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If you crave massive clouds of vapey goodness, Sub-Ohm tanks are perfect for you.  With low resistance and high coil heat, choose from the selection below and you’ll be on your way to blowing out blissful, and bountiful clouds to help you relax, enjoy performing a favorite trick for your friends or even just to take a break from your day.

If you want to know more about a specific Sub-Ohm tank, click the image below and you’ll find all of the details about it.  If it is the right one for you, simply add to cart, checkout and you’ll have it in no time. If your questions aren’t answered, our live chat and email support are always happy to assist.  When you want big, bellowing clouds and don’t want to spend a fortune, shop our selection of Sub-Ohm tanks below and be on your way to fluffy bliss.


Horizon Falon King Tank Horizon Falon King Tank - Stainless Steel

Horizon Falcon King Sub-Ohm Tank

Introducing the Horizon Falcon King Sub-Ohm Tank! The next in a line of vapor producing tanks with a bigger e-juice capacity. HorizonTech is capitalizing on your desire for stainless steel finishes and vapor production. The best part though is the coil...

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What is a Sub-Ohm tank?

A Sub-Ohm tank is a vaping tank that operates at a resistance lower than one. Lower resistance means there is less restriction in the amount of e-liquid being converted into vapor. Less restriction paired with a higher wattage allows more e-liquid to be heated with each hit and results in huge cloud production.

What type of e-juice pairs well with a Sub-Ohm Tank?

Sub-Ohm users tend to use lower nicotine e-juices that contain a higher ratio of VG (vegetable glycerin) as opposed to PG (propylene glycol). VG is higher in density than PG, which will bring more flavor and cloud production to the Sub-Ohm vaping experience.

How much do they cost?

Sub-Ohm tanks cost anywhere between $15-$30 on average for a high-quality tank, though some tanks can cost upwards of $40 depending on the manufacturer. The total price will vary depending on the device, though are almost always affordable options within the vaping world so ask your favorite vape store for a recommendation if you don’t see one that fits within your budget.

How long do they last and when do you replace them?

Sub-Ohm tanks themselves can last for years, however, the coils within these tanks will need to be replaced over time, depending on the frequency of use. If you draw from your device and it tastes burnt, gargles, or there is a decline in flavor or vape production, this is usually an indicator that it is time to replace your Sub-Ohm coil.

Which is better, a Sub-Ohm or RDA?

Which one is better depends on two factors: convenience at the cost of one flavor until the tank is empty, or non-convenience but the ability to frequently change flavors.

A Sub-Ohm device has a tank of liquid it pulls from. This allows the user to have uninterrupted vaping until the tank is empty, which some view as a more convenient option.

RDAs require the user to drip e-juice directly on the coils, vape it, and then replenished it after every few puffs. This is a good option if you enjoy a variety in flavors, however, is a little less convenient for vaping on the go.

Know also that the cloud production and lung hits are similar in both of these systems, but the avenues to get there are slightly different.

Why do they use more vape juice?

Sub-Ohm tanks use more vape juice because they operate at a higher wattage than tanks with higher resistance. Since the resistance in these devices is so low, it creates less restriction in the amount of e-juice that is converted into vapor. This paired with the increased wattage results in more e-juice being used with each hit. But the result is large plumes of tasty clouds that are popular with experienced vapors.

How long does a Sub-Ohm coil last?

Sub-Ohm coils typically last 2 to 4 weeks, depending on how often you use it. These vape coils are built with outstanding quality for the amount of vape production they produce. And replacing a coil is simple; you simply remove the used coil and replace it with a new one. And as always, if you have any questions regarding Sub-Ohm tanks, feel free to contact our customer service in the live chat and they will be happy to assist you.


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