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SMOK T Priv 220W Starter Kit


Product Description

SMOK is back with yet another must have vape mod kit with the SMOK T-Priv Kit. This big, bad and beautiful 220W monster features a stunning OLED screen, a deck designed to hold the biggest of tanks and LED lights with 9 different colors to choose from! You can even get really detailed with the light show settings with options for steady lighting, blinking lights, or no lights at all. You can also choose one color or choose a setting to mix a few of them together and have them show up as you vape, on all the time or turn them off completely.  This kit comes equipped with the popular TFV8 BIG Baby Beast tank featuring a 5ml capacity and the flexibility to keep up the output of a massive mod like the T-PRIV.

Vapes big, looks cool and will definitely have your friends gazing at you with jealous envy in their eyes.

Kit Includes:

  • 1 T-Priv 220W Box Mod
  • 1 TFV8 Big Baby Tank
  • 1 0.4ohm V8 Baby-Q2 Dual Core
  • 1 0.15ohm V8 Baby-T8 Octuple Core
  • 1 Replacement Glass Tube
  • 1 MicroUSB Cable
  • Spare Parts
  • Instructional Manual

Mod Description

Our posse of unicorns has just brought the amazing Smok T-Priv Kit to our site! This 220W mod will light up your world with an impressive OLED Screen and even more, LED’s that light up with every puff you take featuring 9 different color variations. The euphoric screen also has a curve on one side, so you’re able to view it from almost any angle. This mod is a match made in heaven for your giant tank, as it supports atomizers up to 26mm in diameter without overhang. You can feel the power like He-Man with two standard 18650 batteries (not included), and this mod sports a couple of smart features to protect your beloved batteries from damage: short circuit protection, 12-second cut-off, over-heating protection, and of course, a low-battery warning. Just an added plus, the trigger button is massive for easy vape-itude. 

Note: The micro-USB port is for firmware upgrades only, you cannot charge batteries with this device use an external battery charger. Batteries are NOT included



  • 220W Max Output
  • Dimensions: 86.6 x 48.1 x 32mm (Height/Width/Depth)
  • Net Weight: 210g
  • Power Range: 6W-220W
  • Resistance Range: 0.1ohm-3 ohm

Tank Description

The T-Priv Kit comes with the oh-so-trustworthy sidekick: a Big Baby Beast tank. This middle child of the TFV8 Tank Series rocks a 5ml juice capacity and is gracious enough to support the same coils as the Baby Beast. What a sidekick indeed! The Big Baby Beast has the ability to equip a wide bore delrin drip tip, as well as an adapter to fit your classic 510 drip tips. The dual airflow slots are 2mm wider than the Baby Beast and features the signature hinged, sliding top fill mechanism for easily topping off the juice reservoir. The coil heads that it comes with helps create a different vape experience with each change, allowing your vaping to stay head-to-head with variable wattage and temp control mods (like the T-Priv...WOWZA).

Note: TFV8 Cloud Beast coils are not compatible with the TFV8 Big Baby Beast


  • Easy hinged/sliding top fill mechanism
  • Uses TFV8 Baby Beast replacement coils (2 types included)
  • Optimized for high wattage, high VG vaping
  • Wide bore drip tip 
  • Glass and stainless steel construction


  • 24.5mm (.96 inch) diameter 56mm (2.2 inch) height
  • 5ml tank capacity
  • Dual adjustable airflow ports 15mm x 2mm
  • 510 threaded tank

VapeWild's Thoughts and Review

The SMOK T-Priv Kit will become your number one kit if you are looking for a sturdy kit that has all of the latest features. The Big Baby Beast tank is wonderful for the T-Priv and SMOK did a great job adding that tank into this kit. The best part about this kit is hands down the mod itself.  Once you get it in your hands you will quickly see that it is sturdier than the Alien mod including the battery door. The battery door was thought out a bit more with a sturdy hinge and gold-plated contacts. You will notice that door is a bit hard to close and does not rattle at all, this is great in our opinion because it shows SMOK put a little bit more thought when creating the this mod. The LED lights are a love or hate feature but it’s a great thing that you can choose between 9 different settings or just turn it off completely. Overall the T-Priv is a perfect kit for new vapers or advanced users because this mod has all of the features to stay around long term with you through your vaping journey!

The VapeWild Return Policy can be found here.

The VapeWild Shipping Policy can be found here.

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Product Review

Product Reviews

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  1. Fantastic mod!

    Posted by Dylan on Sep 20th 2017

    This mod has already put up with more "testing" than my Alien 220w mod did in like 1/10 of the time! I've spilled water all over it, accidentally set it into an open cup of lemonade, dropped it and kicked it while walking (had a case on thank god) and it still looks brand new! I love the lights, but I wish the light covers weren't white... I understand why they are, but I wish they were smoky/blackish with more powerful lights. Might give that a shot if I get bored someday. That way I can have proper black and red, instead of it being white when the lights are off.

  2. Mod is awesome, tank is finicky

    Posted by Peter Hricko on Sep 13th 2017

    I love this mod. Everything from it's paint job to the menu. I bought the red and it looks great. The paint is something you would expect to see on a car. The menu took a little getting used to but learned quickly. (My primary mod before this, which is still a great mod itself, is a Tesla Invader 3 which has no display at all, so no menu). Very solid feel with a good weight to it. I could go on but there is so many good things to say about the mod it would take too long. On to the tank. The Smok Big Baby Beast is as nice looking as the mod itself. Nice look, nice feel and top fill where you just turn the top of the tank (which is something I look for in a tank). The problem is the top seal when you turn the top to fill up. Somehow this seal gets deformed and starts coming out. Once that happens you can't close the top. I have had this less than a month and I'm on my third replacement seal already so you might want to stock up on those because you only get one replacement.

  3. Smok T Priv

    Posted by john schroeder on Sep 12th 2017

    I love this mod. It's a beautiful clear coat purple on the one I got. I love the lights, they're very cool even though some people like them and some don't. I love the big baby beast tank. In the middle between baby beast and the tfv8. The only complaint I had is I had one small scratch on the screen. Other than that I love this mod


    Posted by Unknown on Aug 31st 2017

    I'm a first time vape buyer and everyone had said this vape was really good but they had been getting it with juice and batteries for $140, i got all of it for a total of $75! they also sent me three other free juices that i didnt order just out of kindness! i have recommended this site to literally everyone i talk to.

  5. After 2 days hits taste burned.

    Posted by Brian Goergen on Aug 30th 2017

    As the title says, after only 1.5-2 days hits taste extremely burned and I have to change the coil. They should not burn out that fast! It is going to cost a fortune to keep buying coils every 2 days.. I quit smoking to save money, not spend more. :(

  6. Great mod

    Posted by Nathan on Aug 30th 2017

    First time buying from VapeWild and I was honestly very impressed. The sample pack of liquids was awesome! The mod is great! So beautiful and unique looking.

  7. Good product with one issue

    Posted by Sy on Aug 27th 2017

    I love the Amok t priv and I am glad. I chose this item. However, I do not appreciate that I received a product with a scuff and crack line towards the left corner of the screen - it goes from the bottom up to the left side of the screen.

  8. Freaking Awesome.

    Posted by Michael on Aug 16th 2017

    It had a slight leaking problem when I first got it, but I took it apart and reassembled it. Then the leak stopped. It's really cool how you can control the lights on the side and when the screen goes off and how hard the hits are. This thing is a must-get if you wanna truly vape, and it's at a really affordable price too!

  9. Looks good and works well easy to use

    Posted by Zachery Blake on Aug 9th 2017

    Smaller than expected, I like that. Previous mod was an ipv5 that was taller thinner and would tip over when the table gets bumped.
    This seems to have a lower center of gravity making it harder to tip over.

    Easy to use settings that I was able to figure out without reading any directions. It was nice not having to figure out a thousand different abbreviations.

  10. Good buy

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 8th 2017

    A little more complicated than I expected, but so far loving it

  11. Don't pass this one up.

    Posted by tim hampton on Aug 5th 2017

    I just received this kit in the mail and could not be more happy with it. I have been using the Kanger subox and sub tank for 2 years and man have I been missing out on flavor. I unboxed this kit filled the tank with Wrecking ball and fired away. What a flavor explosion in my mouth. The Mod is easy to use/change settings and the over all look and feel is awesome. Don't pass this kit up.

  12. Loved it up until it started having issues

    Posted by Big Jon on Aug 4th 2017

    This mod was absolutely awesome in every way until every time I put my cloud beast or any other tank for that matter on and it says don't abuse protects and won't hit for a couple mins until you either let it sit or unscrew the tank slightly. I'm hoping a firmware update will help

  13. Recommended with caveat - Mod is AAA solid - TFV8 Tank is Great but the x1-X4 coils are horrible! Instant gunk in your junk!!

    Posted by CloudGirl22 on Jul 25th 2017

    First let me say I absolutely love this mod. Vape Wild has the best price on it and the solid mind blowing customer service you've gotten used to from VW. The tank is an absolute banger as well - pure flavor and brilliant clouds. As a DIY mixer, I appreciate a great flavor tank and the TFV8 included in this kit is a solid, NO LEAK beast. That said, SMOCK, quit putting out new mods with old tanks! We're all waiting for another mind blowing release.

    I still would rate this as a NEAR perfect set up.

    The downfall: SMOK is making an absolute killing on the replacement coils for this. I've tried x1, x2, x4 and x8. X4 have the best flavor to me but last a max of 4 days using any commercial e liquid due to the sucralose instantly gunking the coils.

    SMOK initially released this kit to include the RBA deck but now that it's hit main market, it's not included!! This means anyone purchasing this has to buy the premade coils (daily vapers 2 or 3 of the 3 or 5 packs of premade coils per month is way too much money to spend considering there are so many great rebuildable tanks out there) or, you NEED to get the RBA coil deck which, happens to be out of stock currently on VW site.

    Why does the quad coil gunk after 2 - 4 days of use at recommended wattage?? Succulose and these tightly wound coil heads at this high range do not make for a sustainable budget vape. Period.

    Back to the box itself.
    - Battery door is a solid improvement over the clunkyness I experienced with the Alien 220W.
    - Clear coat gloss paint isn't peeling or chipping after a week of use as it did with the Alien either. Good job SMOK.
    - It seems after a good week and a half of use, I don' t toss it on the ground, the clear coat might hold up a while (e.g. it won't scrape off after a month like the Alien did. Good job SMOK.)
    - Menu is the same as other recent hits from SMOK. Simple easy to use
    - CONs:
    - you cannot lock in the wattage by pressing your + & -
    buttons at the same time. I'm hoping this is resolved via
    firmware update
    - It has the old 220W or 6W wake up bug that the Alien had for me where after sitting powered on all night, I go to grab a rip off of it and either get a MASSIVE dry hit (220W) or noting at all as if it's malfunctioning (6w). Something else that I hope will be fixed in an upcoming firmware update
    **note - the quick coil burnout has been experienced even when no dry hits happened so I know it's not related*

    What I cannot get over is those coils in X1, X2, or X4. My favorite being X4 however I hear a major influencer on youtube (GrimmGreen) say you'll have better luck with the X8 and I have to say I agree. Unless you are ready to replace your coils on every couple of days (which I find to be obnoxious) but you love the TVF8 with the TPriv, get the RBA deck ASAP.

    Since VapeWIld no longer has the RBA deck for this in stock I purchased myself a SMOK Spirals tank. I estimate I will save $20-$30 a month using the mod with the Spirals Tank by Smok since it comes with an RBA deck, which is single coil yet produces great flavor at just 30-40 W. Smooth, warm vapor, less airflow so smaller clouds and just pure flavor.

    I'd give this 5 stars if we got the RBA deck with the TFV8. The kit, as is gets a solid 4 stars in my book.

    If you DIY your eliquid and do not use sweetener, you'll get much longer coil life out of all of the coils. I have been getting a good 2 - 3 weeks out of each unless I use a commercially produced e liquid (something with sweetener/sucralose added). If you love Vape Wilds flavors and aren't ready to mix your own e liquid or concentrates from the various aromas companies, GET THE RBA DECK!!

    I am a woman with smaller hands and love the weight and feel of this mod. I don't find too many accidental pressings up/down buttons but it does happen on occeasoin. I find the fire button even better than the Alien 220w - I find everything about this box superior to the Alien 220W and at the price point VW is offering, I'd highly recommend purchasing either the mod itseif alone or the kit including the TFV8 once VW gets the RBA deck back in stock. You cannot beat this kit for the money.

  14. Grate price Fast arrival!!!!

    Posted by Ryan Ornelia on Jul 23rd 2017

    when i got it was not expecting it to be here so fast and im loving everything about it no noise when you shake it. the lighting is awesome. love it

  15. Perfect!

    Posted by Jami Franklin on Jul 13th 2017

    I just ordered this and I am so impressed with it!! Easy to use display, I love the weight of it, high quality finish! Overall, this Vape is awesome!

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