4 Benefits of Vooping

Vooping has been around since the beginning of vaping, but when and where is the right time to voop? Is it in the office bathroom to cover up the scent, or is it in the comfort of your own home, so you can relax and practice those sweet O’s you’ve been trying to perfect for weeks? Does it help the situation at hand? We’re here to give you the lowdown on the sweet smelling world of vooping.

What is Vooping?

The term "Vooping" comes from the combination of two verbs together: Vaping & Pooping. Therefore the act of Vooping is vaping while having a bowel movement. It may seem gross, but we have uncovered some benefits to the Voop.

Benefit #1 - Covers Smell

Let’s just start off by saying, it’s always polite to try and cover up the smell of Taco Tuesday that’s making it’s comeback, because who wants to be subjected to that? We asked VapeWild vooping expert Alex Berry what his favorite flavor is that covers everything nicely. According to Alex, he’s tried almost every flavor in an attempt to find that perfect air freshener.

Grand Poobah is where it’s at dude,” Alex claims “there’s nothing better then the smell of peanut butter and banana to cover everything up.” So if you’re looking for that perfect coverage, give Grand Poobah a shot.

Benefit #2 - Let's people know that the bathroom is occupied

Most people know that it’s not a pleasant or relaxing experience when someone is banging on the door or pushing to see if it’s open. So if you notice clouds escaping from the bottom of the stall, it’s a safe bet to guess that some vooping is in progress. Zach Woosley, our Social Media Manager, uses this as a warning signal, “I know as soon as I walk in and smell Grand Poobah, Alex is occupying the area, I should come back in 30 minutes. Saves me from the awkward knock on the door to see if the stall is occupied, honestly.”

He went on to tell us that each person seems to have their own perfect flavor for the situation, almost like a personal voop signature. Which makes it easier to pinpoint the culprit who keeps leaving the stall with no toilet paper. Facebook group member Bruce has mastered the art of work vooping having found a stall with an air vent right above it, allowing him to stealthily enjoy some quality vooping time.

Benefit #3 - Alone time for Vape Tricks

Vooping has other benefits as well though. Why not double up your time by practicing those vape tricks that you’ve been trying to nail? Our resident trickster Dave Self shared his secret to landing those perfect O’s he’s so proud of. “Truth is, it’s the only spare time I have in the day,” Dave revealed “Plus, I’m all about multi-tasking, so this is the perfect time to get in my practice.” We’re guessing that’s where all his spare time goes, since he’s gotten really good at those vape tricks.

Does vooping have other benefits though? You can try blowing a cloud into the bowl for a nice, mystical effect and make it a more magical experience.

Benefit #4 - Helps the process

It even makes the process a little smoother according to one of our Facebook group members Ana; we’re thinking it’s that dose of nicotine that really does the trick. David, another group member, claims it’s the best time to produce the biggest clouds, which makes sense, since you’re nice and relaxed.

Isn't that unsanitary?

Now we know there’s always the concern about whether or not vooping is sanitary. But we’re here to assure you, it’s perfectly safe to voop (just don’t go dropping your mod in the bowl). Also, make sure to not set it down if you’re in a public restroom, because you never know what germs could be lurking on that toilet paper holder. For this reason, vooping in the safety of your own home might be the safest option. Having a good old voop is not the worst thing that can happen in the bathroom though, and if you’re concerned just look up what happens when you leave your toothbrush on the counter and flush.

So next time you head to the bathroom, grab your mod and try out some good ol’ vooping. What is there to lose, besides some extra weight?

Posted by Marissa on May 9th 2017

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