VapeWild Awards-An Overview

VapeWild Awards-An Overview

Last year, Guide to Vaping, an industry leader in helping vapers the world over find their way, had their annual Best Of Vaping awards. They make it possible for consumers to vote and speak for the masses in determining who the best of the best is. The categories range from Best Customer Service to Best Vaping Advocate. They even have categories for flavor, hardware, and vape shows. Vapers everywhere get to cast their votes based on the list compiled by this organization and it’s highly reminiscent of a People’s Choice Award. This isn’t just what figure heads in the industry think of products, services, and companies. It’s the people who spend their hard earned money on these things who get to sound off.

To those outside of our community, this may not seem like a big deal. The way it’s looking, vaping is only important to vapers, and those who want to stop it. So it’s another way to cement our lifestyle choices in the history books. We take it seriously. Vape is life. VapeWild took home several of the top honors in the categories featured and we can’t say we were surprised at that. I mean, no one else is giving you incredible new flavors every month, amazing low prices, and the best customer service in the land. Let’s revisit some of these awards now and excuse us if we get to feeling ourselves too much.

Best e-Liquid Manufacturer-1st place

This was a tough category for us to beat out so many heavy hitters, especially our first full year in business. We were up against companies like Diamond Vapor and Scope Juice and many others. This particular category was a close one all the way to the end but  VapeWild beat out all competitors in the end. We were extremely proud to place 1 st in a category specifically for manufacturing and crafting some of the best flavors around.

Best Customer Service-2nd place

This is perhaps the category we take the most pride in. Since the very beginning VapeWild has always personified excellent customer service. It’s one of the main reasons, aside from the juice, that we retain so many customers. We make sure that even while our company grows that we never lose sight of that all important customer interaction. By making sure our agents are approachable, friendly, and knowledgeable, we make your contact experience with us pleasant. Plus they are all funny and talented so we put fun into every encounter. This particular category was landslide win for sure.

Most Seen Vaping Company-3rd place

In 2015, VapeWild was everywhere! And we literally mean everywhere. From our juices popping up all over the place in YouTube reviews, to our team traveling to every major vape event in the country (and even across the pond), to VapeWild doing pop ups at local shops and surprising them with mystery boxes full of juice and swag, we definitely had our face in the place! We were beat out by Giant Vapes and Vaporjoes Network, which are HUGE competitors so to be in a category with them was a distinction we won’t soon forget. 2016 promises to be just as busy for VapeWild so keep us close! You never know where we’ll show up next!

Best of 2015 Overall-3rd place

Finally, we placed 3 rd in their best overall category. The fact that we placed in this category as well speaks volumes to the dedication that we show every single day when we show up to work. Our production staff, our customer service team, our executive staff all work tirelessly every single day to exceed your expectations. Whether it’s the liquids we hand-craft every day to our marketing team bringing you witty and engaging content, we want our fans and customers to know that we appreciate them and do it all for them. There’s just no other way to do business. We owe a huge debt to all of you for taking the time to vote for us in all these categories and it’s why we keep bringing you our best all the time.

If you’d like to have a look at some of the other winners as well as awards from previous years, please visit Guide to Vaping here and take a look! And thanks for being the very best part of our family!! Nothing can stop us, we’re going all the way up!

Posted by Crystal Means on May 31st 2016

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