GCC Certifications...What's It All Mean to You?

Many of you have been asking over the last few months what VapeWild is doing concerning the upcoming deadlines for the new FDA regulations that will be implemented throughout the industry. We’ve been working quietly behind the scenes ensuring that our doors remain open and that we continue to provide the quality affordable e-liquids that you’ve come to love. Silence has become our best weapon in the journey through regulations, as we wanted to take the steps to make sure we were compliant.

This included visits as early as last year from our state and local representatives, 7 in total, who toured our facility, got to meet some of the many people that make this machine run so smoothly and were able to ask the really tough questions about who we are and what we do. In addition to that, we advocated heavily here in Texas to make sure vapers had a voice that was heard all the way at the federal level. We hosted vape mixers here in the Dallas metro area to inform local vape shop owners of the impending regulations and what they could expect from the government and from the manufacturers.

And just last week, we are happy to announce that we received our GCC certifications on glass and plastic bottles. In order to comply with the Child Nicotine Poisoning Prevention Act, which was enacted on January 28th, 2016, all manufacturers are required to provide nicotine in a container that is in accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s standards. This means that our bottles have been tested individually for glass and plastic (which is important for our pre-steeped and retail lines). These documents are a requirement for manufacturers and they help to further solidify our company as compliant with all regulations. Thanks to the hard work of our compliance team, who are constantly working behind the veil to keep us going and we want to share as much of it as we’re allowed with the public.

We are sharing these documents with you as a means to transparently show you that we are always going to comply with government regulations and that you can count on VapeWild to remain your trusted manufacturer of the fine quality liquids you enjoy today!  Please click the links below to view our certifications.  





This is just one of the many steps we have taken to ensure compliance. There are still many more things we are doing and have done that you aren’t aware of but trust us when we say we have done the hard work and will continue to do so! 

Posted by Crystal Means on Aug 1st 2016

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