Vape Bands Just for Tanks? 27 Uses for Vape Bands

What are Vape Bands for? Traditionally, Vape Bands are used to keep your tank from cracking in the occurrence of short falls and to make your tank looks super cool. 

We'd like to explore other means of use for you vape band collection in this edition of the Wild Blogger.

People may ask "What does a vape band do?", we think a better questions is "What doesn't a vape band do?" If you’ve stumbled upon the VapeWild website in the past century, you surely know that Vape Bands are a huge deal ‘round these parts. From the winter holidays to good ol’ Fourth of July (just about any remote reason for that matter), VapeWild gets those vape rubber rings out to the masses. You might ask yourself, “Hey, I got one of these suckers, what could I possibly use my vape band for?” Of course, you could use your dandy vape band in the traditional way and have it protect your tank from breaking, but you may be wondering how you can utilize it to the fullest. Well, look no further, because we compiled a dandy list of Vape Band uses for you:

How to Use Vape Bands

Replace your Wedding Band

You already blew a couple grand on your engagement ring, so what’s the point in doing the same on BOTH of your wedding bands?! Hopefully you picked the right companion that vapes like you do, so why not put a Vape Band on it (sing it, Beyoncé). This is also a great way to stay trendy because you can update your wedding bands whenever you want, without the grueling cost of a band from your local jeweler. You know those people that say, “I just lost my wedding band, my life is over.” Well now that struggle will be non-existent due to the fact you have 14 more vape tank bands next to your mod at home.

Topper for your favorite E-Juice Bottle

See that bottle of Murica over there? Yeah, THAT’S MINE. Don’t you dare touch it because I KNOW how much juice is in there. Your friends might mooch e-juice off you from time to time, but this bottle is special. This bottle is my JOY. How about you do yourself a favor and get your own juice at man?!

Floatie for your Pet Lizard:

Step 1: Get yourself a pet lizard.

Step 2: Name your new best friend after your favorite sit-com character. (Please don’t name it something super cliche like ‘Lizzy’)

Step 3: Take your lizard on a vacation to the swimming pool!

Who doesn’t love a nice swim in the summertime - and your lizard wants to get in on the action. Think he can’t swim? No problem! Slip two vape bands on his arms as fully functional and stylish flotation devices. The newest member of your family will be the coolest lizard on the block, guaranteed.

Tiny Pancake Mold

We get it, dieting can be one of the hardest habits to abide by. Let’s face it, pancakes are definitely amazing and they probably aren’t the healthiest option for breakfast. We have a solution. Drop that vape band in the pan and use it as a mold for your delicious flapjacks! It’ll be the most delicious pancake button you’ve ever tasted. You get to cut the calories and eat micro pancakes at the same time! Sounds like a win - win situation in our book. Bonus tip: make two vape band pancakes and slide a banana slice in between for a little banana sammich!

Money Clip for your $$$$$$:

Keep them dollars rolled up and tight! Ditch the money clip and make your own vape band money roll. Let everyone at the casino know what a high roller you are, letting the intimidation sit in. Even the blackjack dealer will know what’s up when you post up at the table with those neatly rolled, crisp hundreds packed neatly inside your vape band. Everyone around you will know for-damn-sure you ain’t bluffing (which could either work with you or against you). Keep your money tight, just like that mech mod you have in your pocket.

This might be our Top 5 uses of vape bands, but we have plenty of other uses for this little silicone helper:

  • Protect your tank from the Mongols
  • Stop a leak in your hose
  • Design a stylish necklace
  • Create the most epic bendy straw
  • Utensil to help blow O’s
  • Give your cat an armband
  • Slingshot ammo
  • Exercise wheel for ants
  • Hula hoop for your pencil/pen
  • Emergency hair tie
  • Collar for your little pet
  • Display stand for your decorative Easter egg
  • Spaghetti holder
  • Chop stick organizer
  • Christmas tree ornament
  • Peppermint protector
  • Finger tape for football
  • Radio knob grip
  • Toe grips for rock climbing

Have any more creative uses for your vape bands? Share this blog and let us know on Facebook.

Posted by Alex on Apr 18th 2017

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