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Finding your new favorite vape flavor is easier than every! Just select the general flavor category you like and you’ll find tons of vape juice flavors to choose from!

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Not sure which flavor is for you? Don't worry! All e-juices are organized into their own flavor sub-set so finding your new favorite is simple. For the sweets lover in you, try the candy category. Need a morning vape? Checkout the breakfast flavors. Looking for some tang in your life? Try out something fruity. If you're still having trouble deciding, checkout the Best E-juices of 2019 which were voted on top by thousands of customers! There's something for everyone!

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Created from the last vestiges of liquid luxury drawn from the arid desert, MeaüxHox is the pinnacle. Being the most expensive e-juice of all time, your clouds will evoke the ancient spirit of the desert, resembling the journey of the mighty...

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Grab Crate of E-Liquid Grab Crates - 15lbs of Random E -juice
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Grab Crates - 15lbs of Random E -juice

You remember that time VapeWild had the Grab Box? Ya you do! How do we go bigger? The VapeWild GRAB CRATE, that’s how! You will need to use three of your limbs to count the 15lbs of VapeWild e-Liquid you get with this monstrosity! Filled with...

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Vapor Wild Disposable Vape Pen
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Vapor Wild E-Cigarette

The nifty little E1 (Everything-in-one) Disposable Vaporizer, that resembles the analogs you left behind, comes fully equipped with 6 dynamic flavor options avaliable and is easy to carry and even easier to use.  Inhale and exhale.  Those are...

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Choosing Vape Juice Flavors

We offer many different flavor sub sets to help you find a flavor you’re going to love! Use this guide to find the perfect juice for you.

Dessert Flavors

If you like dessert e-juice flavors, then you’ll find something to quench your sweet tooth here! If you like something really sweet, try one of our cake flavored e-juices if you want something creamy, go for the cream & custard flavors or vanilla vape juice. You’ll also find nutty e-juice flavors and cinnamon flavors if that’s your style!

Candy Flavors

Are you the kind of person that can’t resist picking out some candy while at your local grocery store. Then candy vape juice flavors are going to be great for you! You’ll find gum flavored e-juice and some chewy treats along with decadent chocolate vape flavors and even sour ones!

Beverage Flavors

Do you enjoy a nice beverage on a hot summer day, don’t we all? You’ll crave these beverage flavored e-juice. For those who love relaxing with a hot cup of tea, these tea flavored e-liquids will hit the spot. If you enjoy putting some pep in your step, try the tangy energy drink flavored vape juices or the rich coffee vape juices! If cola makes your mouth water, you’re new favorite will be found in the soda flavored e-liquid section.

Tobacco flavors

Miss the taste of a traditional tobacco? Checkout our tobacco e-liquids! We even have a decacaded cigarette flavored e-liquid section for those needing that nostalgia of their smoking days.

Fruit Flavors

You can’t beat the taste of fruit flavored e-liquids! From pear to strawberries, you’ll find every different kind of fruit flavor in this section.

Breakfast Flavor

Cereal and donuts anyone? Yes please! If you’re a breakfast person, you’ll love all these breakfast e-juice flavors. They’ll help you get ready for your day!

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