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The Vaper's Travel Kit

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If you’re on the go this holiday season then you’re going to need a Vaper’s Travel Kit! It includes products that will help you on your adventures. Whether you’re spending time at your mother-in-laws house or have a 10 hour plane flight, you’ll be glad you got this kit.

What’s included:

Revel Nicotine Lozenges

Nicotine lozenges are a travel necessity. The stress of travelling is real and you often crave a hit of your vape. Sometimes, that’s just not possible. That’s where Revel Nicotine Lozenges come in. 

They contain approximately 2mg of nicotine and can be consumed anywhere! Planes, trains, and even the Thanksgiving Dinner table isn’t off limits when it comes to nicotine lozenges!

Vuse Alto & Replacement Pods

The Vuse Alto is the perfect travel device. This compact device can accompany you in your pocket or purse. It’s also discrete! This Vaper’s Travel Kit comes with a Vuse Alto Power Unit and a 2 pack of Vuse Alto Flavor Pods! You get to choose your flavor and nicotine strength.

Vape Band

Avoid one of the biggest bummers with a Vape Band! Having a tank break while you’re traveling would be extremely inconvenient. Just slip one of these over your tank and save yourself from disappointment! Fits most 22-25mm tank glass.


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