Space Jam Ejuice

Space Jam E-juice brings together flavors from across the cosmos and bottles them using the power of faraway stars and the power of solar wind. Alright, not really, but their flavors are like nothing else in the known galaxy. From their blueberry and pomegranate blend Andromeda that started their entire line to their melon, bubblegum and mint mix called Pluto, they’ve got a creative blend for every vaper in the universe. Meteor Milk combines strawberry ice cream, strawberry syrup, AND strawberry cream, Pulsar is a refreshing cherry limeade flavor...we told you these were out of this world. Plus, if you’re looking for a high VG juice that will help you create massive clouds that astronomers from other worlds will be able to see, Space jam vape Juice is for you. All of their vapes are 70VG/30PG blends, so all of the cloud chasers will be sure to enjoy this line. Don’t let the numbers worry you though, there’s still plenty of flavor for your taste buds to enjoy so you need not worry that they’ll be left floating alone in the cold corners of space. So whether you’re looking to make big clouds, enjoy some interstellar flavors, or just need to fuel up to beat the Monstars (you knew that reference was coming), Space Jam Eliquid is the right choice for you.

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