Sugoi Vapor E-Liquids

Sugoi Vapor takes the tastes and imagery of Japanese culture and adds it to an e-liquid line! Each flavor is likely something you have never tried before. Combinations of e-juices that could only come from your wildest dreams make up the Sugoi line. Try some today for a taste of Japan!

Ryu Nic Salt by Sugoi Vapor

Taking an exotic blast of Asian-inspired fruits and mashing it with nic salts will leave you with Ryu Nic Salt by Sugoi Vapor. A combination of luscious dragon fruit, crisp kiwi, and sweet lychee mixed with nic salts is here to take your taste buds on a...

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Sakura Nic Salt by Sugoi Vapor

Colliding tropical fruity greatness with a kick of nic salt creates Sakura Nic Salt by Sugoi Vapor! Slicing up fresh pineapples, juicy mangoes, and sweet peaches along with a splash of nic salt will give you an e-liquid taste like never known before...

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Sakura by Sugoi Vapor

Sakura by Sugoi Vapor comes in slashing and dashing with fruity deliciousness! Combining the refreshing flavor notes of tangy pineapples, succulent mangoes, and juicy peaches, this exotic e-juice is a fruity concoction that you simply must try. Coming in...

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Ryu by Sugoi Vapor

Taking exotic fruits to a whole new platform, Ryu by Sugoi Vapor is crafted just for you! What do you get when you combine dragon fruit, crisp kiwi, and sweet lychee? One utterly delicious, fruitastic e-liquid blend, obviously. Give Ryu a drip on your...

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Musha by Sugoi Vapor

Authenticity is key when it comes to creating amazing flavors and Musha by Sugoi Vapor is as about as authentic as it gets! This e-liquid creation brings you mellow Assam black tea perfectly mixed with a creamy sweet milk to harmonize for your taste buds...

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Will You Love Sugoi Vapor?

Read this section to find out if you’re going to taste this line of e-liquid and love it! We know that every vaper is different and want to make sure you’re going to take home a vape juice you can’t stop vaping. 

  • Exotic Fruit Flavor Lovers

    Sugoi Vapor is full of various exotice fruits like lychee and dragon fruit. If you love fruit flavors you can’t normally find at a grocery store, then this e-juice brand will make you mouth water!

  • Sub-Ohm Tank & RDA Users

    This brands VG/PG ratio is 70%VG and 30% PG which creates the perfect consistency for your sub-ohm tank and RDA! With the perfect balance of flavor and clouds, you’ll be in e-juice heaven with this brand.

  • Nic Salt Vapers

    Sugoi Vapor has 2 different nic salt options, these are RYU Nic Salt & Sakura Nic Salt. Both flavors from their original line made to go with your favorite pod vape!

  • Anime & Japanes Culture Fans

    This brand is steeped in Japanese culture (pun intended). Each flavor is inspired by Japanese fruits or teas with a logo that display anime characters.

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