WARNING: This product
contains nicotine.
Nicotine is
an addictive chemical.

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Swizzle Stix E-juice

Swizzle Stix ejuice isn’t your average mix on the block. Taking familiar flavors that you know and love, and putting a unique Swizzle Stix e liquid twist on them makes them stand far out from the crowd. There are not many coffee vapes that set us abuzz, but Damn Good Coffee is exactly what it sounds like, a damn good coffee flavor that has a unique twist, making it a flavor you won't find elsewhere. Lorena’s Leche will have you wishing that you had your very own Lorena in the kitchen to bake you up more sweet treats, like this full-flavored strawberry cheesecake. They didn’t skip out on the menthol fans either! With vibrant notes of strawberry, kiwi and green apple blended with a nice chill on the exhale, Jungle Frost is a bold, mouthwatering flavor. Swizzle Stix vape juice puts a twist on the classics, in a great way!

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