTLY!! It still had a charge and my vape juice was still inside the tank!! I even had the new Light Up Edition tank and the lights still worked. No rust ... no damage ...suffered no cosmetic damage ... I cleaned it up ... let it dry out ... put in a new coil .. and it worked just as well as it did before I lost it!! After this experience ... I can truly say Smok Tech devices are well built and extremely durable!! If you want a vape device that will survive some serious roughhousing ... this is the one!! Trust me .. I know!!

  23. Beautiful

    Posted by Juan De Jesus on Sep 10th 2018

    I love it best mod for me

  24. Good product

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 9th 2018

    The first one I bought was awesome. The one I recently purchased is good but the battery goes fast

  25. Great product

    Posted by Gene Day on Sep 7th 2018

    I will be buying another one..

  26. Great for starters

    Posted by Beck on Sep 5th 2018

    I got the set a few weeks ago and I've been super satisfied with my vape. Moot only is it super pretty, it can keep up with my habit.

  27. Great Product!

    Posted by Holly S. on Aug 30th 2018

    My boyfriend and I decided to switch to vaping and I would recommend this product to anyone. He purchased the Smok Vape Pen 22 at a local store and I decided to order the Smok Stick V8 from VapeWild after a friend recommended the site. The V8 works great and is perfect for our vaping needs. I say ours because my boyfriend uses my V8 when ever he can and plans on buying one for himself now. Easy to refill, adjustable air flow and a long lasting battery= 5stars in my book!

  28. Best boi

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 30th 2018

    Is big cloudy boi 10/10
    Really satisfied and it’s a good product for a cheap price

  29. The Best

    Posted by M on Aug 29th 2018

    Love this setup. Already have purchased 2.
    All my other mods and tanks are lonely

  30. Usually does what it advertises.

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 29th 2018

    I've purchased a total of 4 units in the past 2 years. 2 of them have operated swimmingly, and 2 must be products of bad QC because they had unique problems going on. Ironically, the two that were sub par were both rainbow colored units. One, the little outlet piece that connects to the charging cable totally broke out of the battery only one month into usage. The 2nd barely held a charge at all (my 2 good units can go 8 hours sometimes), clocking in at maybe 3 max hours of use. I guess that is the caveat for an entry level and simple piece. If you're like me and you just want something that does not crap out in half a work day and also fits in your pocket, this is what it is.

    Just don't get the rainbows.

  31. Good device

    Posted by David on Aug 28th 2018

    I have had this device for little less then a week and I really like it from the compact size which is easy enough to fit in your pocket to the clouds you get on every hit to the great flavor it gives you. I would definitely recommend this product to other vapors looking for a more compact device to take with you instead of taking a big mod with you.

  32. One of the best ive bought for the price.

    Posted by Mike on Aug 21st 2018

    Had this product for a little longer than a week and a half. Definitely worth it, very light weight, great overall design, amazing cloud output for the size as well, the batter life is by far the best part compared to other products I have had. I can use this without charging it for two days and still keep great cloud production. I will definitely be recommending this product to anyone who is looking for a great vape with a great deal.

  33. Battery lasts for days

    Posted by Lindsey on Aug 20th 2018

    This is a great vap, super easy to use. If you are a beginner this is the one for you. Nice pull and great vape cloud. I really enjoyed Vape Wild Hannibal nectar. Also without external batteries it is very light. It takes a few hours to charge but literally lasted me days on one charge. U charge it using a USB port so u can charge in your car. Very convenient! I like this much more than conventional vapes with heavy batteries.

  34. Simple, Light and Discreet

    Posted by James Vornes on Aug 19th 2018

    I bought this because my Penguin Se mod crapped out on me again.

    Didn't know what to expect but it is a nice replacement.

    It is definitely lighter than the Smok S-Priv 225w TC model I have, plus I don't have to meddle around getting the right wattage to vape the way I like.

    The recharging caught me off guard, but I should've known that nothing stay fully charged for long.

    I'm definitely considering buying another one, this one to possibly replace the 225W model.

    I just hope the mod fares well with the X4 coils I've ordered.

  35. So good I bought two

    Posted by AJ on Aug 16th 2018

    This was the fourth style of vape pen I tried and it's by far my favorite. I didn't want to have to deal with batteries or anything complicated as a newbie, and this does the trick. Nice sized tank and produces nice flavor (I really don't care about cloud size but it seems good?). I bought one for my darker flavors I use every day like RY4Lyfe and cinnamon, then a second for lighter fruit flavors like Pinkle Twinkle and some of the sample flavors I get. I recommend this if you're new to vaping like I was.

  36. Great Vape kit

    Posted by Patricia on Aug 16th 2018

    Great stick vape.This is my second one. My last one finally burned out because button got stuck Lasted me almost a year though.

  37. Extremely happy

    Posted by Ashley Cresswell on Aug 15th 2018

    Must say I am so happy that I finally found a vape that fits my needs. It's easy to work, fill, and change coils! I noticed it leaking a little if I lay it on it's side..but other than that I love that I can control the air flow. It gives me just what I been looking for!!

  38. Best vape I've ever had

    Posted by Hannah Dacey on Aug 13th 2018

    I love my Smok Stick V8. The battery is incredible. I've only had it for a week and have only had to charge it 3x

  39. Light and handy

    Posted by charlezangie@yahoo.com on Aug 8th 2018

    I ordered this to replace the red one my daughter just had to have.
    Well, this one leaks at times. I don’t know why, it’s tight and filled correctly.
    It’s not leaking at the moment so I shall see.

  40. Great investment

    Posted by William Jackson on Aug 8th 2018

    I've had mine for 4 months and have quit smoking. This SMOK is great.

  41. Great product

    Posted by Curtis Cooper on Aug 7th 2018

    I really enjoy this. Very easy to use. Seems to leak a bit if it's laid on its side but, no big deal.

  42. Smok Stick V8 is a Beast...when it worked

    Posted by Richard on Aug 6th 2018

    I have had mine for about 2 months and the button doesn't work right anymore. Put it in my pocket and walked to my car then poof, it doesn't work. I have to mash it in different ways to make it cut on and it usually turns off during a puff.

  43. LOVE IT

    Posted by Shannon Hensley on Aug 2nd 2018

    I am so happy with it, I have not a thing bad to say about it the color was even better in person than the picture. It works great smooth so far my fav fav fav so happy.

  44. Smok stick v8

    Posted by Austyn on Aug 1st 2018

    I have bought alot of these and i have recommended it to a couple of buddies and they loved it, i wanted something small to carry on me and this was perfect for it and it's got a good price

  45. My Fave!

    Posted by Gloria Hood on Jul 30th 2018

    Best little setup there is! Easy to control airflow and comfy in hand!

  46. Smoke stick v8

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 29th 2018

    It’s a great stick but is leaking everywhere

  47. Two thumbs up!

    Posted by Chelsey McQuay on Jul 29th 2018

    I loved my first SMOK Stick V8 so much that I bought a second one as a backup. :) I have since decided to use it solely for "Stoned Age" (my favorite juice), so I can switch up and try new flavors in my original one!

  48. Perfect extra device

    Posted by Angela Aid on Jul 29th 2018

    I got this to have on standby...just in case my X Priv Baby lets me down. Well, my daughter tried it and loved it, do she took it. Now I’m ordering another.
    Very pleased with the size and tank capacity.

  49. great little device

    Posted by KMS on Jul 26th 2018

    I`ve been vaping for 4 + years & have many various mods & kits but I wanted something small & a little more discreet to carry around. This one is great & not just for a new vaper. You get a good hit, clouds & great flavor. The plus is that the battery stays charged for long periods of time too & it`s a great deal for the price.I`ve recommended this to a couple friends & they both purchased one & they love it too.

  50. Excellent

    Posted by Jennifer Gillon on Jul 22nd 2018

    Easy to use, I love it

  51. Great starter vape

    Posted by Robert Langlois on Jul 21st 2018

    Just got it in today and it is amazing I love being able to control the air flow. I will definitely recommend this to everyone.

  52. Easy, perfect vape

    Posted by Andy on Jul 19th 2018

    I got this as a quick backup to my regular setup and I ended up liking this more. Perfect strength and easy fill without messing around with anything.

  53. Nice Hits

    Posted by Dar on Jul 7th 2018

    I have the prince stick also . The V-8 gives me a better vape , i was surprised ,since the air flow is not adjustable . I like it the best

  54. Great!

    Posted by Gladys Ross on Jun 28th 2018

    I'm not a beginner. Been vaping for years. I bought one of these and had to get another for whan it's charging. So convenient, easy to fill and easy to throw in purse. I just love it! I have other, fancy gadgets but this is my go to vape. Afraid you will discontinue without notice and I won't be able to replace!

  55. Great!!!

    Posted by Cindy Mcwilliams on Jun 28th 2018

    The stick V8 is awesome!! Love it love it!

  56. My Favorite!!!

    Posted by Rebecca Garcia on Jun 27th 2018

    I love this vape stick!! The battery lasts a really long time and it's so easy to use!! I prefer this guy to all my other mods!! Absolutely recommend!!

  57. I love it

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 26th 2018

    So far it works great. I love it. For the price can't beat it...

  58. Leaks

    Posted by Tabitha on Jun 26th 2018

    Love the actual equipment but hate that it leaks horribly, I have watched videos read reviews and nothing seems to fix it..great vape however leaks seem to be it’s downf

  59. Husband loves this

    Posted by Tammi on Jun 24th 2018

    Got this for my husband, as he started with the SMOK Pen 22 and liked that. However, as he was a heavy smoker, he wanted to try something with a bit more power, without getting into all the mods and such. This did the trick! Awesome clouds and flavour...battery that lasts all day. He likes it so much, we've ordered a second one. Highly recommend this, particularly for starting vapers.

  60. Love it

    Posted by Amanda Shaw on Jun 24th 2018

    I love mine. Have no issues with it at all.

  61. First Vape Kit and Still Going Strong . Won't Part With It!!

    Posted by Alicia Miller on Jun 21st 2018

    Pay no attention to HunterJuly's 1 star review. This is a well made, reliable, quality vape kit. I had this baby for over a year and it has not diminished the least bit in any way. His issues a more than likely due to his lack of maintenance and cleaning. When the e juice gunks up inside the tank and near the area where the coil touches the heating element, it can get sticky after too much build-up and will make it hard to unscrew portions and it can burn the residue (e juice gunks up in all vape kits if it is not properly cleaned). As for the quality of the "metal", the V8 Stik is stainless steel and I find it to be superb in durability and appearance. I have never gotten a rash from it, that sounds more like a personal sensitivity to the metal. The glass tank is impressively strong; I have dropped this thing several times over the course of a year (on cement, hard wood floors, tile floor, carpet, parking lot, even fell off my 2 story deck on top the sidewalk and still survived without the slightest nic!) ... Yes, over the course of the year, the color has faded just a tiny bit and I do have a few, barely noticeable scratches, but that is to be expected with prolonged exposure to the oils in our skin. As for the coils, they were made to specifically withstand the wattage for this device. To extend the life of the coils, I would suggest to prime them by applying e-juice to the exposed cotton around the sides and at top before installing, then let the coil sit in the tank with the e-juice for a good 5-8 minutes so that it completely saturates the cotton. If the cotton is not completely saturated, it can burn it causing a nasty taste and short lifespan. Overall, I love this device. It was my first device and my favorite; I will not part with it. It delivers exceptional taste, dense clouds, long battery life, quickly charges, large 5 ml tank, convenient swivel top to add e-juice, easy to take apart and clean, adjustable airflow, durable steel, reliable performance ... You won't be disappointed with this beast.

  62. junk

    Posted by hunterjuly on Jun 19th 2018

    First off. The price is nice. So I bought more than one. They never last over 6 months or less. They burn out. The top and bottom of the tank sticks like glue and will NEVER come off. The glass in the tank breaks super easy. I actually had the tank stick to the battery and had to use a small wrench to twist it off. The metal it is made of is so cheap, it can cause a rash on your palm when holding it. You cannot ajust the battery, so it can burn new coils. I had to put a skin on it, because of the cheap metal. It comes in pretty colors. THAT'S THE ONLY THING GOOD ABOUT IT. PRETTY COLORS!

  63. Great deal for the money

    Posted by Ron on Jun 14th 2018

    This kit works great. The tank is huge and the flavor is awesome. I had issues with leaking through the air intakes at first. I recommend taking the thing apart and putting it back together before first use. Ensure all the seals are good and tight. Also, make sure to close the airflow when filling. This helps create a vacuum. Once it filled and closed, give it a couple good pulls to really set the vacuum. No issues after that.

  64. Changed My Life

    Posted by Ruaidrí on Jun 13th 2018

    I love this thing! Sure it has some spit back after filling sometimes and the paint scratches off easy, but this thing has changed my life. I was a pack a day smoker and decided to try vaping instead. After one day of using this item, I tried a cigarette and couldn't believe how unsatisfying those were to this thing. If you want big clouds with a low temp vape....this is your mod.

  65. Simple

    Posted by eecopeman@gmail.com on Jun 12th 2018

    Overall this is one of the best sticks you can get... or st least out of the several I’ve tried anyway. I got this for my wife, who constantly steals my mod box. Although she still prefers mine, as do I, the Smok Stick V8 has a lot to offer. Starting with the Tank: the juice capacity is pretty good and the hot is great for a stick. As mentioned in the description, it isn’t a “hot” or “warm” vape and doesn’t offer much for a throat hit.
    The stick itself is a perfect diameter in my opinion. The tank sits flush with the stick and looks great. I got her the purple and I’ve used it around the house if she has mine. It’s a Smok tank, so as long as you aren’t using a glass dropper, it’s simple to fill.
    The battery holds a pretty decent charge which lasts most of the day. I’d say it’ll last a while work day easily. Another perk is quick charging with the integrated battery.
    Overall I have it 5 stars based on what it is. If I had to compare it to one of my mod boxes, say the Aegis Legend, it would get 3/5. It’s a stick though. 5/5 for sure

  66. AWESOME!!!!

    Posted by Rod on Jun 8th 2018

    I have many different vapes but this one by far is my favorite and easiest. I would recommend the Smok Stick to everyone.
    #1 Winner Right Here.

  67. LOVE IT!

    Posted by Susan Smith on Jun 7th 2018

    I LOVE this powerful pen so much that I have bought 4 of them! Its user friendly & lasts a long time and im puffing on it constantly! No leakage problems actually no problems at all! So thrilled to have been directed your way by my son!

  68. Powerful!

    Posted by Adam on Jun 5th 2018

    I was hesitant because usually you stay away from "pens" and "sticks" because they tend to be less powerful, but this thing is amazing. it hits harder than my Alien with the baby t8. Battery lasts all day and its compact. Definitely recommend! Mine doesnt leak im not sure how that happened to someone else. These tanks are great.

  69. first kit

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 4th 2018

    This is my 2nd time buying this one. the first one had a short in it when i bought it and it wouldn't charge. it took 2 months for me to get a new one. i bought this one maybe 2 weeks ago. and it pops all the time and even shocks you sometimes when you grab it. the tank leaks most of the time, you always get juice on you which sucks. i mean it's not bad, totally worth the money if i could ever use it.

  70. First Vape Kit and Still Going Strong . Won't Part With It!!

    Posted by Alicia Miller on Jun 2nd 2018

    I was new to vaping and this was my first kit. Over a year later ... this baby is still kicking with no lack of performance! I honestly won't part with it and it is my main go-to vape device. Do not let the smaller size fool you ... the Smok Stik produces incredibly puffy clouds and savors my e-juice flavors. The coils are decently priced (5 packs for around $13). One full charge lasts a whole day for me. If everything is assembled correctly, I do not experience any leaks, but as with all devices, a tiny leak happens now and again, but overall I had yet to have issues with that. This is also incredibly durable; I have dropped it several times (on accident of course) on hard floors and pavement and it sustained no damage, not even a slight nic or scratch. The coils last for days .. but be careful to allow the wick to absorb the e-juice for a few minutes before vaping .. I find the 0.15 ohms produces better clouds and lasts longer ... but that is just my opinion. Keeping the Smok Stik clean is important. It will build up gunk where the heat source is and could cause a short .. I dip Q-tips in rubbing alcohol and gently wipe the heat source, tank and other areas ...I know some people prefer to use batteries but the convenience of plugging this into a USB cord is a huge pro for me and you can still vape while it is charging! This is an affordable kit (under $40) and delivers high performance .. you won't be disappointed.

  71. Good Smoke

    Posted by LJSILVER on May 21st 2018

    Nice unit. Plenty of batt power. Excellent coil. Been vaping since Arno offered DSE-801 series way back when. This V8 is the best vape yet. Package included an orange protection ring but not the black one? I use 36 and 24mg and this unit delivers what I need.

  72. Holy Vape, Gurl!

    Posted by Pat Stang on May 17th 2018

    I've been vaping for well over six years ... Started out with those Blu ecigs then switched to a Lavatube after that. Been using the Lavatube since. I hated the fact that I could never, even with a new coil, get the vape that I wanted, and after one day, the taste was always gone ...

    So ... I came across this baby by Smok. The price was awesome, it came with everything I think I will ever need, and the battery life seemed really nice and long.

    The very first time I used it, I about died with all the vape ... haha ... was NOT expecting such a good vape Clouds. Even three days later, on the same coil, the flavor of my e-juice is outstanding.

    No leaks, no issues so far whatsoever, and I've been using this now for over a week.

    Nice thing about this for me is that I can plug it in to charge in my computer, while I work at my computer, and I can still vape ...
    Thinking about getting a second kit as a backup ...
    Tank is super easy to fill. Coil is super easy to replace. Still not sure whether I like the 0.15 or the 0.25 coils ... they both (so far) seem about the same to me ... But I love the fact that I can TASTE my e-juice flavor AND I get clouds of vape fog.

  73. Consistently leaks

    Posted by Unknown on May 9th 2018

    Purchased this and it has leaked ever since. Changed the coil, still leaked. Changed the o-rings, still leaked. Used different consistency of juice and continued to leak. It was great when it wasn't leaking, but that would make you almost forget until you felt your precious juice running down the stick.

  74. Damn good for what it is.

    Posted by Steven Ikeguchi on May 6th 2018

    I have no complaints besides one full tank leak but hey...thats vapin.. It was a temp change from the ac to outside I think. Great little mod.

  75. Excellent device most of the time

    Posted by Dan on Apr 28th 2018

    This was my first device and at first I was so frustrated I was ready to give up vaping altogether, now I am in love with this thing, here's how I got there.

    #1 use a high vg liquid or you are more likely to encounter leaks. Higher pg liquid gets thinner when the device gets hot, leaks tend to ensue.
    #2 just because you were a smoker doesn't mean you need the highest nicotine. High vg + high nicotine = collapsed lungs. I ordered max vg with max nicotine and it near killed me! I smoked for 20+ years but that didn't matter, this is not a mtl like an analog cigarette. start with 3 and 6 and see what works best for you.
    #3 if your device is leaking check to make sure you screwed the battery in flat. Sounds weird but if it is at all not perfect, leaks ensue. I'd it's spitting close the airflow, and with the device off, give it a good pull. It will create vacuum and unless you screwed up when filling it should eliminate the spitting.

    If you are new to vaping this is a fantastic starter device and when used properly is amazing. Huge clouds, long battery life, I absolutely love it!

  76. Smok Stick

    Posted by Dora Hosman on Apr 25th 2018

    love the item...just sorry you were out of the color I wanted...purple


    Posted by Happy Camper on Apr 13th 2018

    I got this little beauty .. actually got 2 ... Because I wanted something small compact and light to go anywhere... This little unit has met and exceeded my expectations ..I love the intense flavor and the massive clouds it produces.. Totally recommend this for anyone who just wants a easy no brainier unit... ..

  78. To those with a leak problem

    Posted by Ragnarök on Apr 9th 2018

    I've had mine for about a year and I actually stopped using it for a few months because I was sick of it leaking. HOWEVER: Since getting VW's juice with Max VG it hasn't leaked a drop since. I'm also using the .15 coil, don't know if that matters at all, but those are the only things that changed

  79. Very Disappointed...

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 4th 2018

    First of all, I love VW. I have had nothing but great service with them. My issue is with this Smok V8 pen, it leaks constantly from the airflow holes. A majority of my juice is wasted due to the leakage, instead of actual vaping. At first I thought it was a faulty coil. After numerous new coils with no fix, I bought another V8 from my local vape shop, but same problem. I have contacted Smok on a few occasions about this issue, just to see if I was missing something here. They haven’t responded to me on either occasion. So buyer beware, you may be better off going with a different style pen, a few of my cheaper models have never had any issues.

  80. works fine

    Posted by fellow vapor on Mar 18th 2018

    works great, the glass was fragile for me, i had to buy replacement glass tubing but other than that it has worked great, i appreciate this site.

  81. Doesn't last

    Posted by Justin Ellard on Mar 7th 2018

    After a couple months, the LEDs would blink 10 times no matter what I did and it just stopped working. VW was awesome about it and swapped it out for a new battery. Unfortunately, a couple months later and the new one stopped charging. These just don't seem to last.

  82. I love this mod but....

    Posted by Darian on Mar 6th 2018

    I got this mod just for the go of it. Easy little and prefect. I took very good care of if! I ordered it on November I believe and i used it like every once in awhile. Welli been trying to charge it for the last 4 hours and its still blinking.. i think this is it for my purple guy..

  83. Cheap & Sweet!

    Posted by Austin Horn on Feb 21st 2018

    For the price, especially on this website (it's usually $10 more in other places), this battery and tank combo is a STEAL. Produces good flavor, great clouds, (depending on your coil), and overall an awesome deal in a pretty slim package. I recently bought a second one, and my first one is still going strong after months of use.

  84. Great for running errands

    Posted by Judy on Feb 19th 2018

    Awesome! Great flavor. Big clouds. Great for vaping in the car.

  85. Great deal

    Posted by Jeff C on Feb 17th 2018

    This is a fantastic vape for a beginner or someone who just wants grab & go convenience of a stick. Easy to fill, use and charge. Coil replacement is easy too, just make sure it’s in tight or leaking may occur. Love it!

  86. The best so far!

    Posted by Tars on Feb 12th 2018

    I love this pen! Great flavor and huge clouds!

  87. Amazing!

    Posted by Steven on Jan 30th 2018

    I was skeptical about ordering a stick because I vape a gpriv with a t12 beast between 130-170 all day. I like a warm vape. This stick is absolutely amazing. At only $35 it is a steal Imo. If you're looking for a pen. This is it. Flavor is amazing, vapor is quite impressive as well. Keeping my eyes open for the smok stick prince kit to come in stock!

  88. Excellent beginner mod

    Posted by Neil on Jan 22nd 2018

    I've been using the smok stick v8 kit for about 3 months and I have been very happy with it so far. It has good flavor, and produces great clouds for what it is. By properly priming my coils and waiting about 10 minutes for my fresh tank of juice to soak into the coil really good, my coils last WAY longer than they use to. Additionally, I have found that I have zero issues with leaking if I screw the coil into the top of my atomizer first instead of the bottom.

    Coils burning out quickly and leaking are the most common complaints with this kit, but If you prime your coils and make sure everything is tight then you shouldn't have any issues. I'd highly recommend this kit to anyone who isn't ready to shell out the extra money for 200W kit.

  89. Well I'll Be Dipped!!

    Posted by MICK J on Jan 10th 2018

    I wanted a back up device to go along with my Alien 220 watt (Red&Black), so I looked and looked and read all the reviews...etc etc. And I wanted a more discreet unit to bring with me when I'm out and about, and of course, like I said, a back-up device in case I managed to lose or break one, and I would not have to go without...So I went with the STICK V8 and I was blown away when I got it and filled her up.
    Now, at home I find myself reaching for the Stick more often than not. Don't get me wrong, I do love me ALIEN 220 watt...indeed! But this STICK JUST ROCKS KIDZ!! Bam!!

  90. Performance Improvement After Trial-And-Error

    Posted by Veronica on Nov 20th 2017

    I’ve had the SMOK Stick V8 w/ Big Baby Beast for a couple weeks now. I came from a Halo Reactor Mini (VW/TC), but was looking for the simplicity of a stick mod with no fussing with wattage or temp control. Had some minor leaking issues from the airflow on first fills with new coils, and have had some issues with burning through coils super fast (a couple days). I’m still not super impressed with SMOK’s coils, and a trip to the wonderful work of Reddit will tell you that SMOK is pretty unpopular over-all with those users. I want to like this kit so I’ve been googling and reading and experimenting and so far here’s what I’ve learned that has helped me love this enough that I’m thinking of getting it for my BF to help him quit the “analogs”:
    * To prevent leaking: close airflow completely, fill tank, flip upside down for a couple minutes, slowly up airflow upside down, flip it right side up, give it a minute to settle, and you should be good to go with no leaking. If leaking persists, check you’ve got your coil screwed in properly (I’m finding it’s easy to screw the SMOK coils in slightly crooked).
    * To avoid burning out a coil super fast:
    - Prime the new coil by putting a few drops of juice on all visible cotton (in side holes/slots and a bit on the exposed cotton at the top) and give it at LEAST 10 minutes after filling the tank before your first vape.
    - Take Small, short, baby hits to “break in” the new coil at first.
    - Take a few pulls with airflow closed without hitting the fire button after installing a new coil (you can also do this periodically after installation, especially if you’re chain vaping, to make sure the cotton closest to the coil has wicked anough juice to not burn the cotton).
    - Try to avoid chain vaping. Give at LEAST 10-15 seconds for the cotton to re-saturate between hits.
    - Use a pre-steeped (or well-steeped by yourself) e-liquid. The pre-steeped juice has been working great, but the traditional in-steeped juice is only had for a week-ish started tasting burnt really fast. Switched back to the pre-steeped without changing the coil and the problem seemed to go away.
    - Avoid holding the fire button for a long time. Longer than about 2 seconds seems to start producing that burnt taste (I assume the cotton just can’t wick fast enough).
    - Use only the M2 0.15 or M2 0.25 coils. From others experience it seems anything other than M2 is specifically for varriable wattage/temp control mods.
    - Avoid over-night charging. I know it’s already a no-no, but I was doing it anyway and then my hits in the morning we’re tasting burnt.
    - With all this, I still don’t think I’ll get more than 7-10 days out of the coils (vaping anywhere from 5-10mL/day). This is the one thing I don’t like as replacing coils weekly can add up, but I’m not interested in going rebuildable right now.

    All in all, I think it’s great for what it is. Long battery life, large tank size, super portable, and great for a beginner or someone who doesn’t want to deal with VW/TC. I will probably end up upgrading eventually, and I’m not totally sold on the SMOK products simply because I think their coil life is leaves a lot to be desired, but after spending some time reading other experiences and playing around with it myself, I think it’s great for what it is!

  91. Upgrade from a Ijust unit, was just what I was looking for.

    Posted by Brad on Nov 13th 2017

    Unit works really well. I'm not an everyday vaper but when I want it this unit delivers. Had a smaller Ijust and wanted more power and output, the V8 delivers. More than a small increase from my other unit so it took a little to get used to but very happy.

    Only tip if your like me and it may sit for a few days between runs, stick a cotton swab down the wick so it doesn't flood the coil and leak a bit. Not a issue if your picking it up daily.

  92. Great Vape

    Posted by Lauren Dower on Nov 8th 2017

    No issues with the product. Its small and charges pretty quick. Convention for on the go and easy to store in a pocket or even small hand bag. Would recommend others buying this vape.

  93. Just what I needed!

    Posted by Sam on Nov 2nd 2017

    Very cute and functional! My only issue with it is it appears to misfire occasionally. I don't know enough about vapes to figure out exactly what's going on but it's rare enough that it doesn't bother me. Even bought another one for my friend's birthday present!

  94. Love this product!

    Posted by TARA PERKINS on Oct 19th 2017

    I bought the rainbow one and its just so prerry, the flavors taste amazing and its simple to use. I just love it all the way around and would definitely recommend this product

  95. UPDATE: I bought a 2nd one!

    Posted by Richard on Oct 17th 2017

    I really like this product! Good flavor, BIG clouds, large battery and no issues! I purchased another for a friend as a birthday gift. I recommend this product if you are like me and you don't like to carry bulk and you want a solid product!

  96. Leaks!!!

    Posted by Korey K on Oct 15th 2017

    Buyer beware. This one leaks like crazy, very poor design and Vapewild doesnt stand behind their products....

  97. Button!

    Posted by janna coldiron on Oct 13th 2017

    I bought 1 and 2 months went by and the button kept sticking and burning my coils! Bought a 2nd one and same problem! At this point I have to push button multiple times in weird ways just to get it to fire! Will not buy again.


    Posted by Clint on Sep 23rd 2017

    Ive been daily vaping this pen for 2 months now, i put away my alien with tfv8 and GX350 with tvf12, to use this little monster. Its extremely portable and convenient. IT DOES NOT LEAK if the coils are installed properly. Tighten them into the chimney first, and MAKE SURE the bottom O-Ring is tight and in place. you will have no issues. I have tried a few coils and i prefer the M2 .15 coil. Great airflow and Great vapor production.

  99. Replacement Coils Nonexistent

    Posted by Kevin O on Sep 22nd 2017

    I love this vape - easy to use, inexpensive, produces decent flavor and vapor. I like vaping but I don't really care for the box mods, rebuildable atomizers, and drippers simply because I prefer an easy to setup solution. Unfortunately, every site I go to seems to be out of stock of the V8BABY-M2 replacement coils. The other coils I can order that fit the baby tank appear to be for higher wattage setups, essentially rendering this device useless once I run out of the coils. Now I'm looking into getting something else even though this battery stick is still working perfectly.

  100. Only Vape in an upright position

    Posted by Smurf cake lover on Sep 17th 2017

    The minute you tilt the pen your Vape liquid will come streaming out of the airflow holes, extremely stupid design.

  101. Very nice!

    Posted by Christian on Sep 17th 2017

    I loved! comfortable in the pocket and very easy to use I recommend !

  102. An Excellent Product!

    Posted by Richard on Sep 16th 2017

    I have had this product for a month now (at the time of writing this) and I have to say it's been exactly what I have wanted! It's simple to use, not bulky, has a large battery and produces large clouds! I'm a guy who doesn't like to carry a lot of stuff in his pockets and this is perfect for me. For $35, it's a steal! Especially, since knowing the stores charge double for the same model!

  103. Superb Vape Pen

    Posted by Rachel Ramsey on Sep 7th 2017

    I'm new to vaping and I've had this wonderful Smok product for about a month and a half now and I'm in LOVE! It took me a couple days to completely stop smoking and vape full time, but I weened myself off the cigarettes and have never looked back. The flavor I get with the x4 coil is great and I love the huge clouds it produces! I tried out the other coil it came with and didn't like it all that much. My first x4 coil lasted me about a month, which is fantastic! The battery life on this thing is awesome - I can charge it while I'm on my computer and it lasts me all day! I can even take a couple hits while it's charging thanks to that wonderful USB passthrough. ^_~ If you're new to vaping or are looking for a great kit, you cannot go wrong with this product! 10/10!

  104. Awesome pen!!!

    Posted by rikki blackmore on Sep 1st 2017

    Righto.. here we go! Received my new pen 4 days ago. Primed her, filled her up. Let her sit 20mins, came back and a full tank had leaked everywhere!!! WTH!?

    Pulled her apart, checked all the seals cleaned them all. Put together, filled it up and walked away (only for 5mkns this time) came back and same thing!!! Arghhh

  105. Amazing

    Posted by Kaisen Garcia on Aug 30th 2017

    Tasty, Clouds, Well worth it

  106. Simple ..Tasty and huge clouds!

    Posted by Richard Turner on Aug 22nd 2017

    Bought the purple one, already have the rainbow.. Now one is always charged.. Great price great service!!

  107. Simple ..Tasty and huge clouds!

    Posted by Richard Turner on Aug 22nd 2017

    Bought the purple one, already have the rainbow.. Now one is always charged.. Great price great service!!

  108. V8 BABY!

    Posted by Chanel Mabry on Aug 15th 2017

    I feel so violated I just paid $50 for this at my local smoke shop on a whim because I really wanted it. I saw it in all of its magical glory and couldn't resist.

    However it has amazing vape and gives me huge oral satisfaction.

    I am a new vapor this is my first smok product, upgraded from a aspire pocket which is slim and great.

  109. This thing is the greatest

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 2nd 2017

    I bought this for myself a month or two ago and its still working amazingly. I've had no problems with it and I even ordered another two for my friend and my mom because it was so amazing. Great flavor, super easy to use and really cheap for something so high quality

  110. Very Impressed

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 29th 2017

    Previously had a smok x cube 2 with the tfv8 cloud beast tank. Loved it. Ran it at 100 watts and cruised on that, but was always a little disappointed at how much of a juice guzzler it was. Then I saw the smok stick. A few friends got them and I tried them out, and immediately fell in love. Its powerful for a little stick mod, and the lower wattage that it naturally runs at doesn't bother me at all. Juice consumption isn't nearly as much as before, and the flavor is great. Love the wide bore tip as well. I've only been using it for a day though, so we'll see if it holds up. I've seen a lot about people saying it leaks (easy fix) and may eventually not charge, but for such a low price, it's a steal. Better buying a replacement stick and a couple bottles of juice than spending $7+ a day on cigs. Plus I get the added benefit of not smelling like a bar! Overall, great product 10/10 will buy again.

  111. nothing but problems

    Posted by Lori Funk on Jul 27th 2017

    Been using for about a month now. At first I really loved it. I spend most of my time cleaning up vape juice, no matter what I I do it leaks. And yes I prime my coils, After spending $40 on coils, replacing glass tube and other parts plus other problems with the tank, I decided I have had enough! On my way to buy something new and it will not be made by smok. Even my local vape shop doesn't know what to do anymore and they have been good trying to help me out.

  112. Had a problem, promptly fixed.

    Posted by J.B. on Jul 24th 2017

    This kit came in on Thursday, I filled it up and man, did it produce clouds and the flavor was excellent (peppermint), I thought it was great! Then I noticed it was leaking... badly. All the juice was running out of the air holes in the bottom. I took it apart, thought maybe a bad coil, but there was a chip in the glass at the top. That seemed to make it leak thru a loss of vacuum, pressure, whatever. I got in touch with VW and they have a new tank on the way. Thanks Angie! I'd like to rate this as a 5 star, but I haven't received the new one yet.

  113. optimistic

    Posted by Paul Fricker on Jul 24th 2017

    going to try the v8 smok stik sounds promising.

  114. Great Stick Vape

    Posted by Kayne on Jul 17th 2017

    Great stick vape! hits smoothly and easy to carry around in your pocket

  115. LOVE THIS

    Posted by diana r gilbreath on Jun 30th 2017

    i love this product,

  116. IN LOVE with my beautiful baby beast!

    Posted by Cassy on Jun 30th 2017

    I just purchased this from VW and as a new customer I couldn't be happier. I've read about the leaking issue, and I think it's user error most of the time (sorry folks) and after following advice (especially closing air flow when filling....) I've had zero issues. My only complaint would be the drip tip isn't standard which is annoying, but there are adapters. So more importantly the GOOD points... the FLAVOR oh my glob, the flaaaavor.... I used a sample provided by Vape Wild (thank you guyssss!!!) and it was ... a whole new experience. I previously was using a Joyetech eGo pen which was a good starter but never gave me the true vaping experience. My boyfriend has a Kanger mod that hits hard but I didn't get enjoyable flavor. Well, after he hit my Smok Stick, he said "time for a new vaporizer". Undeniably a better experience, despite the lack of fancy variables. If you want the delicious heavenly clouds of a pro mod with the price and simplicity of a pen, here it is.

    Oh and one more thing - daaaang is it ever purdy!!!! Feels great in your hand and it looks so glorious!

  117. Awesome

    Posted by Ricky on Jun 26th 2017

    Just got my rainbow and love it.Nice color works perfect,no issues.thanks for the samples vape wild really appreciate that

  118. Love it

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 25th 2017

    I've owned the Kanger Mega and Pro V prior to this and had constant leaking problems. Decided to try a new model. I love almost everything about this, long battery life, good easy clouds and easy to fill. There are some cons thoough: the top portion that swing open to fill does not always lock easily back into place. The biggest downfall for me is that it eats the atomizers - I've gone through 2 in a bout 3 weeks and my old models would last about a month. I haven't increased my vaping so It must be the strength of the battery. I will now have the added cost of replacing them more frequently. But no leaks (so far). Nothing worse than a leaky mess

  119. Great mod and tank but serious leaking issues

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 24th 2017

    I have had this for 3 weeks now and overall it's a great buy for only $35, the battery lasts me all day and chucks clouds while being smaller and lighter than my friend's vapes. The tank is smooth and flavorful with great vapour production, although it does eat through some juice. The only problem I've had is that the tank leaks through the airflow holes horribly. I tried cleaning the entire tank, replacing the seals, changing the coils, using thicker juice, nothing worked. I switched to an apocalypse rda with dual twisted coils and it works great on the mod. Overall I'm happy with the mod, but the tank was disappointing.

  120. Awesome work vape

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 18th 2017

    I had just recently purchased the Alien 220 which is great but I decided to get the V8 Stick and it is awesome, hassle free just fire it and the BBB gives great clouds and the flavor is the best I've gotten from any tank I own.

  121. Excellent

    Posted by Ricky on Jun 12th 2017

    Best starter kit,easy to use small and portable, flavor still good,clouds are pretty decent and Great battery life.love this

  122. Amazing

    Posted by Arnaldo L Vallellanes on Jun 12th 2017

    One of the best vape pen i have tried so far

  123. Overall Damn Good

    Posted by Mcdp on Jun 12th 2017

    I was really skeptical at first, but after I broke it in,
    not bad at all.. I can still do decent clouds, with less of a throat hit!

  124. Perfect!

    Posted by Renee Clark on Jun 10th 2017

    Great flavor, very long battery life. Simply excellent!

  125. Excellent-

    Posted by TaraO on Jun 8th 2017

    I love the convenience of the V8 Stick- its easy to stick in a pocket or stash in my purse. It produces big puffy clouds and the best flavor. It' was the perfect step up from the "gas station pens" mentioned below. Worth noting- make sure you use the right coils. The coils for the regular TVF8 tank dont work. (spits and dry hits)

  126. SMOK Stick V8

    Posted by Heather on Jun 5th 2017

    I ordered this a couple weeks ago and have not been able to use it. It leaks and doesn't vape. It just spits hot ejuice into my mouth. I do not recommend this product at all! I regret buying it!

  127. Great Product

    Posted by Jessica on Jun 5th 2017

    Great Product, no issues so far. Easy to use, battery life is good, coils last a good while

  128. Perfect

    Posted by DK on Jun 5th 2017

    I'm not quite as seasoned as most other users on this site, but coming from one of those "gas station pens" I feel it necessary to promote the vape I use on a daily basis.

  129. Great Starter

    Posted by Sandy on Jun 3rd 2017

    I really love this stick. I am new at vaping and I started with the alien 220 and was having a hard time with it, but after getting this i enjoy vaping. I will go back to my 220 later but for right now i am sticking with this one.

  130. Best starter kit out there

    Posted by roofboltingvaper on May 19th 2017

    Awesome product!! I have bought yhis setup as a smaller sidekick to my alien 220 and I find myself using them both equally. Great vapor production and flavor. The v8 stick is so simple to use I recommend it to new vapers as a great first set up as well as long time vapers for a smaller easier to carry piece

  131. Smooth cool vape

    Posted by Dr Xenu on May 18th 2017

    no hassle, on the go vaping. Cool flavorful clouds and the airflow is massive. Just converted from an aspire cleito tank and the airflow was just not as much as I wanted from it. Got this earlier today and for the first time vaping I am limiting how much airflow is going through the tank.

    Clouds: great
    Airflow: more than you will ever use
    Temperature: cool (doesn't feel like I am sucking on a humidifier)
    Portability: top notch
    Refill ability: easy (if you are using an eye dropper instead of a squeeze bottle then your gonna have a bad time)

    First time vapers stop looking and buy it. It is well worth the price and experience.

  132. Great hassle-free travel/work mod.

    Posted by Budiak on May 16th 2017

    Purchased this mod because I'll be working abroad for a few months and need something more portable than the unwieldy brick I use at home. Its also the first time I ever used the Big Baby tank. It's a fire-and-forget mod. Prime a coil, fill the tank, give a few short warm up puffs, and you're blowing some respectable, tasty clouds. I didn't expect the performance to be so good (I typically vape on a TFV12 on a Reuleaux 300). It's great for pocket carry, and you can easily drive with it in your hand while maintaining purchase on the wheel.

    It's also fairly small. It's about the size of one of those jumbo Sharpie markers, so if you can fit that in your pocket you can carry the Stick V8. I'm military, so often I have to steal puffs in between meetings and such, so it's very convenient to be able to pull this out of my sleeve pocket instead of having to go to my car to retrieve my two pound brick of a box mod.

    The cons- of course, no variability. The output is adequate to produce good flavor and clouds, but if you're looking for a hot vape or big throat hit this probably isn't going to do it for you. I am also loathe to put really thick or heavily sweetened juices in such a small coil (but that may just be inexperience talking). I've put about 20ml of 65/35 3mg through it in two days and this little coil appears to be good to go.

    Overall, its a winner in my book. I've been vaping for about a year and change so I'm still a relative novice, but as most of my mods are getting bigger and more ridiculous, this Stick V8 seems to hold its own just fine for its intended purpose as a travel/work vape.

  133. Awesome!!!!!

    Posted by Shayne on May 11th 2017

    I am new to vaping and bought this elsewhere in the gold colour which is gorgeous, it is awesome and super easy to use. Does like to chew through the juice but provides a great flavour hit and clouds! I have been using the X4 coils with this one which I do like better than the M2.
    Have been waiting for vapewild to get them in stock so I can get the rainbow colour and now you have, thank you.....

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