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SMOK T Priv 220W Mod

$49.99 $36.99
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Product Description

Here is the awesomeness that is the SMOK T Priv! This 220w device can provide a positive vaping experience for any class of vapers out there from beginners to pure-bred cloud chasers. The coolest feature on this box mod vape is the LEDs that light up on the mod itself! They are customizable with 9 different colors to choose from! You can really get detailed with the light show settings. You can set it to have steady lighting, blinking light, or no light at all. With the colors, you can choose one color or choose a setting to mix a few of them together. And, you can either have them show up as you vape or on all the time. 

You can see what’s going on at every puff with the super-clear OLED Screen at the top of the T Priv Mod, next to the 510 connection. The display also has a dual battery power level display and an option to be seen in 2 different directions (towards the trigger button or towards the adjustment buttons). This screen is also unique with a curve on one side -- a design choice with big atomizers in mind -- in order to make the screen fully visible at almost any angle. The SMOK T-Priv is 32mm thick and supports atomizers up to 26mm in diameter without overhang.

Powered by (2) x 18650 batteries (not included), the T-Priv Mod has a few smart features to protect your batteries from damage (i.e. short circuit protection, 12-second cut-off, over-heating protection, and, of course, low-battery warning). The 12-second cut-off can be monitored via the puff timer on the OLED screen. Everything is clear and visible so you can be sure your safety is in mind with SMOK’s design.

The SMOK TPRIV is made of durable Zinc-Alloy material. The pin is spring-loaded and gold plated for optimum conduction to your atomizer. The battery contacts are also gold plated. The T Priv Vape also has a micro-USB for firmware updates. Last but not least it has the iconic, massive trigger button for easy firing. Grab one today and experience your atomizer in a different light!

Note: The micro-USB port is for firmware upgrades only, you cannot charge batteries with this device use an external battery charger. Batteries are NOT included with this mod.

Checkout the SMOK Big Baby Light Edition which pairs perfectly to the SMOK T Priv with lights inside the tank!


  • Huge Trigger Button
  • Detailed OLED Display Screen
  • Multi-Color LED lights
  • Battery Protection


  • 220W Max Output
  • Dimensions: 86.6 x 48.1 x 32mm (Height/Width/Depth)
  • Net Weight: 210g
  • Power Range: 6W-220W
  • Resistance Range: 0.1ohm-3 ohm
  • SMOK T priv colors include: Rainbow, Black, Red, Blue, Purple, & Silver

VapeWild's Thoughts and Review

The SMOK T-Priv 220W Mod is truly a solid mod. I would say this is an updated SMOK Alien, with quite a few of the same features along with a few new ones like LED lights. Once you get the T-Priv in your hands you will quickly see that it is sturdier than the Alien, including the battery door. The door was clearly thought out a bit more and features a sturdy hinge and gold-plated contacts. You will also notice that door is a bit hard to close and does not rattle at all, this is great in our opinion because it shows SMOK put a little bit more thought when creating the T-Priv. The LED lights are a love or hate feature but it’s a great thing that you can choose between 9 different settings or just turn it off completely. The strobe setting is fun and our personal favorite… it’s like a rave in your hand!!! On a performance note, we used a few tanks and RDAs on this mod and found that it is perfect for any of the SMOK tanks, however, when using an RDA, you might want to change the settings from normal power to hard power (depending on preference). All in all, the T-Priv by SMOK is a great mod and if you are looking for an upgrade to your Alien, this is it!

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Product Review

Product Reviews

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  1. Favorite

    Posted by Melissa Reed on Jul 24th 2018

    My absolute favorite mod . Easy to use and adjust and VERY sturdy. I have 4 now

  2. T-Priv

    Posted by Shila T on Jun 14th 2018

    I love mine. I got the 7 color rainbow, easy to use and beautiful colors. 5 stars, thanks VapeWild.

  3. Shame

    Posted by Michael Church on Jun 7th 2018

    It’s a shame. I really like this mod but after under a month or just about, it doesn’t read the tank and the tank keeps twisting and stays loose instead of tightening.

  4. Amazing

    Posted by Unknown on May 20th 2018

    Absolutely love my T Priv! Looks exactly like the picture. I love the red color and the multiple options of colors for the LEDs. I usually have it on rainbow so it goes through all the colors. My favorite mod so far!

  5. Love it

    Posted by Randy Pevy on May 11th 2018

    My fiance loves it she says it works good does well she loves the color of it the product make shape form is all good and well and she likes it she loves the website to

  6. Great product

    Posted by Unknown on May 6th 2018

    I bought this about a month ago and it works great I got the rainbow edition to go with my rainbow tank that I had gotten when I got the alien, I love the LED lights but they do drain your batteries more quickly instead. After playing with the settings got it where their only on when the screen is on for about a minute, hasn't let me down yet the only bad claim I have about it so far is the paint chips quickly

  7. Was great while it lasted

    Posted by Colin McNeill on May 2nd 2018

    Got this thing as an upgrade to a little 40 watt E-leaf pen. Thing worked amazing out of the box. Used it for about 6 months. Felt great in my hand, was responsive, fired up just fine. One day I was just sitting at my desk gaming and puffing on it and it just died. Was charged, batteries weren't old, it just quit. Won't charge, won't even power on. Found a lot of people had a similar problem and that I was lucky mine worked as long as it did. Would advise potential buyers to go elsewhere, as most SMOK products junk themselves within a few months.

  8. Avarage mod

    Posted by Benjamin Wilson on Jan 16th 2018

    I have been using this mod for about 4 months. It still is working however, the button to increase the watts has stopped working. Most likely due to ejuice getting into it from my smok atomizer leaking all the time(it is the big baby) . All the other functions work fine. I bought the grey painted mod and under heavy use the paint is still there. The batteries for the most part do not get used up to quickly but more than my snowwolf. I did notice that this mod also needed to be at 100 watts to get the same hit I got from my snowwolf 200 watt at 70 watts. The colors that it produces are also great and love them but I don't use it to often. Overall, for the price this is a good mod but disappointed the vape juice can get in it. I would end up giving this mod a 3.5 stars since it is just above average.

  9. good all around mod

    Posted by dxg on Jan 14th 2018

    went from the smok r-30 to the alien then finally to the priv.gotta say this is my favorite one say far, I'm not very careful with my mods/tanks and on this one I think I'm on glass #6 now. I drop this thing so often its super beat up and its only stopped working once. I unscrewed everything and started playing around with the trigger button and noticed the peg wasn't hitting the actual button. made a quick-fix with some heat-shrink and its still puffing like a champ. smok is a great product line don't buy into the hate them nay-sayers are throwing at the company

  10. Not the greatest thing!

    Posted by Lisa on Jan 9th 2018

    I had bought the tpriv and about four months later it just quit on me. My daughter got one at the same time and hers is still working. I really enjoyed it while it was working though! I recently bought the stick v8 and having issues with it intermittently quitting and working. Hit or miss with Smok products apparently!

  11. All of my SMOKS always quit working

    Posted by Jared McDaniel on Dec 7th 2017

    So I started out with the Alien 220W and the top broke off of it without ever dropping it so I decided to buy the T-Priv(about 3 months ago) and today it just quit working altogether. Needless to say I won’t be buying any more SMOK mods.

  12. Maybe I was sent a lemon

    Posted by Jay on Nov 1st 2017

    Bought a T-priv kit with the Rba about two months ago. First issue was the RBA. It's a common problem but mine was shorting out of the box. Contacted vapewild for a swap... I had to pay 7 dollars to ship it back for testing. I was sent a new one but vapewild said they don't usually replace even though it was doa. They basically claimed they were doing me a favor. New RBA worked for a few days flawlessly but started shorting out again within a week...overall a major headache. Mod is big, heavy and uncomfortable in my hand. From the beginning one of the set screws would unscrew and I had to constantly screws it back in. It was like it was stripped out from the factory. This morning I was fiddling with the damned RBA trying to get my new coil build to stop shorting and the entire top of the mod ripped off. It's officially broken and I am currently chewing tobacco. First smok mod and I am disappointed. I'll probably never buy a smok again because the RBA was a complete disaster. I've had provari, aspire, kanger and sigelei and not one of those mods ever completely broke. Im at a loss. Buyer beware on this one.

  13. Love the options

    Posted by Justin Adamiak on Oct 23rd 2017

    Love it. Having the screen on top is very convenient. Light options are sweet. May not be contouring to the hand but it's not bulky. Was very upset because mine got swiped at a pool hall the night after I got it but liked it enough to order another. This company is awesome I've never gotten free juice with an order from any other site.

  14. good bad and scratchy

    Posted by ellie on Oct 3rd 2017

    hmm I was a little disappointed. don't get me wrong works great lights are awesome. my initial disappointment was it wasn't as comfortable in my hand as the alien cause its squarer and a lil bulkier but I can get used to that I think. the thing that I am really not happy about is it didn't come with a screen protecter and the mod had scratches on the screen when I took it out of the box. disappointed with smoke though not vapewild. Vapewild rocks.

  15. OMG

    Posted by Brandon Pope on Sep 22nd 2017

    I just got my purple (only color left at the time) Smok T-Priv yesterday and I love love love it!!! Did I mention I love it!? It looks good with the optimus prime face on each side and I love the huge top to bottom firing button and the colors I like that feature, some may not but I keep it to only on when vaping and screen time out at 15secs to save battery but its got good battery life and the color is vivid and the battery door... Let me tell you about how my fuchai 213 broke after only 3 mos. One day I start to notice that the bottom is starting to fall off! I opened it up and a screw is missing and the hex screws are all loose so I tighten them all up but one day it just stopped making a connection. Well the door on this t priv is legit solid. It is sort of hard to shut which means its gonna be hard to loosen up and I'm glad for that. 220watts easy controls screen conveniently on the top! How could you not fall in love with one of these and for only 49.99 and free shipping that's a bargain

  16. Amazing product/Price!

    Posted by Zaid Nieto on Sep 11th 2017

    I was so close to buying this in my local vape shop for 99.99 but decided to look around for a better price and found this website! I not only purchased the T-Priv but also purchased the Big Baby Beast all for less than 80!!! I've recommended this website and product to so many people, I'm so glad to have found this!!! Also with free shipping it took 3 days to receive!

  17. Great!

    Posted by Kristopher Hawley on Sep 5th 2017

    Just received this in the mail today and so far it is awesome with my TV12 tank! Good job Smok and VapeWild for the great price. My local vape shop is selling this for $70 just for the mod. Thank you guys!!

  18. Absolutely love it

    Posted by Eric on Sep 2nd 2017

    Smok is my go to mod. Some people have problems with theirs but I never do. And that holds truth yet again because I just got the tpriv from the lovely people at Vape Wild and it's flawless! And can't beat the price on here.

    Thanks again Vape Wild!


    Posted by Bonnie on Aug 19th 2017

    I got the rainbow one to go with my rainbow tfv8 cloud beast. Out of all my mods, this is my new favorite! Very easy to operate and absolutely gorgeous.

  20. Eye catching mod

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 16th 2017

    This mod is something else in the Vape world, from the led changing color lights to the neat paint coating. I ordered the rainbow mod and I've been vaping on it for about a month now and I like it a lot. This mod has a nice texture touch to it which feels good in the hand. I'm glad that smok changed there paint or coating because my previous modes from smok have paint issues just after a month. But this mod has zero issues with the paint which I'm glad about. Vape wild is the best with e juices to the kits, to the mods and to all the accessories. There customer service is the best out of every other Vape shop I've ordered on.

  21. Excellent box mod

    Posted by Travis on Aug 14th 2017

    Great mod! Solid feel, good weight, huge fire button, and easy to use and adjust to your needs! Using with the big baby beast and it's just fantastic. The led lights are a cool touch too!

  22. Really well made (at first glance it's hard to believe it's smok)

    Posted by Cole Banks on Aug 4th 2017

    Hello, I hope that you are having a good day and if you are looking at buying this mod it is most definitely going to be better! I've had this beauty for a week now and to be 100 percent honest it is really solid, with a good wieght and an equally great side fire option this mod is the best for the money, the side fire button is really well made and holding it in your hand you almost second guess that it's a smok product because coming from a cartel revanant 160 mod this thing feels a whole lot more solid!! The only rattle is in the fire buttons and the battery door is really well made, I highly recommend the rainbow 7 color edition because the paint is stunning and the gloss is flawless. Looking at this mod it's hard to think it's mass produced and smok really put everything they had into it! I really appreciate you taking your time to read this review and if it helps you decide you will most definitely say (that guy was right!)

  23. fantastic mod

    Posted by Billy J Moore on Aug 4th 2017

    I love this Mod. I have no complaints at all. Shipping was fast ass hell too. I'm running an Armaggedon RDA with a gold deck from Apocalypse on it and it never disappoints. Perfect hit every time.

  24. Awesome Mod

    Posted by Johnnie Martinez on Jul 25th 2017

    This is my daily driver now. Bought the rainbow edition and have had it for weeks only 1 chip in the paint and still cant figure out how it happened :/ other than that i freaking love this mod. The up and down buttons do have a slight rattle but it doesnt bother me :) if i was rich i would own one in every color lol however if you like small mods this one is somehow not much bigger than the alien but almost as big as the original wismec lol its awesome tho definatly get one....and send it to me

  25. 6 days old - LEDs no longer work

    Posted by Greg on Jul 21st 2017

    I received my mod on Saturday, everything worked fine until i changed the batteries today (Friday).
    After replacing the batteries I noticed that the lights didn't turn on as i closed the battery door as they normally do. Check the settings and everything was as it should be, clicked the fire button and no dice. Changed the batteries again and still no lights. I've updated the firmware as SMOK suggested and the LEDs still do not work.

  26. Great

    Posted by Taylor nicole on Jul 20th 2017

    bought the 7 colored t priv came in 3 days. I have no problems with it. Came with not one scratch. It was a brand new mod. I love it. I'm glad I bought it from this website and I'd defiantly buy from this website again:)

  27. Wow

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 12th 2017

    The t prive is one the best mods out there but there is one down the up and down u cant lock it but u can lock the hole mod

  28. Great mod, but....

    Posted by Bryan S on Jul 10th 2017

    I ordered and received it today, switched my tank onto this and put in some fully charged batteries ready to vape. After 2 hours the batteries are at half, now I understand the LED take power as it fires but this is my only complaint. Great mod none the less. It feels nice and solid and I love the way it looks and is setup. Just the battery drainage...

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