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The Most Expensive E-Juice of All Time - PGGB

No Longer Available


Introducing the newest flavor on the VapeWild Pretentious Line! It’s a culmination of everything we’ve been working on. It is homegrown and organic. Made from sweat and tears of unicorns, then steeped in oak barrels and aged to absolute perfection. The flavors in this juice were carefully selected and rarer than the ones used in SpacePawn last year. It’s got fruits, creams, custards, candies and tobaccos! It’s what you’ve all been waiting for and what we’ve been working on for years. It’s everything you could hope for - all of your wildest dreams and aspirations, all captured in one bottle of e-elixir - Behold the greatness that is PGGB!

We now have the EVEN MORE Expensive Meauhox E-juice

Check out these reviews, unboxings, and first impressions from all over the web (read: youtube)!

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