Meet the Top 4 Types of Vapers

Meet the Top 4 Types of Vapers

There are a lot of vapers out there in the world. We've seen them, met them, we are them. Thanks to the vape community being both a close and fun community, it's not hard to experience the variety it has to offer. So while everyone might not fit into a certain "type", there's no doubt there's definitely some that we see more than often. So here's my attempt to pick the top four types of vapers!

        The Stealth Vaper

The Stealth Vaper – This is the vaper that typically keeps vaping to themselves. They prefer smaller devices so they can keep them discreet, and easily hid in their pocket. Don’t get me wrong, the stealth vaper may keep discreet, but this vaper loves to vape and has mastered vaping anywhere without people noticing. On top of all the tips and tricks I bet their clothes smell great due to the fact they are always blowing vape into their shirt! If you would like to vape like a Stealth Vape check out the Suorin Air Pod System.

        The Average Vaper

The Average Vaper – This is your typical vaper. They have vape knowledge and always want to learn more. They want to know about all of the new devices, from beginner level to advance, and everything in between. Despite this thirst for vape knowledge, they will typically stick with the same setup most of the time. If they do get new a new mod, I am sure it will be the same ohms and power as the last one they were using. They also have a passion for new eJuice flavors and will try almost everything they can get their hands on. However, their top five favorites will all be within the same profile and possibly the same PG\VG ratios. The average vaper also has no problem talking to anyone about vaping and loves to help people make the switch to vaping. To vape like an Average Vaper the Geekvape Aegis Legend kit is a must have!

          The Obnoxious Vaper

They Obnoxious Vaper – Okay, this is a vaper we all know. This vaper wants to blow the biggest clouds and always tries to one up his or her friends, even if they are in public. This could cause an issue due to the massive clouds bothering everyone walking by them. But for any non-vapers that wants to step up to our obnoxious vaper buddy, be warned, because they know all of the studies, when and where they were held, and they will quickly shut any passerby down. We love them for that even if they come across rude because we all know it is passion for our community. The obnoxious vaper lives for high voltage\wattage and low ohms. They can also name any new atty before hits the market. If you want to learn to build coils this is the person to ask. Don’t get offended if they critique your hard coil work too harshly, they just love perfect coil builds. Obnoxious Vapers love the newest hardware and the perfect set up for you would be the Vaporesso Gen, but with a Zeus X RTA from Geekvape!


The Trickster Vaper

The Trickster Vaper - If you have not met this person, I am sure you follow them on YouTube. They have a million followers and you spend hours watching trying to learn from their videos. They are also a member of some elite vape trick team that meet and shoot videos in the darkest underground bunkers only they know about. The Trickster vaper also has amazing sponsorships, and the nicest mods on the planet. You will see them at every vape convention by the DJ or in the vape shop preforming their signature vape tricks. This type of vaper is someone we are all in awe of and want to learn from. When they are not filming, they are at their favorite spot practicing new tricks. Don't be afraid to ask them how they do a trick, they'll help you out because you are a part of the vape community they love so much! 

Posted by Dale on Apr 10th 2017

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