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The Clever Fool e-Juice


Product Description

Everyone loves candy and with The Clever Fool, you’ve got sweet and light orange candy in spades.  This popular sugary candy sweetens the breath and the air with its light fruity taste.  A few puffs will have you believing you’re clever indeed. 

Primary Flavors: Orange, Candy

Made in the USA.

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Product Review

Product Reviews

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  1. Crap

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 21st 2017

    Taste horrible


    Posted by TheOneAboveAll on Aug 19th 2017

    This flavor taste just like Orange Pixi Stix and SweeTarts and that is a very good thing because it packs the perfect punch that I was hoping it would after reading other reviews so if you are looking for a more mellow flavor than I would recommend trying another orange flavor but if you love that pucker sweet taste like I do than make a Clever choice and try this juice because once you do you will feel like a Fool for missing out.

  3. The clever fool

    Posted by Brenda Dockery on Aug 6th 2017

    This tastes like orange tic tac! This is my favorite juice, along with double the rainbow which tastes like Skittles! Love it!

  4. Feel the burn

    Posted by Shannon on Aug 4th 2017

    Got this as a mystery flavor. I couldn't tell what it was except that it burned my throat and made me cough. Nothing like orange candy.

  5. Its different.

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 25th 2017

    The flavor reminds me of this shop mock up of baja blast I started vaping with. Its not my all day vape but in small quantities like a 30 mil every few weeks is a very nice addition. I would say its an all around enjoyable flavor and would suit anyone that tries it. Toss a 30ml in your next order and enjoy it. I also recommend the double rainbow.

  6. No bitter chalky taste!

    Posted by Mike Bellini on Jun 13th 2017

    I've been looking for a good orange flavor but every time I've tried one from other companies they always come up tasting bitter and chalky. I was hesitant trying this but everything I try from Vape Wild I end up liking so I figured it would be worth giving a chance. You definitely taste the orange in it. It's more of a natural orange taste as opposed to a forced orange taste. Totally shocked me and something I would re-order again.

  7. It was good as a mystery...

    Posted by Craig on May 29th 2017

    Whenever I came as a mystery flavor it was good at 3mg, but when I reordered it and burns my throat every time. I try to mix it with other juices but it just never seems to work. There are other good flavors so I Won't Give Up On You Vapewild!

  8. Love it

    Posted by Krissy on May 22nd 2017

    I got this when it was a mystery flavor; the boy and I guessed "sweet tarts." SO good, just ordered my third 60 ml order of it. Between this, Watermelon Sunrise, and (now) Blue Harvest I am set for my summer flavors. Seriously, if you missed the mystery flavor extra ask for it as a sample. You'll probably be hooked.

  9. Great tasting Orange Ejuice!

    Posted by Ricardo Lopez-Molina on May 18th 2017

    I love the orange flavor in this juice. I fill my tank with it or mix it with Hannibal Nectar. Mmmmmm

  10. My favorite!

    Posted by Bianca White on May 14th 2017

    I was almost exclusively into creamy desert flavors, but The Clever Fool has changed me. This gives you that dry sweet tart feeling you get in the back of your throat when you dump a pixie stick in your mouth and I love it. I have gone through about 240mls and I ain't stopping there. Not only does it taste good, it feels good. Thanks VW!!

  11. Great candy taste

    Posted by Unknown on May 7th 2017

    I'm a fruit flavor lover but had a mystery flavor with this one and I am hooked.

  12. My New Favorite!

    Posted by Karen on May 5th 2017

    Clever Fool is so addictive. To me it tastes like sweet tarts with orange. I never cared for orange vapes before but I really love this one. It has become an ADV so I'm getting an even bigger bottle this time.

  13. Tastes just like orange PEZ candy!

    Posted by Unknown on May 3rd 2017

    Just like the headline says, tastes exactly like the orange pez candy, spot on. Not my favorite but definitely worth trying at least once, especially if like pez!

  14. Great candy taste!

    Posted by Unknown on May 1st 2017

    This to me is dead on orange Pez, it's like they used crushed up Pez to make the tangy sweet candy. It's not something you want to vape for a month straight but if you are looking for a solid orange candy taste, this really does the job.

  15. Fun

    Posted by Debra on Apr 29th 2017

    I love clever fool every time I order I get 30mls of clever fool nice job you guys stay cool.

  16. I like to keep it around

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 29th 2017

    I have alot of favorites from this site. This one was sent as a mystery flavor and I instantly fell in love. It's like an orange sweet tart! That being said i love the flavor but with it being a citrus it can be a hotter harsh hit. Love love love it though!

  17. This juice was made for me

    Posted by Elena on Apr 26th 2017

    The clever fool is a perfect mix of citrus and sweet without going over board on either. It's a perfect all day vape, that I would totally recommend to anyone who loves the orange spree candy or anything citrus.

  18. Orange you sweet

    Posted by Colleen Ramsey on Apr 24th 2017

    I've liked most samples I've gotten but this one, OMG! I haven't decided if it's an orange flavored sweet tart or the chewable orange vitamin but whatever it is it's awesome. Even better treat mix half a tank of clever fool with razzle berry and your really vaping wild.

  19. Great liquid

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 18th 2017

    I've enjoyed just about every juice from vapewild but the clever fool has been my favorite. Its a nostalgic flavor that really does remind me of childhood.

  20. Liquid PEZ!

    Posted by Rick Klein on Apr 15th 2017

    I'm not usually big on candy flavors, but after getting this as February's Mystery Flavor I cant put this stuff down. I like that a flavor can be various things to many people. Reading reviews I've seen everything from something grape to orange Tic-Tacs and while I get none of those inclinations from it, I love this flavor. If you want something different give this stuff a try.

  21. favourite so far

    Posted by Dwayne Archer on Apr 12th 2017

    Got this as a mystery flavour, and forgot about it for a while. I finally got around to it, and it's now my absolute favourite flavour thus far.

  22. Delicious orange candies

    Posted by Kelly Duguay on Apr 10th 2017

    I love orange juice and candies, but vaping these usually falls into the dripping category as I lose the flavor in rtas . However this ejuice has enough flavor and pizzazz to make it to a tank! I'll buy this again .

  23. Light orange and sweet

    Posted by Lucy on Apr 8th 2017

    I got this as a free sample. It`s a pleasant vape, just not my favorite. I liked the orange and I do like sweet. I just was not a real fan of this candy flavor.

  24. One of the best

    Posted by Kayla on Apr 8th 2017

    One of my go to juice love it

  25. Orange Stix

    Posted by Lacey Lambert on Apr 8th 2017

    It tastes as if some pixies came and dumped some of their stix right in your tank. It was one of the few flavors I've encountered that I didn't develop vape tongue with. I went through 2 of the 30ml bottles and it tasted as strong and clear as the very first tank did.

  26. Love!

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 7th 2017

    Tastes a lot like sweet tarts, I would definitely reccomend. :)

  27. Amazing

    Posted by Kayla on Apr 7th 2017

    One of th3 best juice ever

  28. Orange Pez

    Posted by Kirsten on Mar 30th 2017

    Personally, I am not a fan of PEZ, but as soon as I hit my vape, that was exactly what I tasted. That being said, if you love Orange PEZ, this is the juice for you!

  29. The Clever Fool

    Posted by Justin on Mar 29th 2017

    First off, reviewers who have likened the taste of The Clever Fool to orange Pez are spot on. It was almost like I was 12 again and was holding an elephant-head Pez dispenser in my hand, nodding back and forth, spitting out a single piece of candy with each click. Yet, after vaping on it for a short while, I became disenchanted with it, as seems to occasionally happen with some flavors. It is one of those flavors that is good, but to me, not good enough to repeatedly fill up with it without dipping into some other flavors in between. Like that friend of yours that you genuinely do like, but that you don't want to spend time with every single day, but I'm small doses, you really like them. That seems like the perfect analogy for this e-liquid. I would order it again, but I'm not in any kind of hurry to do so.

  30. Clever Fool No More...Just Clever!

    Posted by Vince P. on Mar 29th 2017

    Received as a mystery flavor. Loved it from the first hit off the vape. Already ordered a 30 ml bottle. Great stuff, will order again...

  31. Eh

    Posted by Dee on Mar 28th 2017

    Don't like fruity flavors, to me tasted like sweetheart handles or pez candy. Not a big fan at all, a bit better after steeping.

  32. Tastes like smarties candy

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 24th 2017

    kinda chalky/powdery not really minty and not really orangey but kinda both. If you like pez, smarties and super sweet tangy you'll like it.

  33. Really Good

    Posted by Ashley G. on Mar 23rd 2017

    This surprised the heck out of me. Recived this with my order as February's mystery flavor and was hooked from the first puff. It tastes exactly like orange tic tacs and I didn't find it overpowering like other citrus juices I've tried. Not big on oranges but loved this and thought it made for a very pleasant vape. This has definitely become my new ADV. Please don't put this one in the vault, keep it out.

  34. Great, if you like oranges...

    Posted by Lauren B. on Mar 21st 2017

    Really not my thing. I'm not much of a fan of Orange anything. Got this as a mystery flavor. I mean, it IS sweet and very orange-y, just not something I enjoy. If you're into Orange candies, though, this'll be right up your alley.

  35. Tastes exactly like Orange Tic Tacs

    Posted by Christopher Kasgorgis on Mar 19th 2017

    When i was young my grandfather would always give me orange tic tacs whenever I would go see him. This flavor brings back good memories and tastes amazing :)

  36. Pez

    Posted by Todd Oakes on Mar 16th 2017

    Even hits the back of your throat just like the chalky taste of a pez. Not my thing, but if you could pop Pez all day, this is your jam.

  37. Pez

    Posted by Jason Little on Mar 13th 2017

    Taste just like Pez..

  38. Just like Pixie Stix!

    Posted by Marci Holland on Mar 12th 2017

    This is in my top 5 ejuices. It tastes like a Pixie Stix or Sweet tart! Very Addicting and pulls you in for more. You must try if you like these candies!

  39. Love it!

    Posted by Katie Murphy on Mar 10th 2017

    I got this as my mystery flavor, tastes exactly like a orange tic tac! Delicious! I will definitely be buying a bottle with my next order

  40. Pretty Good

    Posted by Emilee Mason on Mar 8th 2017

    This is a good flavor. To me, the orange is VERY strong. It tastes like an orange spree. When I first began vaping it, it was WAY too sweet, then it grew on me a little. When the tank was half empty (or is it half full), I added a vanilla, I had on hand, happened to be Tres Leches. That evened it out quite a bit and it was very pleasant. It did not linger in the coils as I had expected it to. All in all, pretty good

  41. Smooth and fruity

    Posted by Daryl on Mar 7th 2017

    This was an awesome mystery flavor. I actually thought it tasted more like a grape candy, but WOW is it smooth! Will definitely order this in the future to add it to my rotation!


    Posted by Jeremy & Melinda K. on Mar 5th 2017

    We vape spearmint exclusively! It burns clean, saves on coils using our Kangartech Subvod Nano! So this was a freebie mystery & just tried; BIG WIN! My husband even loves it! Such a clean, crisp, fresh, bright, orange with hint of mint! EXACTLY LIKE ORANGE LIFESAVERS!❤️

  43. Meh

    Posted by Mike on Mar 4th 2017

    Flavor was good, but way too sweet for me.

  44. tic or pez

    Posted by jesse velasquez on Mar 4th 2017

    this is a cain vape for me.... taste like an orange tictac or pez candy... awsome flavor

  45. Amazing!

    Posted by Christine on Mar 4th 2017

    Personally this flavor taste like grape, can't believe it is orange. That said, I love this flavor all the same! Got it as a mystery flavor and will definetly order more!

  46. Sweet Tarts?

    Posted by Samantha on Mar 3rd 2017

    I couldn't wait to try out the mystery flavor and guess what it was. I settled on Sweet Tarts, but others are convinced it's Pez. Either way, this flavor is quite good. Tastes a bit more like mixed berry than orange, but regardless it's very tasty.

  47. LOVE IT !!

    Posted by Mikey D on Mar 3rd 2017

    I got this as a freebie when i ordered my orange dream and immediately loved it. it was February mystery fairly new to vape wild so i called to ask when it will be available for purchase and they told me march 1st.the rep asked me what i think it is and i told him grape ! I like the orange dream and orange drank which taste like orange but this does not,in my opinion it tastes just like GRAPE PEZ !! Either way its awesome. (But not orange)

  48. Pretty good.

    Posted by Jenn on Mar 2nd 2017

    Tastes like orange LifeSavers Mints, which I personally like. Smooth but with a little bite.

  49. super good

    Posted by Tim Hoover on Mar 1st 2017

    I immediately got a taste of Pez candy and it was excellent, best mystery flavor since Wrecking Ball imo

  50. Love it!!!

    Posted by Jennifer Carlos on Mar 1st 2017

    I couldn't wait for March 1 to find out what the flavor is and order more.

  51. Obsessed

    Posted by Amanda on Mar 1st 2017

    This is my favorite juice I've ever gotten from here, I've been counting down the days until February was over so I could find out what it was. First bottle I finished out of my entire order.

  52. Awrsome!!!

    Posted by Joshua Woods on Mar 1st 2017

    I love this flavor. Could not wait to order it once it was released from being a mystery flavor. Tastes like a smarties or pez candy!!!

  53. I was not a fan of this one

    Posted by Janella Rodriguez on Mar 1st 2017

    Very surprised to find out what this flavor is actually suppose to be because I wasn't even close. I got no orange candy flavor whatsoever but instead what you would think roses and perfume would taste like, as funny as that sounds. I tried twice but it definitely wasn't my cup of tea so I passed it on, perhaps someone else will love it.

  54. wow

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 1st 2017

    February's mystery flavour,I knew it was orange something when I received it in the mail,all I could taste was orange and it gave me a strong throat hit which I didn't much care for so I took it upon myself to add some sweet n creamy flavour concentrate,I let it steep for a week n a half and vulah it was awesome tasted just like an orange creamsicle,now I just love it

  55. Yay

    Posted by Melissa Kelley on Mar 1st 2017

    This was delicious. I've been binging on it since I received it as a mystery flavor. Tastes sort of like Smarties candy. I love it and my friends do too.

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