Vape Pink E Juice

So many things come to mind when you see the color pink. Most guys tend to shy away from it, most ladies are all over it, and it's also become commonly associated with breast cancer awareness. But Vape Pink is a different animal altogether, so to speak. These not-so-subtle flavors are the culmination of months of research and development to craft utter perfection. Vape Pink ejuice doesn’t have an expansive line, but with flavors like these, you don’t need much. The line starts with Cookie Butter, a dynamic oatmeal cookie dipped in milk that is so spot-on, you may just want to eat it. Then comes Chew, a sweetly seductive pink square chewy candy flavor that mimics a much-beloved puff will show you exactly what we mean. The lineup is then rounded out with Swirl, a delightfully creamy sherbet ice cream flavor. It pairs limes, oranges, and cream in a way that you have yet to taste. Now, we know sherbet is not ice cream. But Vape Pink took the two and made them blend so well that you’ll go searching for this in your local grocer’s frozen food section. Be advised, you won’t find it there, but you can get them all here at VapeWild! 

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