Why Women Love Guys that Vape

Why Women Love Guys that Vape

There are 3 golden rules to being a successful adult in modern society: have a job that you actually go to on a fairly regular basis, pay your share of the tab (don’t be that guy that suggests splitting it down the middle, after YOU order the food and I just got drinks, you monster), and last but not least, successful adulting requires that you don’t smell like a cigarette-filled dumpster.

That being said, I was recently asked the question “why do women love guys who vape?” 

Here are my top 5 reasons:

The Smell is a lot Better than Cigarettes: Washing the smell of cigarette smoke out of our hair every day isn't something I want to be doing. My hair smells like strawberries and I intend for it to stay that way!

Women need attention: If you are constantly “going outside to smoke,” then we are left alone. When we are alone, we talk to new people. When we talk to new people, we find new friends that like our Instagram pictures. Next thing you know, we are creeping 27 weeks deep through their selfies and discover that our new friends like the exact same flavors as us, and guess what that happens to be?  Strawberries and cream

Dates don't divert to a gas station: Ever been on a date with a smoker and they just HAVE to stop at a gas station because they just chain smoked their last 5 stinkies on the patio of a Chili's? It's not a fun experience and no, we don't want a bag of chips from the gas station. 

Vapers Have more Cha-Ching for a Date: Vaping is, on average, a lot cheaper than smoking. This means your new vaper boyfriend has a little more change in his pocket to take a lady out on a night on the town. Now, I'm not the type to only date someone for their pocket's depth, but it's nice to not be asked to "split the bill" at an Arby's. 

Sharing E-juice: As a vaper, I always like to try new flavors. If I'm with a vaper, it's definitely a plus to share my favorites with him, and him with me. 

Cloud blowing aside, women like guys who vape because they smell nice. Don’t be a dumpster person, and embrace the fact that fruit scented clouds are seducing the world. One woman at a time.

Posted by DJ Calliente on Nov 22nd 2016

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