FDA Regulations Update: How can you help the vape industry?

If you weren’t already aware, the FDA has extended its vaping regulations deadline until August 8, 2017 (what a coincidence that it falls on the same exact day as the regulations did last year).

The delay was caused by multiple lawsuits against the FDA in respect to the overwhelming support from the vaping community and vaping advocacy programs, like CASAASFATAEVCA, and VTA to name a few.

Although this is a great first step that our strong-knit community has come together to push back the regulation deadline, there is still a long road ahead of us in order to overturn legislation for the sake of vaping!

We sat down with our owner, Eric Turner, who offered his thoughts about the FDA delay and how we can keep working to ensure the future of the vaping industry.

"The delay of the FDA deeming regulations for three months was a slight victory for all vapers, their families, and those that believe in harm reduction. Not because of the actual delay though. The victory is what the delay represents. As I understand it, the new FDA administration wants to have time to reevaluate the regulations that were passed under previous leadership. The questioning of what is essentially a vaping ban, can be nothing but a good thing."

If there is a will, there is a way. As a vaping community, we are strong in numbers, and when we come together, we are perfectly capable of making a difference so that all vapers are able to continue enjoying the lifestyle and products they’re entitled to have.

The outcome of these regulations should rely on truth backed by scientific research and studies, rather than the persuasion of money and political gain. Third-party research has been conducted on e-cigarettes and the factual evidence is out there; the crucial step in this process is getting this evidence into the right hands - those in the legislative body.

So the real question is: what can you do to help?

“It is really important for vapers to let their voices be heard during this time though” Turner says. “We need to call all elected officials and apply any pressure we can. Liking posts on Facebook, and re-tweeting advocates is all fine and good, but that will not lead to change. The only thing that can lead to change is by picking up the phone or donating money to the many advocacy groups out there. CASAA, EVCA, VTA, SFATA, are just a few of the organizations that are doing good work. To date, VapeWild and its sister company has either worked with or donated money to EVCA and VTA."

The short answer would be to get involved! Contact your local government representatives and show support to vaping advocacy groups. We all need YOUR help to continue this ongoing battle and for the truth to be heard. These regulations aren’t only affecting vape shops and manufacturers, but they will be affecting you, the end consumer as well. 

In order for this community to thrive and move forward with reasonable prices and the freedom to utilize the products you love, we must come together in unity.

We are all here to support one another, so do all your fellow vapers a favor and let your voice be heard! Be sure to leave your thoughts and opinions about the FDA's decision to delay regulations and what you're doing to help get the word out to policy makers. In addition, be sure to let us know what you think about the FDA regulations, the delay and what you're doing in your local community to help in the comments!

Posted by Alex on Jun 6th 2017

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