How Are You Releasing "New" Flavors-What About the FDA?

Since August 8th, we’ve seen some major changes and shake ups within the vape industry. Everything from shops closing to companies suspending rewards programs and maybe even worst of all, businesses shutting down completely. Those who have been fortunate enough to remain open have been stifled in ways that are unimaginable. Not being able to fully help and service their clients has been heartbreaking to say the least.  VapeWild was not immune to these changes. As an online retailer, we are required to verify the age of the purchaser for each and every transaction. No new flavor releases, no rewards points, and the list goes on.

So now the question has come up: how are we getting around the FDA? The answer is, we’re not. There is no getting around the FDA or their regulations. As a business, our main priority is  compliance so we can continue providing our customers with the quality products they have all come to love. Flavors you think are new have always been around, released for a short period of time, and then placed back in the vault where our unicorns have been standing guard day and night.

Our mixologists worked hard to craft unique flavors that you may have seen, if only for a day or two, just for us to take them away for a little while. Much to your frustration, of course (yes, we read your e-mails and posts for our limited releases). But it was all for a greater purpose. So sit back, relax, vape your favorite flavor and look forward to what VapeWild has in store for you. We promised you we weren’t going anywhere and we meant it. Our team works tirelessly to ensure our compliance on all fronts. So while what you see at the forefront is our super cool and awkwardly funny videos, Snapchats, and tweets, behind the scenes is a score of people all working with advocacy groups, local and state officials and the general public to keep bringing you the best of us.    

Posted by Crystal Means on Sep 13th 2016

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