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Stardust Pre-Steeped


Product Description

A flavor so heavenly, we had to create it in the cosmos.  We took the divine taste of summer’s favorite fruits and melded them with the sweet crunch of cucumbers and shot ourselves to the stars above.  The lightest, fruitiest potion to date with enough muddled fruit blended in to make your mouth fairly water.  Welcome to our universe, Stardust.

Primary Flavors: Cucumber, Melon

VG/PG Ratio: 65%vg / 35%pg

Made in the USA.

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Find Similar Products by Category

Product Review

Product Reviews

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  1. not for me

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 7th 2017

    my most disliked to date. was super harsh and didn't get the slightest bit of cucumber all I could taste was this over powering overly sweet watermelonly taste

  2. My go to all day vape

    Posted by Cameron W on Nov 17th 2017

    This is one of the best I’ve ever had. The flavor is very subtle but also flavorful, not too sweet, easily my favorite of all time. Highly recommend to anyone looking for something they can vape on all day without getting sick of it!

  3. Best Juice

    Posted by Jenna Joostberns on Nov 15th 2017

    One of my favorite vape juices ever. You really can't go wrong using this as an all day vape.

  4. Bees Knee's

    Posted by Anthony Sova on Nov 4th 2017

    Bought the 60ml and I would buy again. Flavor is on point

  5. Bad bottle was unvapeable

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 23rd 2017

    I ordered the pre-steeped pack was looking forward to trying this flavor with all the hype surrounding it but unfortunately was a super harsh throat hit even tried two different coils primed overnight but nonetheless was no change on how harsh the throat hit was it was disappointing:(

  6. The best juice I have tried to date!

    Posted by Jecika on Oct 3rd 2017

    As a new vaper, I have not had the pleasure to try many juices. I have ordered three sample packs from vape wild, and while almost all of them are good, this is by far the BEST I have tried... I recommend this to anyone looking for a light refreshing and fruity flavor!

  7. Amazing

    Posted by Robert on Sep 18th 2017

    Definitely not what I was expecting and I had low hopes for this one, but it turned out to be amazing and everyone who tried it loved it.

  8. Just okay

    Posted by Datvapeboi on Sep 18th 2017

    It was nice to try it I am not really about it though got better as it set in the bottle cause I really wasn't using it like that.

  9. This flavor is fire !!

    Posted by tyriq mills on Sep 13th 2017

    Very nice flavor the best flavor I had from VapeWild thus far definitely will be ordering again

  10. Amazing!!!

    Posted by Briana on Sep 11th 2017

    I have been searching for months for something to pair with the Ice Cold juice (I'm huge on menthol), and haven't been able to find anything just right, but Stardust pairs so well! Few drops of the menthol with this juice is just so refreshing. Highly recommend!!

  11. Smooth

    Posted by Jacob Gallagher on Sep 7th 2017

    One of the smoothest tastes out there , happy I found this

  12. So Good

    Posted by JSJ on Sep 6th 2017

    I don't know what to say, other than this is a great flavor! Another of my favorites, (of the ones I've tried so far). It's sweet, tangy, fruity. It's also pretty good mixed, (to your own personal taste), with muted fruit flavors that aren't as sweet. If you like fruit I recommend trying Stardust.

  13. Amazing

    Posted by Matt Tholen on Sep 6th 2017

    I got a ton of samples to figure out what I want to order. I have now tried 10 of them and this one is tied for my most favorite. Will order again!!

  14. Truly my favorite

    Posted by michael lancia on Sep 5th 2017

    Vape wild is hands down the best with their fruit flavors and this flavor is my favorite. The light cucumber melon tang is just amazing and refreshing. Vape wild really did it with this one. Thank you

  15. Amazing!

    Posted by Tamika on Sep 2nd 2017

    This is amazing! The flavor is endless and never gets boring! I have vaped it the past 2 days straight!

  16. Pleasant

    Posted by Natalie Naas on Aug 24th 2017

    This is so smooth and pleasant in both smell and taste. Not overly sweet-it is just the right balance, I just purchased two more 60ml bottles. Please don't stop making this.
    If you are on the fence, don't hesitate!

  17. Awesome flavor

    Posted by Amanda on Aug 17th 2017

    The flavor is smooth and fruity, love this juice

  18. Quite simply one of the finest I've had

    Posted by Josh Gordon on Aug 16th 2017

    This is one of the smoothest, cleanest, and sweetest vapes I've ever had. It's not too heavy, perfect for an all-day experience. Excellent job.

  19. Heaven

    Posted by Brittney May on Aug 14th 2017

    The best vape juice I have ever used, first time I have ever paced myself because I don't want to run out :)

  20. Candy

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 13th 2017

    Tastes like a whistle pop

  21. Sex in your mouth

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 10th 2017

    Amazing. Buy it

  22. f yea

    Posted by Robert kopack on Aug 9th 2017

    totally get the melon on the inhale and cucumber on the nose I couldn't believe it pretty dang good

  23. Believe the hype, it's all that and a side of fries.

    Posted by Roberta McGurk on Aug 3rd 2017

    one quick taste using my 2nd favorite rig, and I now am busy switching my all day set-up to this heavenly flavor.

  24. Different and delicious

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 3rd 2017

    I wasnt too sure about this when I read cucumber but paired with the sweet honeydew flavor its amazing

  25. Harsh and terrible flavor

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 3rd 2017

    I must have gotten a bad bottle of this because it was so harsh on the back of my throat and it tasted awful. ( tried in tank and in my rda)

  26. Ziggy Stardust (RIP) got nothing on this!

    Posted by Joel Dziak on Aug 1st 2017

    Pick up a bit cucumber with melon tones, mostly honeydew type flavor. Subtle, not too sweet, somewhat refreshing flavor actually! Good fruit flavor if you are coming off of a heavy dessert or candy to wake the buds back up. Will be a repeat flavor for me.

    Got a pre-steep to get me thru, so came as 65/35 (normally roll with MAX) on a GX350 130w V10 coil

  27. Wowza

    Posted by That Girl on Jul 13th 2017

    I can't even describe what this actually tastes like, but it's amazing. Definitely some melon in there. I didn't really get any cucumber, but it's absolutely refreshing and delightful. Super smooth with just the right amount of sweetness.
    Ladies and very first ADV <3

  28. Favorite juice ever

    Posted by Chris willison on Jul 8th 2017

    I never write reviews.. That should be enough to tell you it's delicious

  29. Best juice I've had....

    Posted by Glenn Pearson on Jun 24th 2017

    ....just like to know which is the best coil to use with this juice. Seems like the coils I use with this juice only last a couple of days.

  30. Ehhhh...

    Posted by Bob Lee on Jun 19th 2017

    I was expecting a cosmic blast of cucumber and melon but I get neither. It tastes more like hibiscus and berries with a hint of cream. It's not a bad flavor, it just missed the mark with me.

  31. Best juice EVER

    Posted by Ange on Jun 16th 2017

    This is by far the most flavorful juice I've ever vaped, I seriously can't put it down. The flavors work so well together for a refreshingly sweet and crisp juice that is perfect for any time. Anyone who's tried it asks me where I got it. I will be ordering this every time so I hope they never stop selling it! Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.

  32. Awesome Sauce!!!!!

    Posted by Glenn on Jun 13th 2017


  33. Soooooooooo gooooood

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 9th 2017

    Words can not even describe how good this juice is.

  34. Refreshing Melon flavor

    Posted by John S. on Jun 9th 2017

    This flavor vape is a bit complex. When you vape this, one time may be a certain melon flavor, and another you may pick up on a different melon flavor. All in all a very refreshing Summertime vape flavor.

  35. Love this stuff

    Posted by jeremy long on Jun 7th 2017

    Idk if anyone else does this but I mix it with the bubble bubble and WOWZZERS!!! MY ADV JUICE

  36. My new Obsession

    Posted by Dev on Jun 6th 2017

    Okay this juice is amazing. It is sweet and I can't really taste any 1 specific flavor. I was thinking of steeping it longer but here's the problem with that... I can't put it down.
    It's not overly sweet like some other "fruity" juices I've had (from other places). I think it's absolutely perfect. It's my new all day vape. If you like sweet you need to try this one. It is heavenly. Ty VW

  37. Love it

    Posted by Melissa Woodworth on Jun 3rd 2017

    Amazing all day juice

  38. Awesomesauce, video review inside

    Posted by Earl on Jun 1st 2017

    If you can imagine inhaling gummy bears in vapor form, this is it. Sweet inhale and exhale that leaves a candy aftertaste that will leave you smacking your lips for more. It is super sweet and if you like candy flavors, this is perfect. Please see my video review here

  39. Yum!!

    Posted by K on May 30th 2017

    Delicious! This juice tastes exactly as described. Really sweet fruity flavor. Strong melon, hint of cucumber. Tastes awesome on inhale and exhale. One of my new favorites!

  40. Meh.

    Posted by Daniel Berry on May 28th 2017

    I was really let down. It was more "sweetness" than flavor, I didn't detect any cucumber.. I expected a explosion of melon with colloidal cucumber layered over but, no.. Very dissapointing, will not purchase again..

  41. Great stuff!!

    Posted by Michele Holland on May 26th 2017

    Love this juice!! Lovely taste! Perfect balance, just a tad on the sweet side for me but that hasn't kept me from reordering!

  42. OMG

    Posted by Unknown on May 17th 2017

    Best juice ever! Only ordered thirty mils and I'm freakin cause now I have to turn around and order more! Hope it gets here in time. I CANT RUN OUT !

  43. Refreshing vape

    Posted by Debbie Centrella on May 17th 2017

    This is my morning vape. It will definitely hit the beach with me. Simply my favorite. It gave it its own tank and mod. Lol!1200

  44. It's a beautiful thing ☆

    Posted by Sheila on May 14th 2017

    Love it. Do yourself a favor and get the big bottle. Tastes like happiness and sunshine!

  45. The Best

    Posted by David on May 13th 2017

    THE best juice I've had the pleasure of tasting. I've probably tried 100+ flavors but this is my ADV. Wish they provided non-presteeped, but I'm willing to pay the extra for this delicious nectar.

  46. AMAZING!!!

    Posted by Unknown on May 13th 2017

    One of the best I've ever had

  47. LOVE

    Posted by Dot Harkleroad on May 13th 2017

    This is one of my favorite flavors. So smooth

  48. So good

    Posted by Unknown on May 13th 2017

    I like this flavor a lot its like a citrus jolly rancher, i wish it came in a higher vg level so i can taste it a bit more.

  49. Couldn't get enough!!!

    Posted by TS on May 8th 2017

    What can I say - this juice was simply amazing! I put this juice in 4 different mods (only 1 pre-built coil), and was great in all. The cucumber gives such a refreshing finish to the melon flavor, it is almost perfect harmony.

  50. OMG!

    Posted by Ty on May 5th 2017

    This juice is absolutely amazing! Soft and Sweet, Not overwhelming.

  51. Dat s@#$ cray. Period.

    Posted by James W. on May 5th 2017

    Been buying all kinds of juices and brands. Stopped doing that after one hit of this juice. Effin ridiculous. People. Do not read this review and pass over this juice. Trust me. Vape it. Vape it real hard.

  52. Stardust

    Posted by Toby on May 3rd 2017

    Really good flavor. Just a little overwhelming for me but definitely worth trying


    Posted by Madi on May 2nd 2017

    best juice by far. you can't find anything like it anywhere. if i had to choose one juice for the rest of my life, it would be stardust.

  54. good sweet flavor

    Posted by Unknown on May 2nd 2017

    my fav vape now...

  55. Excellent soft melon flavor

    Posted by Unknown on May 1st 2017

    This isn't too strong, which is a good thing. I find it's the perfect melon/cucumber mashup that's enjoyable and refreshing at the same time. Probably just a bit too sweet but easy to overlook, I mean it is very Honeydew Melon/Cantaloupe which are sweet by themselves.

  56. I got this one because Ziggy...

    Posted by Kristen on Apr 26th 2017

    This usually isn't my "go to" flavor profile.. But the name and bottle art made my heart scream "Do it for Bowie!" So.. i did it for Bowie.. and man... Lemme tell you. This stuff is phenominal. It easily slipped in to my top 3 all time favorites. Like ever... period.

    *disclaimer: I don't know if this flavor was actually inspired (for lack of a better word) by the Bowie.. that's just where my brain immediately went to when I saw this gem.

  57. Great set of melons!

    Posted by Eddiebueno on Apr 24th 2017

    Steep it for a little longer to get those melon flavors distinct! Delicious and soft!

  58. Wonderful

    Posted by Meechy on Apr 14th 2017

    I've been shopping at VW for a while now, gotten many sample favors...Tried many 30ml bottles from them...BUT THIS ONE....It's my go to...Period. Everyone's pallet is different, but this one is a perfect all day refreshing vape. Keep me coming back.

  59. Had to get more!

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 10th 2017

    I loved this stuff so much! My buddy often steals juice from me so I have to stockpile. I was unsure about this flavor so I only got one bottle. After a week we had gone through it and I had to buy 3 more bottles! Give this one a go, it's worth it!

  60. YUM!!!

    Posted by Michele Holland on Apr 10th 2017

    Love the cucumber melon! It's a tad sweet but refreshing and definitely an all day vape!

  61. I love this shit.

    Posted by Sammy Perry on Apr 7th 2017

    I searched for the best reviewed products from VW. I took a chance and got a big bottle and I'm glad I did. I only buy from VW.

  62. Amazing!

    Posted by Stefan on Mar 14th 2017

    The melon shines through. Easily my favorite from VW. ADV for sure.

  63. fruity goodness ADV

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 11th 2017

    if you like melon, you'll like this. if you don't, you'll still like this.

  64. Love!!

    Posted by Emily on Mar 11th 2017

    Stardust quickly became an ADV for me. I LOVE this juice! It's light and crisp, not overly fruity, and just completely soothing. My husband comments every time on how good this one smells when I vape it.

  65. Amazing

    Posted by Krystal Morris on Mar 10th 2017

    I was hooked after my first tank. It is delicious and fruity.

  66. perfect

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 8th 2017

    Amazing flavor! Told 3 friends about it and when they got it they loved it too. Just ordered 2 more pre steeped flavors . can't wait to try them. All the others I've bought from vapewild are awesome as well. Steep for 2 weeks like they say and you'll have the best juice out there.


    Posted by William Espanet on Mar 7th 2017

    Off the hook like no other gotta have it!!!! Fruity delicious
    No joke

  68. Not my thing

    Posted by aritee on Mar 6th 2017

    I was excited to see that it was cucumber melon but I didn't really feel either. More of a general fruitiness than anything. Still quite good.

  69. I can vape this all day long

    Posted by Wes on Mar 2nd 2017

    Stardust is one of the best ejuices I have ever tasted. Period. You absolutely have to try this. Every single person I've told about this has ordered and loved it. The cucumber taste isn't strong. I am not a huge fan of cucumber and I love this juice.

  70. love!

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 1st 2017

    Love this flavor, it's a great ADV. I don't really taste cucumber though.

  71. Found My All Day Vape!

    Posted by Kayla on Feb 28th 2017

    While I LOVE many other VW flavors, I'd yet to find one I didn't get bored of after a full day or more. Found it! Just tasty enough to keep my interest but not overbearing. My only regret is that I bought a 30 ml instead of a 60 ;)

  72. Amazing!

    Posted by Victoria Tennant on Feb 26th 2017

    This juice is totally out of this world! It's like a refreshing bottle of summer goodness. Perfect flavor!

  73. so good but so unavailable

    Posted by Corey on Feb 24th 2017

    I tried this when they came out to Tulsa vape this and fell in love. It took forever to finally get a bottle but iTs just as tasty as I remember it. This needs to be available all the time and not just a limited edition!!

  74. My top favorite so far

    Posted by CPJ on Feb 16th 2017

    I have heard about this flavor a few times before and from the reviews I read I was convinced from the hype and managed to get a bottle.

    The melon flavor shines through for the most part, but the cucumber gives it a very mellow tone that I've never gotten out of any other flavor before. This is definitely the best flavor I have ever had and I'm gonna be sad when my bottle is empty.

    If you see this flavor available, GET IT WHILE YOU CAN!

  75. Best of the best of the best

    Posted by Katie T. on Feb 13th 2017

    I'M SO GLAD IT'S BACK. I blew through 2 bottles of this from my local vape shop and when I wanted to order more online, it was unavailable! So I cried everyday, but is back and my heart and lungs are soon to be full of this beautiful flavor once again. (On the real though I don't taste cucumber so don't shy away from this is cukes aren't for you- I'd describe it as delightful, twinkly, and melon-ish)

  76. WOW

    Posted by Nicholas Bray on Feb 11th 2017

    I switch from Cigs to vap but this has made me vap all day all and will be ordering 4 more 60M bottles.

  77. 2/8/2017

    Posted by David Flavin on Feb 8th 2017

    Just got my second order in from vape wild. I threw in a stardust to give it a shot and boy it didn't disappoint! It's fruity mellow yet bursting with flavors. I logged in just to order a few more before they are unavailable!

  78. Meh!

    Posted by Donna on Jan 15th 2017

    I was hoping for another steller 'star' flavor but it's not (for me) and I find myself wishing I hadn't bought it. Now I'm stuck with 30 ml of yet another so-so vape flavor I won't look forward to using.

  79. Worth the Wait

    Posted by Kate on Jan 14th 2017

    This Juice never seems to stay in stock, and for good reason. Its a wonderful fruit flavor that is out of this world!

  80. delicious

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 27th 2016

    Delicious juice!! One of my favorites!

  81. delicious!

    Posted by Jessica on Dec 23rd 2016

    I finally steeped Stardust, and it is sooooo good. I was worried it would be like Honeydew, which was way too strong for me, but the cucumber mellows out the melon flavor. It's very refreshing.

  82. amazing

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 19th 2016

    it tastes soooo good. nice and sweet yet light and refreshing. super amazing if you like fruity vapes.

  83. Love it!

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 18th 2016

    Srardust is a must have when the vault opens. I should have bought a bigger bottle, as mine won't last long. I use it mostly at night while I'm relaxing. Come summer it will 6 my all day vape refreshing.

  84. Awesome!

    Posted by Annie on Dec 5th 2016

    This is my new favorite flavor to vape all day!

  85. stardust

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 4th 2016

    Cool and refreshing. So happy I ordered a big bottle. I love the flavor , it will be perfect on the beach.

  86. Yum!

    Posted by Erica on Oct 5th 2016

    LOVE this juice but would love it just one extra star if there was tad more cucumber.

  87. !!!'

    Posted by Unknown on Sep 13th 2016

    Cucumber melon?? Shut up and take my money!!

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