Vaping the Friendly Skies: Tips for the air traveling vape fan

Vaping the Friendly Skies: Tips for the air traveling vape fan

We all love our vapes so much and we take them everywhere, like our cell phones, even taking extra batteries and E-juice. But there is one common place where controversy has arisen: the airplane.

With the summer here and many people beginning to travel with vapes more frequently, it's important for vapers to be aware of the rules when it comes to vaping and traveling with your vape gear, on airplanes. Fortunately, the rules are fairly simple, but it's vital that you follow them all to avoid getting yourself into unwanted trouble.


Batteries are typically to blame for most of the fear and concerns when it comes to vape and air travel. Lithium-Ion built batteries have been under the spotlight for quite some time with laptops, tablets, and cell phones has been banned from taking flight, or at the very least restricted. So there is little to no surprise that vapes would be the TSA’s next target, but that doesn't mean you can't travel with them.

Lithium-ion batteries are not allowed in checked baggage.

Don't fret though, you can still carry them on the plane with you or in your carry-on baggage. Just ensure that the batteries are either in your mod or in a proper carrying case. And don't forget to take your mod and batteries out of your pocket or bag when you go through security, just like you would with your laptop or cell phone.

IF your carry-on luggage has to be checked at the gate, you must remove the batteries in the box mod, any extra batteries, and the whole mod itself. You'll have to carry all of that on your person, on the plane. If you are carrying it in your pocket, you have to remove it for inspection. Just as you may take your shoes and belt off, or surrender your wallet before going through a security checkpoint, the same procedures stand for your vape at the gate for some airlines.


The main rule concerning liquids on planes has been in place since September 2006 and is called the “3-1-1 Liquid Carry-On” rule. This basically means that you can’t carry a container of liquid that contains more than 3.4 ounces (or 100 mL) of liquids on a plane with you. So make sure you don’t have a big bottle, just take 10ml or 30ml bottles and you'll be fine. Also, you must have all bottles in a 1 quart, clear, zip-top bag along with other liquids you plan on having with you.

If there is E-juice in your tank you either need to pour it out or put the entire tank in the bag with the other liquids. If you have a dripper module, you wouldn’t have to worry about this part, generally because this style atomizer doesn’t house a volume of E-juice inside.

No Vape on the Plane

Unfortunately, you CANNOT vape when you get on the plane.

Well, why not, you ask? For a couple of reasons. And they don’t sound too far-fetched if you think about them.

The first reason comes back to the batteries. While smoking tobacco creates an obvious fire hazard (which was why it has been banned), lithium-ion batteries have been giving the vaping community plenty of bad press for being fire hazards as well. With all the reports of devices of all types blowing up religiously circulating around in social media and world news, there is no escape from the distress events like that cause. Thus, while authorities allow the batteries on the plane, using them is against the rules. So just keep your mod in your pocket or your bag.

The second reason is the vapor itself. When people see smoke coming out a person’s mouth, 9 times out of 10 they think it comes from a cigarette. This would worry everyone on the plane, wouldn’t it not?

Now some of you may say,”I will just go to the lavatory and vape in there. No one would even notice.” However, the plane has smoke detectors a little more advanced than at home and would pick up that cloud you created. People, again, begin to worry about their well-being, given that you all are cruising at 30,000 ft. Not a nice place to be feeling like that. Just wait a few hours and you can chuck clouds again!

Another Alternative: Travel Light

If taking all your gear with you sounds like something you really don't want to fool with, there's always the option of taking E-1 Disposable Vaporizers. The E-1 keeps everything you need to be contained in a simple, easy to use a disposable e-cigarette that doesn't require removable batteries or juice to refill. Just buy a few E-1's, pack them in your carry-on bag and you'll be all set for your trip. Quick and easy, and way less technology and liquid to carry.

Don't Bring your Vape to these places

A list of the all the countries that have banned, outlawed, or limited vaping, would be too long, but that being said, most of Southeast Asia is off-limits. Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and a few other countries in that region don’t take too kindly to vapers. There are also a few countries in South America, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East that you should be aware of — here’s a full list.

Every country on the list from above has different laws and regulations, so it may be possible to vape there as long as you do your research and don’t break any laws. Some countries will fine you if you have a vape with you, and repeated offenses can lead to jail time. If you’re visiting a country where you don’t speak the native language, don’t put yourself in a bad position.

In Review

So to recap, here is what you need to know in a nutshell (why am I in this nutshell).

  • Make sure you don’t have more than 3.4 ounces of liquids (E-juice, toiletries, etc) in your 1-quart-sized, zip-top bag.
  • Store your mod, atomizer, the batteries, and even extra batteries, in your carry-on, laptop bag, or your pocket. Also, remove them for inspection when requested to by TSA.
  • Don't want to mess with all your stuff? Try some E-1s!
  • And last but not least please, please, please do not vape in-flight. It can wait!

Following these steps are super important because you don't want your vape and equipment to be confiscated; that's no fun. In addition, we want to ensure that we aren't giving people more reasons to call on the outright banning of vape products from planes. Nobody wants to be forced to leave their gear behind for a trip.

Here's a useful link to the TSA website with additional information.

So follow the rules, be safe, and have a great trip. And as always, stay wild and vape on!

Posted by Deron on Jun 13th 2017

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