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From a stylish, compact all-in-one disposable vape pen you can take on the go, to a fully customizable kit, if you’re looking for a discreet vape pen that lets you have a quick drag on a lunch break, or blow a big, relaxing cloud after a long flight, we’ve got you covered.

Look below to find a large assortment of styles that meet your needs.  From vape pens with coils, and batteries that are ready straight from the box, to mix and match pieces so you can create your perfect travel kit, you’ve found the right vape shop to meet your needs.

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What is the Best Vape Pen?

The best vape pen is the one that meets your needs.  By asking yourself these questions you can easily determine which one is right for you:

  • How and where will you be using it?
  • Do you need something refillable or do you want a disposable pen?
  • How much are you willing to spend?
  • If disposable, does it come in a flavor that matches your tastes?
  • Will it provide the cloud level and hit you want?  (although this is tricky, there are reviews on most of them to help you make an informed decision). 

The best vape pen for an experienced vaper is one that comes with a sub-ohm tank and many coil options. This can customize the hit to match your needs while also enabling you to change flavors.  If you’re new to vaping or just want something hassle free, the best vape pen for you is a kit that comes fully assembled and can be thrown away or recycled after use. The only other thing to decide is which nicotine level is right for you.

Which Vape Pen Should I Buy?

To choose the right option, you’ll want to buy the vape pen that is designed for your intended use.  This includes how often you’ll be hitting it and if you need discrete puffs or want a bold cloud.

If you want something you can take to work and that will fit in your pocket, disposable kits are right for you.  If you desire bigger clouds, options with higher power output, larger batteries and temperature settings are the right ones to buy.

Which Vape Pens Can Be Brought on Airplanes?

According to the TSA, any vape pen and style can be brought onto a plane, as long as it is in a carry-on bag and not used during the flight. The rules for liquids follow normal TSA guidelines and must not exceed 3.4 ounces (100ml) and fit within a ziplock bag.

How Long Does the Battery Last?

A vape pen battery lasts about 12 hours depending on how often it is used and the mAh of the battery. For longer battery life, look for batteries ranging from 2,000-3,000 mAh that can last anywhere from 1-2 days.

Which Vape Pen Blows a Big Cloud?

Vape pens with lower ohm resistance and greater airflow will blow a bigger cloud. So when looking for a device for cloud blowing, pay attention to the coil offerings and their ohm rating as well as the size of the airflow.

In terms of more power, this will accomplish a bigger cloud, but you’ll require more airflow to cool down the coils. So while power is very important to chucking a bigger cloud, it’s also equally important to monitor those other two factors when deciding on the right vape pen.

Generally, a traditionally designed pen with greater airflow and power will allow you to generate more vapor. But there are also some mods that really crank up the power and give you a bigger cloud.


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