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Suave Vape Sample Pack (4x10mls)


Product Description

Exotic is the word that comes to mind when you vape these incredible e-liquid flavors by Suave e-Liquid.  This brand effortlessly blends the delights of tropical fruits, infusing some with light cream, making this line a perfect addition to your flavor collection. Take your palate on a flavor ride to the tropics and enjoy fruits like guave, lychee, and kiwi that are so good, you may never vape anything else again.  Take them for a test drive today with this sample pack and we're pretty sure you'll be back for more.

  • GUAPO: Translated, Guapo means “handsome,” and this eliquid brings to mind a smooth and easy on the eyes dapper gentleman who happens to smell like a creamy guava fruit smoothie.  With layers upon layers of sweet guava and a lush but light overlay of cream, Guapo finishes off with a light flaky pastry crust. 
  • MACHO: Not everyone is tough but Macho brings it right out of you with this bold custard flavor that pairs with light notes of tropical flavors.  This eliquid is tough but tender with a delicately deep custard that remains fruity all the way through.
  • BRAVO: You’ll want to give Bravo a round of applause for its crisp citrus flavors that add just a hint of raspberry to round off this eliquid.  Prepare your tastebuds for an awakening you have yet to experience.  Three cheers for Bravo!
  • LIBRE: Exotic, sweet, and refreshing, this lychee cream and kiwi mixture makes Libre the stand out flavor of the bunch.  Luscious and cool, this eliquid will taste like it’s melting in your mouth.  Think warm summer breezes and drinks with colorful umbrellas.  Liberate your vape today.

VG/PG Blend: 70%VG / 30%PG

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Product Review

Product Reviews

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    Posted by Elizabeth on Jun 25th 2018

    I'm vaping the Bravo right now and it is TASTY and smooooth. I love it. This is one of my all time favorites and I can't wait to taste the other three.

  2. Pretty bad imo

    Posted by Matthew Ward on Oct 22nd 2017

    I'll stick to VapeWild juice. Suave dissapointed me. The lemon flavor was ok, which is the only reason this isn't 1 star. All the other flavors just taste bad, after a while start to taste like rubber.

  3. Ok

    Posted by Caitlyn Blair on Aug 25th 2017

    Some of the flavors were good but some were not a big hit. Not ADV really but a good blend.

  4. Just ok

    Posted by Erica on Aug 21st 2017

    The flavors were pretty good but not my favorite nor an adv flavor for me. GU a po was really good but the flavor gets boring after while. Macho was ok. Not very strong flavor. Probably would be better if you could taste a little more of the tropical notes. Bravo was not for me at all. I felt like I was inhaling cleaner. Lastly, Libre was good at first but the lychee leaves a bad aftertaste in your mouth.

  5. Pretty good...

    Posted by Dina Floyd on Aug 20th 2017

    The Suave e liquids were good but just not really my style. I am all about Vape Wilds fruit hoops!!

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