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Star Struck e-Juice


Product Description

We see that twinkle in your eyes and that special little soft-spot in your heart for our December 2017 Mystery Flavor. Star Struck has blasted its way onto the VapeWild scene, and when you taste it, you’ll get that same shock-and-awe feeling like you just saw your favorite celebrity walking right by you (minus their 12 bodyguards surrounding them). This mysteriously amazing new flavor combines an A-List of fruits that’ll mesmerize your taste buds: delicate dragonfruit, ripe and sweet kiwis, and fresh pears to create a trifecta of juicy deliciousness! As it’s taking the vaping world by storm, even Mugatu has told reporters, “[Star Struck] is so hot right now…” and the famous cereal leprechaun supposedly said, “It’s magically delicious!” While these obscure celebrity endorsements might not hold much value, Star Struck’s unmatched flavor is convincing enough for you to scoop up a bottle and strut the red carpet in flavorful delight.

Primary Flavors: Dragonfruit, Kiwi, Pear

Star Struck was December 2017's Mystery Flavor!! For a list of all of VapeWild's Mystery Flavors, CLICK HERE

Made in the USA

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Product Review

Product Reviews

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  1. Great rolling flavor

    Posted by HynStyle on Jan 14th 2018

    I found this juice to cling to all of my taste buds. It rolled smoothly taste wise. Great fruit tropical flavor. Taste like drinking real tropical nectar juice.

  2. Love it!

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 12th 2018

    I ordered for a friend and just kept the extras that they sent. One was nasty and one was decent, but this mystery was awesome! I want to try other flavors but I'll probably also have to order more of this.

  3. Simply Amazing!!

    Posted by Autumn on Jan 10th 2018

    Crisp & refreshing!! Was a little hesitant about this juice at first due to the dragonfruit.. but man was a I wrong! This is amazing!!! Definitely will be purchasing a ton more because this has been my ADV for a while now!

  4. wow

    Posted by Kenneth on Jan 9th 2018

    got a sample of this with my December order of Broke Down Slow Down so I mixed a little in. Wow, it really adds a great touch to the flavor. I haven't tried it alone, but mixed in with the BDSD it's fantastic.

  5. Very Nice

    Posted by David Strain on Jan 6th 2018

    I have been vaping deserts and custards since 2011 and this sample has changed my taste buds for dragon fruit and kiwi. Great job on this one Vape Wild, I will be for sure ordering this one. In all honesty it is clean and fresh and I liked it better then anything else in my order.

  6. Amazing !

    Posted by Erika Aleixo on Jan 5th 2018

    Got this as a mystery flavor both times I ordered in Dec. And I loved it ! Was bothering me that I couldn't figure out what was the flavor lol but now that I know what it is I shall by more once I run out. Best one yet!

  7. True to flavor

    Posted by Dawnelle Ribar on Jan 4th 2018

    Taste is subjective. That's a fact that has been definitively proven with ejuice more than food. This brings me to dragonfruit. Not a fan! It has a slightly bitter taste that some may confuse with a "bad" chemical taste. When I smelled Dec mystery flavor I suspected a peach/strawberry combo but as soon as I tasted it my mind said "dragonfruit!" (In the Seinfeld "Newman" voice.)
    That being said, the juice is refreshing and fruity, absolutely vapable, just not something I would choose on my own due to my dragonfruit aversion, (mangos are another no go for me) not because it isn't a well blended flavor!
    Keep 'em coming VW, love trying to guess mystery flavor every month!

  8. Oh my good golly gosh

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 4th 2018

    THIS flavor is AMAZING

  9. Great taste

    Posted by Thomas Mathis on Jan 4th 2018

    Liked it alot and it didn't leave a bad after taste

  10. Surprised how much I liked this...

    Posted by Brad on Jan 4th 2018

    This came to me as the mystery flavor and man was I pleasantly surprised. I loved this flavor.

  11. By far the best

    Posted by Tina Wagner on Jan 3rd 2018

    Got this with my very first order with vapewild and I have to say it was the best out of all juices in my order. It has a nice robust flavor and you do not get Vape tongue from it at all it continues to be scrumptious. I also ask someone else noted tasted banana with some strawberry hence in the background. I just recently put in another decent order but I will definitely be ordering this as one of my top five in the future I got to try all of them to find out which were the best. The other flavor that is true to The Taste is the Flintstone it tastes exactly like it should.

  12. OMG! is like heaven in your mouth!

    Posted by Kraken on Jan 3rd 2018

    SO so so so OMG SO GOOD!!!!!!!! I smelled it and I know it was going to be amazing; then I tried it and it was love at first puff! It is fruity and sweet in a magical blend. This is my fav meow.
    Well done VW, well done!

  13. Fruity and tasty

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 3rd 2018

    Very good. Dec mystery juice is a hit.

  14. Sweet and light

    Posted by Daniel Benos on Jan 3rd 2018

    Good flavor, sweet, and subtle but not as strong as I would like it to have been and didn't taste any dragon fruit. Overall it is a good flavor.

  15. Holy cow

    Posted by Zachary Schumann on Jan 2nd 2018

    This flavor is absolutely delicious guys! The fruit flavors in this come together and form this luscious pink creamy candy sensation. Seriously one of the best flavors from vapewild I've tried so far. I'll absolutely be ordering at least 60mls next reup. Thanks!

  16. Well balanced and not too sweet

    Posted by Jackson on Jan 2nd 2018

    Not too sweet or cloying at all. Heavy on the pear and dragonfruit, maybe not so much on the kiwi. Nice juicy flavor.

  17. ☆☆AMAZING☆☆

    Posted by Tina Wagner on Jan 2nd 2018

    I'm not positive if the mystery flavors are pre steeped but I tried it as soon as it came with my order and it is absolutely scrumptious it's a must-try I will be ordering a big bottle soon


    Posted by Unknown on Jan 2nd 2018

    I was in love with this product the moment i tasted it after it was delivered. I would've never guessed it was a fruit blend because it just tasted like apple juice to me.

  19. Star struck was sampled as dec17 mystery

    Posted by Suzanne on Jan 2nd 2018


  20. First review for Star Struck

    Posted by Justin on Jan 1st 2018

    Got this when i made my first order ever from vape wild. First smell, comes off as menthol to me, but id recommend steeping it for a couple weeks, and i mean a couple weeks because the smell and taste is very chemically at first, after i say a week and a half i started noticing the flavors really better.

    Would i recommend to a friend: yes because its a different combo that nobody would really think of doing

  21. Very fruit and tasty!

    Posted by Laura Prosser Barr on Jan 1st 2018

    I received this free with my order recently and I when I opened the bottle just the smell alone made my mouth water. I filled my tank and from the first puff I was in love

  22. Value Version of Star Dust

    Posted by Green on Jan 1st 2018

    Tastes a lot like Stardust.. But I think the melon was replaced with pear. Good Stuff!

  23. Great flavor

    Posted by Joseph Shellhamer on Jan 1st 2018

    This is a good tropical flavor. Would love to see more tropical flavors come through. A little strong, but overall good flavor and great clouds.

  24. The Best

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 1st 2018

    After the first hit, I was hooked.

  25. Not my favorite

    Posted by Brenda Wierzbowski on Jan 1st 2018

    I recieved this as a free sample as the December mystery flavors, I’m not huge on the whole dragon fruit thing which was definitely the star of this show. All in all not bad, but not something I’d ever order for myself if you like dragon fruit you’ll love this.

  26. Had no idea what it was

    Posted by Alex on Jan 1st 2018

    Got this flavor as the Mystery Dec ‘17 flavor and it honestly was the best one I got in my order. I thought it was banana/strawberry something at first but now that I see, I can tell better that it was pears and kiwis, how strange is that! Definitely recommend this one though and I can see ordering it again

  27. Stuck on Star Struck

    Posted by Unknown on Jan 1st 2018

    This stuff is real good!

  28. Absolutely amazing

    Posted by Sarah on Jan 1st 2018

    This flavor plays with your taste buds and the flavor is never the same on each puff of it. I love the combination.

  29. Nope Nope Nope

    Posted by Heather on Jan 1st 2018

    We have fun here at our house trying to guess the Mystery Flavor and make a whole big game of it. But all ANY of us got out of this juice was apple and Chemicals and that was after 2 & 4 weeks steeping/curing. None of us got any of the flavors that are supposed to be in there. I love VW but this one was a HARD PASS and I LOVE fruit vapes! Maybe it was a mess up in the mixing but both our bottles tasted almost straight chemical on the Cleito 120,baby Beast, and the Dead Rabbit.

  30. Really nice juice

    Posted by Samantha on Jan 1st 2018

    I got this for Dec. 2017 mystery flavor. I was tasting peach candy and strawberries. It's a really tasty fruity juice.

    Happy New Year!!

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