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Vape Wild eJuice Cereal Sample Pack (90 ml)


Product Description

Pull up a bowl and grab that milk! Our Cereal sample pack is the perfect snapshot into our cereal flavors at an easy to digest cost. With tasty flavors like Stoned Age, Rainbow Crunch, and Amaizeballs, this pack is an excellent place to start if you aren’t sure about what kind of flavors you are wanting to try.

Each of these flavors will come in a 30ml portion for a total of 90mls which makes this price that much sweeter!

Stoned Age: Stoned Age e-juice is an amazing blend of crunchy fruit flakes and vanilla ice cream that will make your mouth sing

Rainbow Crunch: A fruit flavored breakfast vape juice with hints of orange, cherry, and lemon with a creamy note of milk on the exhale.

Amaizeballs: It's little amazing balls of sweet and crunchy puffed corn with some cool, refreshing milky overtones mixed in for good measure.

Ordering is easy: Choose your nicotine strength, select your preferred VG / PG blend, add to cart, and you're ready to check-out!

If you do not know your nicotine strength or VG / PG preference, that's okay! Don't be shy, we're here to help you. Contact us in the chat window to the bottom right, we're always happy to help! You can also visit our FAQ to get more information.

Made in the USA.

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Product Review

Product Reviews

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  1. Awesome flavors

    Posted by Melissa Beegle on Jun 21st 2018

    I love this sample pack. These flavors are spot on! Milk and berries is my favorite!!

  2. Awesome sauce

    Posted by Jinglez on Apr 28th 2018

    So fruity flavors are love but flint stoned is amazing! Had to change it up some with some cereal flavors but that one stuck anyone looking for a sweet treatshould definitely try these out.

  3. I love the juices

    Posted by Russ on Mar 29th 2018

    I tried four and they are the best ones

  4. Wonderful flavor!!!

    Posted by Amanda Burkett on Mar 29th 2018

    1. Milk and berries is my personal favorite of these! This juice is the first time that I truly taste exactly what it's supposed to be, you can even taste the brown pillows on exhale.
    2. Amaizballs, the name says it all!
    3. Clover the Rainbow, another juice where taste is spot on, on this one you taste the milk and cereal on inhale and the marshmallow exhale.
    4. Apple jacked, I'm not getting cereal on this one but it is a delicious apple dessert. Only ranked 4th because I'm not getting any milk.
    5. Flint Stoned, very sweet but yummy
    6. Puff Atty, I'm not a fan of chocolate vapes but this one's actually really good. The milk mutes the chocolate flavor perfectly.
    I would suggest this pack to any newbie finding what they like. I will be ordering at least 3 of these in larger sizes. All six are amazing but vape wild makes it hard to pick favorites, and a person will go broke buying everything that they like.

  5. Amazeballs

    Posted by Pat-rice on Mar 27th 2018

    All so flavorful and delicious thanks Guys!

  6. Amazing

    Posted by annette tomasetti on Mar 9th 2018

    All flavors in this are really good. If your not sure what you like this gives a variety of flavors.

  7. Great Milky Cereal Flavors!

    Posted by Rachel on Feb 25th 2018

    I am really glad I bought the sample pack and not just one or two out of this line. I liked most of them, but my two top faves are Flint Stoned and Milk & Berries!

  8. You guys are awesome!

    Posted by James H on Feb 13th 2018

    This is my first review on here so I want to start out saying you guys rock. I'm am very picky when it comes to juices and flavor, so the fact of the 10ml bottles is so much nicer than buying 30 or 60ml bottles and end up not liking and wasting that money. So thank you vape wild. And as for the cereal sampler, I can't gey enough of the flint stoned, I'm sure the others will be good but I'm letting them steep for now, tried the apple jacked but didn't seem like it was ready. But of the juices I have tried, the shipping, and great customer service, not to mention free juice in every order! How could anyone rate you guys lower than 5 stars!

  9. Not much help

    Posted by Laurie on Feb 11th 2018

    Bought as a gift for grandson along with a mod and set up, he loves creal so here is hoping he likes it

  10. Always quality juice

    Posted by Heidi Peschke on Feb 4th 2018

    Great flavor even though there are a couple I didn't like, but that was just personal preference.

  11. Holy frickin cereal

    Posted by Felecia on Aug 14th 2017

    These juices were pretty spot on with the tast I thought ... skipped breakfast and just puffed on some cereal :) lol but seriously it was really fun trying all the flavors. I really enjoyed milk and berries .

  12. Loving Vape Wild

    Posted by Christina on Aug 13th 2017

    I buy a lot of juices and so far Vape Wild has not disappointed. There are juices here that don't compare to anything at my local vape shops.

  13. Cereal for days

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 19th 2017

    I often find that I can't vape really sweet dessert juices all day, despite the fact that they're my favorite flavors! Cereal has proven to be the best balance of sweetness and milk for the perfect all day vape. Flint Stoned and Milk and Berries are my favorites! This is a great sample pack to get a taste for what tickles your fancy.

  14. These flavors kept me away from candy for 2 months

    Posted by Mark J on Jun 5th 2017

    Amazing flavors for anyone who loves cereal or is trying something to curb that sweet tooth.

    I loved every one of them but Milk & berries was so much my favorite I bought 4 of the medium bottles on my next order.

  15. ...Wow!

    Posted by ML on May 10th 2017

    Had to stop using this ejuice... because every freakin time I hit it, it blew my mind how much like the cereal these things actually tasted!! A+

  16. Never disappointed

    Posted by Erin Steward on May 1st 2017

    I live for the results of my purchased items. The only flip was the nicotine that was sent but we vaped it forward to others who have nicotine and they enjoyed the flavor.

  17. Taste is on point

    Posted by Rob on Mar 6th 2017

    They taste just like the can't get better than this.

  18. Cereal Pack

    Posted by cj on Feb 1st 2017

    Great flavors!!!

  19. Best Vape Store!

    Posted by Joey on Dec 22nd 2016

    Coming back from overseas for the holidays, I ran into my neighbor. He recommended Vape Wild, most notably their quick shipping. Even with the holiday rush I figured BET, Ill give them a go. I place a 30 dollar order, the cereal 6 pack, key lime pie, the lawyer made them change the name, and a battery case, I even used the christmas promo code. I figured, Ill get the
    goods around christmas. In two days, christmas came early. I received everything i ordered, in addition to a stocking stuffer full of complimentary juices and goodies. The best part about the order wasn't even the juice, it was instead the christmas card with everyone from the vapewild family. Happy dudes, gorgeous ladies....awesome touch. You guys have won me over as my one and only go to vape shop, here and overseas. Now things will be awkward when I pass the lady from my local vape shop :D

  20. Great deal

    Posted by clint on Dec 17th 2016

    I was very pleased with most of the flavors except for the clover the rainbow and fruit hoops. It had a strong mint flavor that I wasn't expecting. Awesome price and shipping though. I love VapeWild

  21. Great Value!!!

    Posted by Travis on Dec 8th 2016

    All these liquids are absolutely high quality in my opinion. The sample pack allows me to change it up without becoming bored of the same liquid all week. I will say that the "apple jack" and "chocolate peanut" butter" is not my fav. Because of the cinnamon in "jack" and the dark color of "chocolate" it seems to burn out my coils pretty quick. The best one in the bunch has got to be the corn pops flavor. Its killer! I will be ordering these again soon!!!

  22. pretty good

    Posted by Tyler Martin on Nov 29th 2016

    If you like cereal then this is for you. You get the taste of the actual test cereal plus the added flavor of milk. And when you get your product you get a Lil more than what you ordered. Especially when you get a presteeped juice that gives you time to let the other flavors mesh and steep themselves.

  23. Morning Craves

    Posted by Donald Calvert on Nov 27th 2016

    If you are looking for those favorite cereal flavors in a vape juice, this is the perfect sampler. I've tried 4 of the 6 and so far I have more than satisfied the morning crave in vape flavors. Thanks Vape Wild!!!

  24. great variety for the cereal lover

    Posted by DUSTIN on Nov 20th 2016

    I really liked all the cereal in one pack, I enjoyed it very much after steeping for a week it was GREAT,even though they had a good flavor before steeping.

  25. absolute best flavor vape ive had

    Posted by lisa on Nov 6th 2016

    Loved them all! I've loved every sample pack I've gotten ! Best price for A lot of juice

  26. cereal

    Posted by James Fix on Nov 5th 2016

    Awesome stuff

  27. very happy

    Posted by on Oct 10th 2016

    I am very happy with my order. Great flavor and quality. I will be ordering again from this company!

  28. Brillant

    Posted by daniel j on Oct 3rd 2016

    Love this idea, gives me chance to test flavors without committing to large bottle or spending money for something I don't like

  29. Good cereal selection

    Posted by Lawton Miller on Sep 27th 2016

    Loved the cereal flavors

  30. Just to letchyu know...

    Posted by Anthony Dempsey-Kirkeberg on Aug 10th 2016

    Honestly, the only juice I ended up liking was the "flint stoned" until now, I haven't come across a juice from these guys that I haven't liked.

  31. The greatest

    Posted by Tyler Anderson on Aug 9th 2016

    Some of the greatest flavors ever. Love cereal vapes? Get this shiz.

  32. The new flavors are grrrrreat!

    Posted by Unknown on Aug 6th 2016

    These flavors let you have cereal all day long!


    Posted by Maryjane on Aug 4th 2016

    These all are my favorite flaves. This is the best sampler pack ever. I loved every flavor. Flint Stoned is my #1 out of the pack. Its so dead on. You just cant beat vape wild. I love the freebies too. It keeps me coming back. Thanks Vape Wild!!!!


    Posted by peter brescia on Jul 29th 2016

    I am beyond impressed by these flavors. Amazieballs is definitely the most amazing flavor i tried. everything else in the pack is great. thanks again vapewild for creating these amazing liquids!!!!!!!!

  35. Amaizeballs

    Posted by aaron on Jul 28th 2016

    Please make Amaizeballs a regular flavor.

  36. so happy

    Posted by Robyn Walley on Jul 27th 2016

    Now that I've tried it I can't live without Flint stoned!!!!
    Please start individual sales asap!!!


    Posted by Faith on Jul 25th 2016

    The cereal sample pack, it awesome, spot it, if you don't have it you're missing out!

  38. Amaizeballs Dominates the Pack

    Posted by Lee Haddix on Jul 23rd 2016

    I enjoyed every one of these samples aside from Over the Rainbow. Amaizeballs wins out for sure though-- it definitely needs to be sold as a 30. Five stars just for that flavor alone. I may even enjoy it more than the cinnamon toast juice, which is saying something!

  39. amaizing!!!

    Posted by Erin on Jul 22nd 2016

    I loooooovve cereal Vapes and these are the best of the best! The milk n berries is my least favorite only because I've burned myself out on it. I can't wait for the rest of this sampler to be available in full size bottles!!! Please release them soon VW!!!

  40. Loving the Cereal

    Posted by Ryan Shaban on Jul 20th 2016

    Haven't tried one I haven't liked, they are all so good! Gotta admit I am partial to Amaizeballs, so if you could start selling full sized bottles of that...well, I would be very happy.

  41. ooooey goodness

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 19th 2016

    Fkn delicious! I didn't even wait to steep it.

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