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Suave Vape

It’s not always an option to skip off to an exotic beach and enjoy a fruity tropical drink and some sun rays. Bummer, right? Fortunately, Suave Vape did us all a favor and bottled up that vibe for you in this line of delectable e-liquids! There are four superb flavors to choose from and each one is truly a unique Suave Vape juice experience. Bold and fruity flavor accompanies each of these juices, and their names cleverly allude to that with Guapo, Macho, Bravo, and Libre. With unconventional flavors like the Lychee and Kiwi combination in Libre, or the guava mixed with cream in Gaupo, they are more than worthy of a try for the experience, and may easily take over as your new ADV. One puff and these flavors will have you wanting to pop on your sunglasses, stick a tiny pink umbrella in your drink and hit some white sand beaches lined with palm trees. Available in individual bottles, or in a sample pack to let you taste test and find your favorite, you’ll be floating on flavorful clouds between these distinctive flavors that each gives you a taste of the tropics in true Suave Vape form!

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