VapeWild’s Commitment to Prevent Underage Vaping

VapeWild is committed to stopping underage access to our product. 

At VapeWild, the slogan goes, “Serious about vaping, and not much else!” We take action on living up to that statement every single day. From our production process to marketing practice, and the distribution of products. 

VapeWild is aware of the troubling trend of teen vaping. Our stance is, and always will be that underage vaping will not be tolerated. We exhibit our commitment to stopping underage access through various actionable steps.

As of July 2019, VapeWild changed its minimum age requirement to 21 years and elder. We have also initiated the following tangible practices to stop underage access: 

  • Using personalities that are visibly older than 25 years in marketing campaigns
  • Consciously deciding not to use paid social media “influencers”
  • Leveraging promotional channels outside of VapeWild who target adults over the age of 21
  • We age verify using Veritad which verifies the age of our customers using information including:
    • Full legal name
    • Current mailing address
    • Birthdate
    • Last four numbers of the customer’s SSN
    • State/Federal issued identification
  • A fully-staffed fraud detection team that manually checks orders every day
  • Our fully vetted affiliate program which holds partners accountable through constant open communication
  • We hold ourselves accountable to stopping youth appeal by changing our flavor names and labels
  • Changing our branding to target the adult vaper

Additional Information

VapeWild began as the dream of three poker players to make a difference in the lives of adult smokers. That dream fuels our efforts to this day on through our future. We will continue to deliver accurate and transparent information, education via the VapeWild Info Hub, and live up to our mission to provide adult vapers access to regulated products. 

VapeWild is also taking the initiative — ahead of coming federal laws — to only offer our products to adult vapers over the age of 21 in our brick and mortar locations. Men and women who visit our locations are asked to present their legal identification before our services are offered. By stopping underage access to our products, we are protecting the adult vaper’s rights to legally access vapor products. We are committed to ensuring law-abiding, adult vapers are not punished for the public misperception of the vaping industry through continued education.

VapeWild will maintain compliance throughout the PMTA process and serve adults interested in vaping —  and currently vaping — for years to come. We believe our products — not to mention the variety of them — will enable adults to be cigarette-free and not smell like an ashtray. 

Need help? We're available at (844)-328-9445, or Email us at help@vapewild.com, or use Live Chat!

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