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SMOK TFV8 - V8 Baby T8 Replacement Coils

Out of Stock

Product Description

Smaller than the full sized TFV8 coils, the Baby Beast coils are redesigned to offer the same fantastic flavor, and vapor production (clouds!) as the TFV8. The SMOK Baby V8-T8 features a quad barrel, octo coil setup and is designed to enhance flavor while still allowing you to vape at higher wattage. If you love clouds, this is the Baby Beast coil for you!

Note: Will not fit the full sized TFV8, only the TFV8 Baby Beast and Big Baby Beast.


  • Replacement coils for the TFV8 Baby Beast
  • Quad barrel, eight coil design
  • 0.15 resistance
  • Recommended 60-80 wattage range

What's in the Box:

  • 1 x 5 pack of Smok Baby V8-T8 coils

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Product Review

Product Reviews

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  1. 5 Stars!

    Posted by Pasquale on Aug 11th 2017

    Got introduced to these thanks to the T-PRIV 220w starter kit including one. The flavor produced is unmatched, and the cloud size is massive. I highly recommend you give these a try, they do not disappoint.

  2. They are ok

    Posted by Brandon on Jun 18th 2017

    So much smoke and flavor but they do burn out pretty quick.


    Posted by Patti on Jun 10th 2017

    These are the BEST COILS I've ever used!! Great clouds, smooth hits & they last a long time. I don't know how they can be beat!!

  4. Decent

    Posted by Mike V on May 26th 2017

    These have good flavor and produce decent (not amazing, but good) clouds. I got about 600 puffs out of the first one before I started getting a burnt taste...but I do vape a lot of sweet juices and take frequent long pulls.

    These get very hot; I personally don't like to run them over 60 watts, and I have to have maximum airflow. But my main complaint is that no matter what I do, these coils spit on me when I first put them in. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but I don't have that issue with the other coils I've tried. I thought it might have been a fluke the first time, so I tried another and had the same thing. I've found that taking short, quick pulls the first dozen or so times (after getting them fully saturated) seems to clear them out; After that, they run fine. No problems with dry hits at all.

  5. Kinda pissed

    Posted by Toni Edwards on May 17th 2017

    I just went to a local vape shop because I didn't have any coils left and wanted to go ahead and get some more instead of having to wait a few days to get some. A pack of five was $36! WTF?!? I will never go anywhere else to get hardware. I will always order ahead of time from here from now own!

  6. Smok

    Posted by Josh on May 11th 2017

    The t8 coils give a excellent flavour from the juice I vape but only last 4-5 days,would be great if they lasted longer,apart from that,a great product.

  7. Pretty good

    Posted by Tyler Roberts on May 8th 2017

    Great flavor no matter what juice you're using great cloud production lasts about 500 puffs at 65 watts. My only issue with buying the 5 pack is that 1 out of the 5 coils were stripped and couldnt be used not a big issue but it did cause me some concern thinking my baby beast tank had been broken other than that its great.

  8. Got a bad batch

    Posted by Meghan Cusce on May 5th 2017

    Confirmed by husband who shares my boxes. We have ordered before no issues. Same juice we always use. Burnt almost immediately. Dissapointed. I'm sure it's not VapeWild's fault, they are always excellent. You really can't beat their customer service. Gonna try again and I will review the next box.

  9. Authentic SMOK coils

    Posted by Brad on Apr 18th 2017

    These coils are 100% authentic. Work perfect and priced fairly. I will only buy my coils from Vapewild from now on.

  10. Stock up

    Posted by Mike on Apr 9th 2017

    These are great coils at 70w for me but stock up they seem to sell quickly

  11. Burns out Quick

    Posted by Shahin Faraj on Apr 3rd 2017

    First of all 2 of the coils were burnt right out of the package then the coils get burnt after two days of using them! its retarded to even order these i recommend the triple baby coils (they last way longer and chucks bigger clouds)

  12. Great Coils!!!

    Posted by Michelle on Mar 5th 2017

    These are the only coils I will use ever. They are great and makes all the flavors come out so much better.

  13. Good performance/Bad life span

    Posted by Rob Salway on Mar 3rd 2017

    These coils are solid overall but I did have one bad one in the pack. Burnt taste right off the bat and lack of airflow. They also only last about 5 days using 10ml of max vg juice per day. I just ordered another pack so clearly I think the production of them is worth the negatives. Wish VW would carry the T-6 coil for the TFV8 Baby though!

  14. awesome!

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 2nd 2017

    Awesome products, only website that had these in stock when I wanted them

  15. Two bad coils in the pack

    Posted by Janella on Mar 1st 2017

    I was very sad and disappointed that 2 of the 5 coils were bad and wouldn't even register with my baby beast tank. First time that's ever happened buying these same coils. With that aside, still the best sub-ohm tank and coils in my opinion.

  16. Perfect coils, Fast shipping!

    Posted by Meghan Cusce on Mar 1st 2017

    Great coils and they even included free samples of their juice! Great experience! Awesome company!

  17. plumes of vape

    Posted by Justin Imhauser on Feb 28th 2017

    I would have gave 5 stars but the last pack i got had a faulty coil in it. First time that has happened tho. These things have some of the best taste out of all the premade coils for the baby beast. They are my favorite even over the rba. If you are looking for a combination of great taste and vapor production these are for you.

  18. Newbie

    Posted by Darla Hill on Feb 21st 2017

    I'm new to vaping so I don't have a lot to compare this to, but I can say that the flavor is AMAZING and I can tell a difference with this coil than with the other ones that come with the Smok Alien Mod. I ordered another pack, but now I'm going to try the RBA build on the Smok Alien and just purchased the Big Baby Beast. It'll be my first time, so I'm excited to try it out. I will still use these Baby T8 coils for if I'm going to be away from the house for extended periods of time. They last me over a week of heavy vaping with 80%+ VG (and I mean HEAVY vaping)

  19. Good flavor, but gunk up fast

    Posted by Cassandra Murakami on Feb 8th 2017

    These probably have the shortest life span of all the coils in the Baby Beast line. However, they do have great flavor production as opposed to the Q2 or X4, but are probably comparely to the T6 though I have yet to try the T6'S . They only last me about 3 days with typical regular vaping (I vape dessert flavors anywhere that are mostly 70/30 and 3mg nic). They'll obviously probably last longer if you rotate between other tanks. However, I do have a method that allowed me to get an extra 1-2 days out of them. Here's how: I used a flavor injector syringe (Note: it must be a larger syringe w a strong power stream. You can probably get a pack of medical ones online or from the Walgreens pharmacy?) to clean out the cotton w/ boiling distilled water. I then placed them in an airtight container w/ clean piping hot water, shook and swished them around well and lastly let them soak in a more clean hot water until it cooled. Remove and rinse well. Let dry completely before using--cotton should be white or almost white again--and you'll get another day or 2. However, don't let them get too gunked up the first time around or this method won't work as well. This method should work for other TFV8 coils, too.

  20. V8 BABY-T8

    Posted by Steven on Jan 28th 2017

    they are good coils but they only last about 3 days

  21. Authentic

    Posted by David Now on Jan 24th 2017

    That is all i can ask for when buying coils is that they are authentic and Vape Wild is a company you can trust buying your coils through, it's difficult to find companies on-line that are honest in their sales, much appreciated!

  22. Longest lasting coil so far

    Posted by Ryan on Jan 19th 2017

    I have had this one coil (2nd coil used) in now for well over 10 day's. The first one lasted at least 6 days. In the morning I start on 60-65watt on the Alien. Then by mid day up to 80 and by night 101-103. No joke. I have even vaped pure VG (to clean out the coil for flavor switch) through it with no burnt taste. So far My fave for the baby and big baby TFV8's

  23. Don't listen to those other guys.

    Posted by Lataralus on Jan 18th 2017

    Best flavor and cloud production for its overall size. This tank works perfectly with max vg juice for me. Just make sure you have steeped your juice, also when you put in the new coil head drip some juice directly down the coil barrels themselves, all four should need about three drips each. It will help the cotton begin wicking properly. Once you do this put the tank together and fill normally. Then leave it set for about a minute. You are now ready to chase clouds and flavor.


    Posted by Michael Seagrave on Jan 17th 2017

    At first I wasnt satisfied with the coils. I was getting burnt hit after burnt hit. I kept going through the coils looking for one without the burnt hits. By the time I got to the 5th coil in the pack, I decided to research. What I found was that the cotton on these things was wrapped so tight that the MAX VG juice I was using wasnt getting through enough. What I did was, with a sewing needle and before filling with juice, I would poke some holes in the cotton, from outside the coil, giving room for the juice to flow into the coil. It worked. No burnt hits and awesome taste. from now on I just order the thinner 65VG juice and no more need to poke holes.
    These coils do not work well with MAX VG juice, at least for me.

  25. coils taste horrible

    Posted by KBVaper on Jan 16th 2017

    I got these coils for Christmas with a new smok baby tank. I gave the first coil a try with bae bae cakes juice and it tasted like my UWell coils when they are due to be swapped out. After a few days of hoping that it would get better, I gave the coil the benefit of the doubt thinking that it was just a fluke. Tried it a new coil with bombshell batter and it's the same awful chemical flavor you get when your coil needs to be changed. After two days of nasty vaping I tossed the coils in the garbage. Luckily I still have plenty of UWell coils for my crown tank that never let me down. Don't waste your money.

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