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In the land before Google, a handful of mad scientists created what is now known as the World Wide Web. This glorious invention quickly sparked the interest of millions around the globe to share their useless information, thoughts about cats, feelings, and ideas (also a lot of bad, disturbing stuff, but we won’t go down that path). Along with these ideas came the thirst for comedy and entertainment, which led to the creation of the ultimate thirst-quencher for this: Vape Memes.

In this age of the internet, we almost all certainly know what memes are (and if you don’t, we probably aren’t friends), but let’s pull a definition from the infamous Urban Dictionary: “An inside joke of the internet and those that lurk around it.” Bravo, Urban Dictionary, bravo. Not only are they inside, clever jokes, but they do a great job of bringing groups of people together for a hearty laugh. A tear-in-your-eye, pee-down-your-leg kind of laugh. In simple terms, memes relate to people.

Many folks go through their day experiencing challenges, struggles, and shit that’s just down-right ridiculous. Same goes for vapers (along with our “lucrative” industry), and memes are the glue that binds us vapers together with images and text that are extremely relatable. Content that makes you say, “Wow…#same.” All this has become a culture in itself, and we over here at VapeWild have fallen in love with Meme Culture. A love affair that could be relatable to Cheech and Chong, or Taylor Swift and whatever guy she’s with this week. We know you might be thinking, “Yeah, OK, they’re just another vape company hopping on trendy internet crap,” but nearly all of us here are still humans. Humans with big goals, late-night regrets, and a craving for Olive Garden’s free breadsticks. Humans that vape, and vape proudly, experiencing the same cloud production, ohm-resistance, and vape mail that you all do.

Not only are memes fun to look at (and spend countless hours lurking through them), but they’re even more fun to create yourself. And that’s the glory of it all! We ask you, vapefam, to join us in this Meme Enlightenment, as we are always in for a good chuckle. Just please don’t upset the Meme Gods; no one wants to see your cliché Bad Luck Brian meme from Tumblr, OK? All the memes in this blog are ones we have created or have seen that are completely awesome, and we would love to see our fellow vapers create some of their own, giving a new light to the term: Vape Meme. Feel free to tag #VapeWild in your memes so we can check them out, and who knows, we might help make them go viral (with your credibility included of course)! NOW LET’S OVERLOAD YOU WITH MORE MEMES FOR THE SAKE OF HUMANITY.

Posted by Sir Berry the First on Nov 4th 2016

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