Happy April Fool's Day-You Can Guess What That Means!

If you’ve been on this journey with us since the beginning, then you know we absolutely love to cater to the sense of the absurd and ridiculous. We have always liked to poke fun at the more pretentious brands out there because, well, we can. At the end of the day, it’s just e-liquid. We don’t take ourselves too seriously so why should our products? Other than the quality and the customer service we provide, nothing else is off limits when it comes to the nonsensical. And unlike most other vape companies out there, April Fools’ Day is our national holiday. It has become the holy grail of days for us because we love to tease and taunt. It’s the American way, after all!

This year, we took it even further than we normally do and the resulting video was nothing short of comedy gold, in terms of vaping. The journey from beginning to end of this shoot was fraught with laughter, reshoots, lighting issues, forgotten lines, unruly horses, and runny eyeliner on Dave’s face that constantly needed re-application. He didn’t mind though. And that was just on set, which spanned from our HQ here at home base all the way to our beloved Kimi’s spacious ranch on the outskirts of Dallas. Her two babies, Zoey and Fiona, were our unwitting co-stars, who had no idea we were descending onto their land with all our camera equipment, cars, people, and banana suits. What followed next was a full day of stops and starts and whole lot of laughter.

Dave gave us his take on the video: “Shooting took all day, Johnny Depp is as deep as a kiddie pool, and I’m the greatest rocker that ever lived.” Hmm, interesting indeed. But what about Emily in her banana suit? “It was hot, it did NOT smell like a banana, and there was no talent fee paid to me, just Dave. I was little more than an extra,” says Emily. I think you can all agree after watching the video that Emily had the best part.

The final product is the ridiculously, mind-numbingly dense video that follows. Prepare to open your 3 rd eye and be amazed at the genius of VapeWild marketing. And then open your minds and tanks to receive the wonder that is Happy Demise, March’s mystery flavor! Delight yourselves in the greatness of a strawberry macaron unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before! We chuckled a little to see some of the guesses but overall, don’t you love it when you’re wrong?

P.S. Happy April Fool’s Day! 

Posted by Crystal Means on Apr 3rd 2017

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