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Square Wheel e-Juice


Product Description

Be totally different and think outside the box with Square Wheel e-liquid, May’s mystery flavor! This decadent treat is vanilla custard blended with the nutty taste of almonds, taking desserts to an entirely new level. Creamy and delicious, Square Wheel is reinventing flavor and creating aromatic clouds everywhere.

Primary Flavors: Vanilla Custard, Almonds

Square Wheel was May 2018's Mystery Flavor!! For a list of all of VapeWild's Mystery Flavors, CLICK HERE

Made in the USA

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Product Review

Product Reviews

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  1. Not what I expected

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 5th 2018

    I got this as the mystery juice when I ordered a ton of juice and it was horrible. Now after actually knowing what it is and being able to place the almond flavor, it isn’t bad! It’s a nice little break from the overly sweet juices.

  2. My Favorite All Day Vape

    Posted by James Vornes on Aug 19th 2018

    It was Rebel Yell for awhile, but now I am enjoying the Square Wheel ejuice.

    I tend to lean more toward dessert flavors anyway and this one is unbelievably delicious!

  3. Nailed the flavor

    Posted by ruth mccarty on Aug 12th 2018

    I usually love the stronger flavors, but this one is light and hits the spot when you want a juice that is less sweet. Light toasted almonds with an extra light hint of vanilla.

  4. Delicious

    Posted by Joshua Gilmore on Jul 17th 2018

    Got as a mystery flavor and loved it. Still buying it today, one of my all time favorite juices.

  5. Really good

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 28th 2018

    Was really good and smelled awesome. Not to strong and just the right amount of sweetness will definitely be buying this again

  6. Awesome

    Posted by Anna on Jun 25th 2018

    totally delicious will be buying

  7. Nailed it!

    Posted by Carrie on Jun 19th 2018

    I gotta say, this stuff is UHMAZING! My go to flavors are The Splurge and (B+C)2 and now I'm adding this one. NAILED IT!

  8. Subtle, kinda nutty, kinda creamy :D

    Posted by Theodore J Hildebrandt on Jun 18th 2018

    This is a pretty nice flavor, not cloyingly sweet like some cream/custard/vanilla flavors can be. The custard is the initial note, then the almond, subtly, on the exhale. First few puffs I was like "meh" but it's really grown on me. Would probably mix well with a drop or two of RY4 or something fruity. Good job on this one!

  9. Never would have guessed

    Posted by Alex Q on Jun 18th 2018

    Enjoyed this as a mystery flavor. But couldn’t tell what it was until it was revealed but I knew it had nuts of some sort in there. After learning what the flavor was it became a bit more clear but it does remind me of tobacco a bit. Not sure I’d order this again as it didn’t stand out much but I’ll use what I got for free

  10. Confusing my tastebuds

    Posted by Steph in Ohio on Jun 11th 2018

    When I first started vaping this one I thought it must be a Vanilla Tobacco mixed with something else but the more I vape it the more I get a creamy nutty taste but I still get undertones of a cigar or something.. not bad.. looking forward to seeing what it tastes like in a month or so before I commit to purchasing larger quantities.

  11. Best flavor ever

    Posted by Melanie T Baker on Jun 11th 2018

    This juice is amazing!!! I love it so much. I got it in an order I placed on may so was the may mystery flavor but I loved it so much I bought a bigger bottle as soon as the name and flavor was released!!! I love vapewild, the extras you always throw in your order has led me to amazing flavors I prob never would have tried without sampling first!!

  12. Yum!

    Posted by Kenny on Jun 10th 2018

    Thanks for the bottle! It's not super duper sweet like other flavors tend to be, and that's how I like it. It's nutty, kind of like the buttery nuts flavor which I also like. It's lighter on vanilla, and smooth.

  13. Fantastic

    Posted by Maria on Jun 9th 2018

    Another great juice flavor from Vape Wild. This is just a perfect blend of creamy and nutty. Love it!

  14. may mystery

    Posted by Andrew McIntosh on Jun 8th 2018

    didn't think I'd like it but it is good

  15. OMG

    Posted by jenn32106@gmail.com on Jun 6th 2018

    Omg this juice is absolutely delicious I didn’t think I’d like it , at first all I tasted was caramel and banana but after it sat a bit omg I would love a barrel full of this juice .

  16. Nutty

    Posted by Andrius Mateikis on Jun 5th 2018

    Not too sweet nutty flavor. Wish it was a little less nutty and more vanilla. Smooth the way I like it.

  17. Really good!

    Posted by Tabby on Jun 5th 2018

    I'm new to vaping so I'm trying to identify flavors. That said...I thought there was some kind of chocolate in there. It's really good. I'd buy it on my own for sure. If I could change anything I'd up the custard but it's delicious and dessertish. Great job :-)

  18. Its a 10 for tasting exactly how it's described but....

    Posted by Crystal Winters on Jun 3rd 2018

    Just not for me. I can taste the almond 100% a slight vanilla on the exhale with a tad flavor of cinnamon too.
    I received this flavor as the mystery flavor free bottle. It was perfect to the description just not my kinda favor. Hi

  19. Sweet but light

    Posted by Chelsey P. on Jun 3rd 2018

    I like this flavor A LOT. It isn't sickeningly sweet, but it also isn't bland at all. It's an awesome ADV and really smooth. Nice vanilla flavor with a great almond flavor... tastes almost like vanilla almond milk. Probably would mix really well with other fruity dessert flavors to round them out or add a nutty flavor. 10/10! Keep the good mystery flavors coming!

  20. The Square Wheel

    Posted by Adam Shadowchild on Jun 3rd 2018

    The only flavor I got from this juice was just sweet flavoring taste, I appreciate VapeWild adding it in with my purchase, however I will not purchase this unless the flavoring is revised/altered. Everyone has different tastebuds and opinions.

  21. Tastes like Vanilla Almond Milk

    Posted by Kylar on Jun 3rd 2018

    I'd give this juice a 4.5/5 if possible. I personally really liked this flavor and it was my first vanilla custard flavor. I tasted vanilla on the inhale and almonds on the exhale. It tastes a lot like the sweetened vanilla flavored milk you can get at a grocery store. It is a lighter flavor, not as rich as others flavors. However, this is expected given the flavor description of the juice. If you like the vanilla almond milk, I suggest giving this e-juice a go!

  22. Yuuuuum!

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 3rd 2018

    I had decided that this was birthday cake. I was close. This is delicious. I love just about anything with vanilla though - sugar cookie, vanilla custard, etc. Square Wheel is the bomb-diggedy!

  23. Never knew I would've liked it.

    Posted by AnonMom on Jun 2nd 2018

    This is a flavor I'm glad I got with my order. I never would've ordered it myself and tried it, but I am surprised that I actually enjoy it. It's very good. Thanks, VW.It tastes kind of like a Hershey Kiss with Almonds.

  24. Pretty tasty

    Posted by Jitterbug on Jun 2nd 2018

    I definitely taste the almonds and the vanilla. I would love a bit more tart on the custard. Overall this one is pretty yummy and I bet would be a great mixer with a fruit flavor. Thanx VapeWild!

  25. Was surprised!

    Posted by Travis Houck on Jun 2nd 2018

    Was the mystery flavor of the month when I got it, so like, right there alone it threw me off. The smell did as well, but, glad I looked past it cuz gotta say, not a bad mixture when Vaped

  26. Mystery Solved!!

    Posted by Marion on Jun 1st 2018

    I got this with my order and honestly....it was my favorite out of all of the ones I got. I love this flavor and was really surprised by the reveal! I ordered more! Love it!

  27. Excellent.

    Posted by Hector Santos on Jun 1st 2018

    Got this with my first order, as a sample and after a few weeks I've decided to try it on a new mod. It was way too far from my expectations. I'm sure this will be one of my favorites.

  28. Good, but strong

    Posted by Jesse on Jun 1st 2018

    Lot of almond came through for me (now that I know what it is). This juice is sweet, nutty, smooth, decadent even. A true dessert vape and I am so glad I got to try it.


    Posted by Andrew on Jun 1st 2018

    How did people think this was chocolate!?!?!? I think this is great and not only great, but I will even go as far as labeling this as an ADV, good job with this months mystery flavor!
    I got this in a sample pack and I'm pretty sure this bottle will be the first one gone, will be purchasing it in the future

  30. Wanted to like it

    Posted by Trish on Jun 1st 2018

    Me, personally.... I didn’t taste much of anything. I love the idea of this combination too. Wish I could taste more of the flavor.

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