**VapeWild & the FDA-What You Need to Know Now**

What’s Next for VapeWild?

We all knew this day was coming. Many of you have questioned us, but ALL of you have supported us. August 8th became a date synonymous with the end of the world. Vapepocalypse, if you will. The hard truth is, for some, it will be. The stringent, and at times, harsh regulations have sadly signaled a death knell for many companies that, like us, have helped to save and change countless lives. With astronomical fees, near impossible ways to manage and own a vape shop, or to even manufacture and distribute, vaping is facing a really rough road ahead.

And just when you think this sounds like the worst break up letter in the world, we flip the script with good news and hope for the future of our company. VapeWild has been preparing for this day for quite a long time and before we could soothe troubled minds and make statements, we wanted to make sure all our T’s were crossed and I’s dotted. VapeWild is committed to being your number one vape stop now and in the future. Follow our Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Myspace page to stay up to the date on breaking regulatory news!

Tackling the Tough Questions

Q: Will my VapeWild Reward Points be affected or go away after August 8th?

A: Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to continue our rewards program. The FDA deeming regulations specify that we cannot give away free bottles. This makes it impossible for us to continue our rewards program as it is currently constructed. But do not despair! VapeWild is working on something different for our customers so stay tuned, as always, to our social media for future announcements. Please make sure that you redeem your points and place your orders before 11:59 pm CST on Sunday August 7th 2016. All unredeemed coupon codes will be invalid as of 12am CST Monday August 8, 2016. Psst.. that’s just one minute later…

Q: Will we still have VIF’s and Mystery Flavors available in all orders?

A: Good news in this quarter! Your VIFs, mystery flavors, and samples will still be included in all orders as bonus e-juice.

Q: Will VapeWild still have giveaways/promotions?

A: We are working on the details of this right now and we’ll have more information on this soon! And you can bet we’ll do it in true VapeWild fashion so keep up with us on social media and via The Wild Blogger on our website! 

Posted by Crystal Means on Aug 5th 2016

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