What it’s like to work at VapeWild!

VapeWild is a fun and magical place where all your dreams can come true. We understand with greatness comes great responsibilities, so with that we decided to answer a question we get daily: “What is it like to work at VapeWild?” Our response? IT'S WILD! We truly work hard to keep our flying unicorns and talking flamingos to ourselves, not to mention our rainbow slide to gum drop mountain, but it is not easy.

Alright, there's no flying unicorns, talking flamingos or gum drop mountains with rainbow slides, but they exist in our hearts and minds! All jokes aside though, we wanted to give you all a real answer about what it is really like to work at VapeWild.

VapeWild has a fairly large crew of great people with the longest active employee having been here for three years. We have close to five departments full of people from all walks of life, so we took a little time talking to some members of our team and at the heart of everyone's answer was their love of the diversity and fun we have at VapeWild. They also said it doesn’t feel like work, and instead it feels like a family working together for a great cause. Don’t get us wrong, we have good and bad days like everyone else, but once you walk through the doors at VapeWild you can feel the good vibes and love all around.

One of our favorite things about working at VapeWild is not just our crew members but our customers. If you check out or eJuice Group on Facebook you will see the amazing following and community we've built with 20,000 plus members! In our eJuice Group you will see a few admins that are always involved with our customers. These are crew members you see often along with an owner or two in our various videos and other creaetions. In a way, they are the face of VapeWild, but what you don’t see all the time is the rest of our great crew members. The people who touch every package or every bottle that we send out to you. They are VapeWild’s back bone, from Quality Control to Customer Service to Production.

In the video below we wanted to take some time and introduce you to six crew members you might not see often and ask them why they truly like working at VapeWild. Kimi is the Creative Director here at VapeWild, she and her team create and produce all of the images and videos you see on the site and eJuice bottles, including the art work that our customers request in their orders. Tyler is the Supervisor of PG\VG and Flavoring, she oversees her team that produces every bottle of VapeWild eJuice that leaves the facility. Mike is the Production Supervisor and he and his team makes sure we have all of the bottles and eJuice available for you to purchase. Kyle is the Quality Control Supervisor and he has a team of people like Kellie, who you will also meet in the video, who checks every order and makes sure it is correct and up to VapeWild’s standards before it gets shipped out to you. Lastly you will meet Kay, she is the Supervisor of Customer Happiness, if you have any questions or concerns about VapeWild or your order she will make sure you are taken care of and are happy.

At VapeWild we all love to bring you the best of the best when it comes to vaping and vaping knowledge. We all love working at VapeWild, and love vaping just like you. We are like a big family and are happy to consider our customers a part of our family as well. Without you there would not be the wild and crazy VapeWild! Even if we do not have mythical creatures running around the office we do have a magical time working at VapeWild! Thank you for all of your support and remember Stay Wild with VapeWild!

Posted by Dale on Apr 27th 2017

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