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VapeWild Best Seller Sample Pack (120mls)


Product Description

Four delectably tasty flavors in one neat package!  Get our best sellers on the site and take comfort in the fact that these flavors will come in 30ml bottles! That's 120mls of taste you can't deny!  

(S+C)2 - With this upgrade of the legendary “Strawberries and Cream”, you may notice more cream and strawberries! If you loved Strawberries and Cream, you will absolutely adore this elegant, rich, and creamy addition!

Rainbow Crunch Fruit flavored breakfast cereal with hints of orange, cherry, and lemon with a creamy after note similar to the milk at the end of your bowl of cereal.

Hannibal Nectar Be a fruit cannibal (we know it doesn’t make sense but go with it) with the incredible new mystery flavor release. Fruits from the most secret of tropical isles make this flavor savory, as sweet and as succulent as the ripest peaches, oranges, melons and berries that make up this phenomenal flavor.  Get Hannibalized today with this sweet nectar.

Murica - Murica is a blast of sweet and refreshing layers of red cherries, tart lemon-lime and blue raspberries. Murica tastes just like that red, white and blue popsicle from the ice cream truck on a hot Summer day. 

Ordering is easy: Choose your nicotine strength, select your preferred VG / PG blend, add to cart, and you're ready to check-out!

If you do not know your nicotine strength or VG / PG preference, that's okay! Don't be shy, we're here to help you. Contact us in the chat window to the bottom right, we're always happy to help! You can also visit our FAQ to get more information.

Made in the USA.

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Find Similar Products by Category

Product Review

Product Reviews

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  1. Good flavor and selection

    Posted by Unknown on Jul 6th 2018

    This pack was my first order through VapeWild to get an idea of their wares. I was pleasantly surprised at the products and have enjoyed them all. I only gave it 4 stars because my bottle of Hannibal Nectar unfortunately has a leaky lid and I have to be careful when shaking the bottle that I don't get juice all over

  2. Great Deal

    Posted by Justin on Jun 25th 2018

    Awesome flavors for a great price. This is a no-brainer if your new to vape wild or looking to try some of their best flavors. They combine the highest rated e-juices into one easy package. I'm a huge fan of all the flavors, except foot hoops which is good but not a flavor I would use all day. Highly recommend the rest, especially S+C. Definitely worth ordering.

  3. great product

    Posted by JAMES killia on Jun 25th 2018

    i think they are all great except strawberries and cream but that just due to my prefrences. im not a strawberry and cream person i got this mainly for the other 3 and its still a great deal

  4. Amazing

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 22nd 2018

    Really good juice and company

  5. Love x 4!!!

    Posted by Dom V on Jun 8th 2018

    You can’t go wrong with this deal! I mean really, where else can you get the most popular flavors anywhere for this price? I like all 4 of these. Great variety and best value anywhere. I will buy again and again. Thanks VW!!

  6. Love this stuff!

    Posted by Unknown on Jun 1st 2018

    My go to! Starts out my order every time! S+C2 is best, fruit hoops is so good and folds into Hannibal nector and murica without rewicking.

  7. All these flavors are tasty

    Posted by Jamie on May 28th 2018

    I love Vape Wild's selection of juices. I get hooked on sample packs easily but this set was the best. The flavors are different so no vapers tongue.

    S+C: obviously strawberry and cream. You actually taste it too. It's not overpowering on the vanilla. Great if you love sweet creamy flavors.

    Murica: Literally reminds me of the rocket popsicles. It's a big hit with all my friends.

    Hannibal Nectar: If you love fruity flavors like me, you'll like how mellow this one is. You can taste the different fruits. However, it's a little too mellow for me. Not a huge fan but it's still flavorful.

    Fruit Hoops: I freaking LOVE fruity cereal juices. It sounds awful but it literally tastes like you're eating the real cereal. It tastes like fresh fruit loops with milk just poured on it. My all time favorite next to The Clever Fool.

  8. Awesome

    Posted by Nathan on May 13th 2018

    Love all these flavors. My favorite has to be murica.the amount of liquid you get for the price is bad ass. I'll be getting all my juice from vape wild from now on

  9. Really love these flavors sooo good

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 23rd 2018

    Wanted to try some new flavors so far they are all really good love vape wild.

  10. Simply amazing!

    Posted by Chad Suggs on Feb 17th 2018

    With the most popular flavors all rolled into one. Vapewild slams a home run with this pack. Totally amazing combination of great flavors. You won't be disappointed with this choice! Did I mention the size? 120 millimeters of awesomeness!

  11. 120 ml sample pack

    Posted by Craig on Feb 15th 2018

    As always, great product, great price and quick shipping. A+

  12. To sum it up in one word. AMAZING !!!!!

    Posted by william ankerson on Jan 29th 2018

    Got it in the mail today. Loaded up Hannibal Nectar and Froot Hoops and WOW the flavors are spot on. Murica and (S+C)2 are next. You can’t go wrong with this sample kit. They also included several extra 10ml sample bottles. Can’t wait to try them all. I will say I’m a repeat customer for sure.


    Posted by James Dean on Jan 14th 2018

    I mean, you're getting FOUR 30ML bottles for such a low price!

    How could you go wrong with:
    Murica, one of the top flavors of the year
    (S+C)2, a delicious creamy overload
    Hannibal Nectar, a sweet fruit sensation
    Fruit Hoops, which has been my all day vape since I got this sample pack.

  14. Great choice for someone wanting to try out Vapewild for the first time

    Posted by Cody Smith on Jan 12th 2018

    Overall, I was very pleased with this pack. The order arrived to my house in the quoted time, and everything was packaged very safely. I even got 3 bonus mini bottles of juice to try as well, which was much appreciated.

    (S+C)2 seems to be a fan favorite on this site, but it was actually my least favorite of the four. However, it was still good and I did enjoy it for the most part. Just a bit too creamy and not enough strawberry for my taste, but still worth a shot.

    Froot Hoops shocked me the most. I assumed I wouldn't like it very much but it really does have the fruity/cereal taste it mentioned, and you do get that subtle note of milk at the end that makes it a really interesting flavor.

    Hannibal Nectar is great if you like fruit-based flavors, especially the raspberry/blackberry sort. I enjoyed it as a stand alone but sometimes mixed it with other flavors to give them a fruity boost of flavor. Definitely a good one to try.

    Murica is by far my favorite of the group. It smells great, tastes just like the Popsicle, and is one of the best vape flavors I've had across several different makers. I definitely plan to order this particular flavor again in the future.

  15. Purely Phenomenal

    Posted by Michael Wester on Nov 4th 2017

    I wanted to try new flavors to find a place where I could regularly purchase juices and hardware from. The juices alone have such pure flavor that you taste on the inhale and exhale. They've made a regular customer out of me and the personal notes on the bags are a nice touch!

  16. 10 stars!!

    Posted by Null on Jun 10th 2017

    I will start off by say this was my first order and i am more than happy with all the products and the free 10mls that i received.

    The (S+C)2 tastes exactly how described, Fruit Hoops tastes insane so accurate that it wigs me out.
    With Hannibal Nectar you have awesome fruity nectar flavors but not overly sweet even with a max VG mix.
    Last but definitely not least is Murica and probably my favorite out of the whole lot, being from Australia i cannot say that i have tried the Popsicle that inspired the flavor but none the less it is a great flavor and definitely an all day vape for me.

    I highly recommend this to anyone who likes fruity vapes.
    10 stars!!

  17. Best seller sample pack

    Posted by Shila on Jun 9th 2017

    For me it's fruit hoops, s+c2, hannibal necar, and murica. You can't go wrong with the variety and quality of this sample pack.

  18. Taste great but burns way to fast

    Posted by Brady on Jun 1st 2017

    I love the flavors but i have to fill up my tank alot more and i have a big tank.

  19. Beast Juices

    Posted by Brett Y on May 30th 2017

    Pretty sure they obtain these juices from mythical creatures. I love it so much. I need more. But in all seriousness its the best. This wouldn't be called best seller for no reason.

  20. Awesome

    Posted by Henry montan on May 29th 2017

    You guys rock

  21. Great Product, Great Service, Highly Reccommend!!

    Posted by Jessica on May 24th 2017

    So let's start with the flavors themselves! Keep in mind, this is my first review on e-liquid so keep that in mind.

    Murcia - supposed to taste like Jose firecracker popsicles we all ate as kids. not sure if thats exactly what I would say, but for imitating a popsicle flavor, I'd say that's definitely as close as you can get for a vape juice.
    Regardless, it taste really good and it's probably my second favorite here!

    Hannibal Necter - Supposed to taste like Peach, Orange, Melon, and Berries (which in my opinion is really vague since there are a LOT of berries). Orange is probably the weakest flavor while peach and melon take the spotlight. You can definitely taste the "berries" and that adds a really nice touch, especially on the exhale.
    This flavor is actually my favorite of the four! And it had a slight pink tone to it which looks cute in your tank!

    S+C^2 - This was definitely the strongest flavor. It REAAAALLLYY taste like strawberries and créme, they were not exaggerating about twice the flavor. Unfortunately I learned I did not like it! Not sure if it was too strong or I'm just not a strawberry person, but this one was the bottom of the four for me. But it really does taste like how it's described so if you like strawberries and créme DEFINITELY try this super strong flavor!

    Fruit Hoops - This flavor, in my opinion, was the most accurate flavor! Not only did it taste EXACTLY like fruit loops but that creamy milky flavor on the exhale adds such a nice touch! The milky flavor even lingers a bit on your tongue like an actual bowl of cereal! My recommendation is to steep this flavor for a full 2 weeks to really bring out that milk part. I tried this flavor right when I got it and the longer I let it steep the more that milky part came out! Really great flavor!

    Service - This was my first time buying e-liquid and I must say, I could not have asked for a better experience! When I was finalizing my order I wrote how this was my first time and I was so surprised (and flattered) to see a HANDWRITTEN response to my little note! It was completely unexpected and really added a great personal touch!
    They also included 3 small 15ml bottles of different flavors as an added bonus!
    It really helped me gauge what kind of flavors I like. Incredible service, everything was shipped perfectly and came in a cute plastic bag with their logo and everything!

    Definitely will be ordering more from here!

  22. Excellent compilation

    Posted by Vincent Campbell on May 10th 2017

    I got this group to try the brand and I was completely happy with it. The fruit hoops knocked my socks off. The rest were good too. I probably wouldn't vape any of theservice again because I am not big on fruit flavor vape juice but it was enough to show me that this companyales excellent vape juice and has excellent Excellent customer service and also sent some freebies. Very fast shipping and very satisfying vape juice.

  23. Excellent Choice to try the top flavors!

    Posted by Taylor in Michigan on May 9th 2017

    OMG! Try 'em. You won't be sorry. LOL... I can't decide which one I like the very most! But... Murica is right up there near Fruit Hoops for me.

  24. We have a winner

    Posted by Trenton Barber on May 8th 2017

    I bought this, not even sure if I'd enjoy the flavors. But it was a good price and I figured why not. I'm glad I did! All flavors were pretty good, but Fruit Hoops knocked by socks off. Definitely a favorite of mine that I may never have tried otherwise.

  25. Try to buy more

    Posted by IVAN BABUSHKIN on May 6th 2017

    Very good sample pack. Before you order quantity

  26. Murica! F*** Yeah

    Posted by Jed Moreno on May 4th 2017

    Such a great way to be introduced to this website. I am now saving a ton and get to try these guys' awesome flavor combinations.
    The Murica has been my favorite, but now even now that I am on the last couple flavors I am finding mixing them comes to some amazing new results.

  27. Great Service and product

    Posted by Unknown on May 2nd 2017

    Vapewild offers great products. I got everything in a timely manner and they even included a few samples of their other flavors. I loved the Hannibal Nectar and Fruit Hoops. I will buy from them in the future for sure.

  28. Very good!!

    Posted by Unknown on Apr 30th 2017

    All the flavors are great

  29. Best money I ever spent

    Posted by Chester Goodwin on Apr 26th 2017

    This was my first time ordering and I tried out this package deal. I will always order from Vape Wild. Super fast shipping and super fast delivery.Thank you for everything.

  30. Best stuff for your money

    Posted by Micheal Barnes on Apr 26th 2017

    I'm new to vaping so I bought the sample pack. I was very impressed at the amount of flavor that comes with these. Was not very impressed with the tobacco due to it tasting like butter.

  31. awesome flavors

    Posted by epic on Apr 25th 2017

    this was the first juice i had ever bought and since then find it still the best ive tried

  32. Greeeeat!!!

    Posted by Deb G on Apr 18th 2017

    All flavors are so good!! Thanks for a great taste
    Sampler! ☺

  33. Greeeeat!!!

    Posted by Deb G on Apr 18th 2017

    All flavors are so good!! Thanks for a great taste
    Sampler! ☺

  34. Some of the best juice out there.

    Posted by Evin Flowers on Apr 14th 2017

    The flavors are amazing. The prices can't be beat. I love this placr.

  35. great ejuice! great quality! best around!

    Posted by Alex Mcguire on Mar 28th 2017

    I ordered this sample pack and love it! honestly its the best of the best for the price! I reccomend anyone to buy this! You will be very satisfied! They also threw in a freebie 30 ml and some 10 mls which is sweet! Very tasty juice! This is a must buy!!!:)

  36. Real nice.

    Posted by zachary Thomas curry on Mar 11th 2017

    The only way I can describe it is, it was like a Adam Sandler movie. I took one rip an said "oh that's nice" in my billy Madison voice.

  37. Real nice.

    Posted by zachary Thomas curry on Mar 11th 2017

    The only way I can describe it is, it was like a Adam Sandler movie. I took one rip an said "oh that's nice" in my billy Madison voice.

  38. Awesome!

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 10th 2017

    Amazing value, fast shipping, plus three extra 15ml samples! Fruit hoops is spot on and full of flavor. Murica' is awesome as well perfect amount of blue raspberry flavor.

  39. wow

    Posted by Danielle Spurza on Mar 8th 2017

    All the favors are amazing

  40. decent

    Posted by Justin Phillips on Mar 7th 2017

    This sample pack is an awesome value. Hannibal nectar is great, fruit hoops was pretty good, murica was disappointing, and s+c2 could use more flavor, it's kinda weak, but overall I enjoyed this pack.

  41. awesome!

    Posted by Ann M Quy on Mar 7th 2017

    S+C and Hannibal nectar are very good with sc being my all time favorite!!!!!!! Fruit hoops.. Hmmmm not so much :(

  42. not bad....

    Posted by tyler swaney on Mar 6th 2017

    murica doesnt have much flavor kinda taste like a bombsickle ... hanibal nectar is awesome if you like fruity stuff.... fruit hoops is almost syrup tasting but still good s+c taste like strawberry pancakes.... overall not bad... im gonna get the summer pack instead next time...i like more fruity flavors more then cereal or desert flavors...

  43. These flavors are amazing!

    Posted by Michelle on Mar 5th 2017

    I love all of these flavors. I could literally buy this pack over and over again and never smoke anything else. Great job Vape Wild :)

  44. Like a fine wine, it gets better with time

    Posted by Justin Miller on Mar 5th 2017

    I will not lie, at first the juice was TERRIBLE! It was as if I was vaping rubbing alcohol, however I didn't let it steep before trying it for the first time. I was a little scared that I may have made a mistake with this purchase as I had read several people having the same problems I did. Some said that after steeping for 2-3 weeks it got better others said not so much. I let my juice steep for about 3 weeks and just tried it again last night and it was AMAZING. Right now I am vaping the Hannibal Nectar and think it might be one of my new favorites. I will definiteley buy from here again and would reccomend other people to buying from this site, but you must have your own juice to vape on for a few weeks and patience.

  45. really good!

    Posted by Craig on Feb 28th 2017

    Fruit hoops is the bomb! Murica is good too!

  46. great flavors all around

    Posted by Justin Imhauser on Feb 28th 2017

    I recommend this to all my friends. Best combination of fruity juices around. S+c is my favorite. Mixing murica with blue blizzard is a good mix if anyone has both.

  47. The best of the best

    Posted by Thomas Gorman on Feb 28th 2017

    This is a great package. 4 awesome flavors.

  48. Variety

    Posted by Carib on Feb 25th 2017

    The flavors in this sample pack are all great. The order was followed completely and the extra samples send were a very nice touch.

  49. love them all but one

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 21st 2017

    I loved all the flavors but Fruit hoops.

  50. best sellers

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 10th 2017

    Best sellers for a reason variety of choices but my go to vape

  51. Sweet and very tasty.

    Posted by Cory English on Feb 9th 2017

    To begin the Merica flavor took me back to childhood every july we would eat those popsicle, true to taste. Hannibal Nectarnot really my kind of flavor, however if you like nectar this is for you. (S+C)2 Very rich mouth feel, you can taste the cream even more on exhale, I enjoyed the flavor. Fruit Hoops, delicious my favorite of the four, Very true to taste.

  52. nice selection, great price

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 9th 2017

    No better way then to try a sample pack then the best they have to offer. Great juices, great price, awesome purchase, would recommend it again to anyone who vapes

  53. sample pack

    Posted by on Feb 8th 2017

    The Friut Hoops tastes real bad, stuck with a full bottle ill never use.
    Hannibal Nectar and Merica are ok, not the greatest.
    The (s+c)2 is really good.

  54. Vaping wildy!

    Posted by Stephen Gagliani on Feb 1st 2017

    I was having a hard time finding flavors I could Judy vape on all day. Heard about vapewild through the grapevine.. and all I can say is omg these folks are the best. Picked up the best seller sampler by far Hannibal Nectar has been my favorite but the other flavors were pretty awesome. I wasn't real big on the (s+c) 2 but it wasn't completely bad. I for sure recommend vapewild to anyone who is curious! Keep it up vapewild you all rock!

  55. the best value for mobey out!

    Posted by SMV on Feb 1st 2017

    been loving all of these three juices! Will definitely be buying the Hannibal nectar and s+c2!! in even bigger bottles this time coz I'm going through them quick! They're delicious!


    Posted by Mel on Jan 25th 2017

    great customer service, speedy delivery and 5 star product. flavours are great and we even got some samples to try new flavours. This company knows how to treat clients we will def be back!

  57. Ups and downs

    Posted by Russ on Jan 21st 2017

    This pack needed some time to mellow. It started out quite harsh, but after a week, some of the true flavors shone through. I like light and fruity flavors. The Fruit hoops has a mostly cereal flavor, with not quite enough of the fruity flavor. S&C went very quickly, as it was quite a tasty representation. Hanibal nectar, for me, was like tasting flowers, as opposed to berries. It left a bitter, perfumey taste. By far, my favorite was Murica. The flavor was spot on after a week of steeping. I would buy a couple flavors again, but probably not in a sample pack. I will continue buying from Vape Wild!

  58. sample pack review

    Posted by James on Jan 17th 2017

    (S+C)2 - fabulous
    fruity hoops - OK
    smurf cakes - OK
    cloud custard - very good
    Murica - not so good
    Hannibal Nectar - very good, but not my cup of tea

  59. Very satisfied customer

    Posted by D on Jan 16th 2017

    Very happy with all four flavors. My favorite is Hannibal Nectar. SC2 isn't that far behind. I was concerned about Fruit Hoops at first (just didn't sound appealing to me) but I was wrong to worry, it's very good.

    Overall very pleased with my experience with vapewild. Will definitely shop here again.

  60. awesome

    Posted by CARLOS TORRES on Jan 16th 2017

    Murica took me back to my childhood...amazing flavor

  61. juice review

    Posted by Donald Troy Harrington on Jan 13th 2017

    The sampler pack was better than i thought it would be. After letting the bottles steep i was very pleased with the flavors. I have to say Merica and (S+C)2 were my favorites. Thank you Vape Wild for your excellent service.

  62. Best Sellers!

    Posted by Siobhan McMullen on Jan 6th 2017

    I think its an awesome idea to have the best sellers in one pack. It helps us know what is good to try. Everyone has their ownidea of what they like but its good to think outside of our norm sometimes. The flavors were great! Would be great to up date this quarterly or something like that.

  63. Mayor of Value Town

    Posted by Kyle Chapman on Jan 4th 2017

    10/10 would purchase again. The shipping was fast and I received 3 additional 10ml sample bottles with my purchase! I've tried Fruit hoops so far without steeping and it's already great. It tastes just like fruit loops cereal and is every bit as good as that $22 30ml bottle you'll get at a shop. Guys, the value here is insane.. I paid $33 with shipping for 150ml of top notch liquid.. that's roughly $4.50 per 30ml! If you're considering buying the sample pack, do it like I did and you can be mayor of value town too.

  64. really tasty

    Posted by Steve Henderson on Jan 3rd 2017

    I loved all of them Murica and Hannibal nectar are my favorites.

  65. this juice is worth it!

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 23rd 2016

    Had a mishap because I had recently moved, and my juice had got sent back to vapewild. A little frustrated I had to call them to fix it, the problem was fixed and sent back asap along with extra goodies! I've heard great things about vapewild from family and friends so I thought I'd try them out, and I am not disappointed!

  66. Best option for first order

    Posted by Robert Shaw on Dec 16th 2016

    I opted with the 4 Bottle sampler for my first order from VW and boy am I glad I did. Not only do they have the best customer service in the world(seriously) but they beat the pants off all the other "Premium" juice I have been buying from B&M shops for years - at upwards of $20 for 30ml. I would rate ALL of these flavors 6/5 except maybe the S+C2 (fruit and cream is not my thing) but it is still delicious. If you are reading this considering making your first purchase, just do it! You will be so glad you did!

  67. great juice

    Posted by billy lauzon on Dec 14th 2016

    The pack is great

  68. Fantastic Sampler pack

    Posted by David Ingraham on Dec 12th 2016

    This sampler pack was my first purchase from Vape Wild. I received my order very quickly and was pleasantly surprised to find some bonus items with my package which was a great initial impression of the company itself. My juices have steeped and I enjoy them all! Murica is my favorite and I use it as my all day vape regularly. I also really enjoy circus bear. I have since placed two other orders with Vape Wild and will continue to. They have earned my business for life. I even took advantage of some sales for a new tank, some claptons, and some cotton as well.


    Posted by Debbie Munoz on Dec 9th 2016

    I love this value pack and may just purchase another one, if still available.

  70. Taking a Chance

    Posted by Richard on Dec 6th 2016

    WoW! I was really surprised by the quality of the sampler. Excellent value for the price. Quick delivery of my well packaged items.
    (S+C)2 hands down my favorite flavor here. I,m usually not excited by fruit and cream flavors, but this one is making me rethink this style.
    Hannibal Nectar Love the name. creamy with a slight fruitiness. Very tasty
    Murica Tried this with a bad coil. wasn't impressed. Changed coil, whoa mama! It does taste like a bomb pop
    Fruit Hoops Yes very much like cereal and milk. very good, but compared to the others here, it is in fourth place. I would buy fruit hoops again.
    Solid sampler, worth thr money!

  71. great vape love the flavors and free bottles just received my cereal sampler with a free 60ml so happy.

    Posted by kevin on Dec 5th 2016

    Best place online to get vape and they give you free juice it don't get much better than that

  72. Love it!

    Posted by Victoria B on Dec 3rd 2016

    All the flavors are delicious, arrived on time. Our favorites from this pack are (S+C)^2 and Murica. The Nov mystery flavor is fantastic, too.

  73. SOO HAPPY!

    Posted by Mel on Dec 2nd 2016

    I'm new to vaping (less than 6 months) and was about to give it up because of the cost of the e-juice at local shops here in my town. They would charge anywhere from $35-40 for 30ml a bottle and could tell the quality was not the best from the taste. I spent hours researching online to find an alternative and came across Vapewild on several top 10 best places to buy e-juice from. Placed my order for the sample pack and received it in a few days and was shocked how fast it came! I'm so happy I decided to go with Vapewild! The taste of the e-juice is amazing and I'm happy with their prices! They also sent me three additional samples of e-juice! Thanks so much Vapewild!!!

  74. It's a blast

    Posted by Unknown on Dec 1st 2016

    You will never find any juice with this quality equivalent to the price any where else. Good job Team

  75. Wow...

    Posted by Maurice on Nov 21st 2016

    heard a lot of good things about this company so i decided to give them a shot. purchased this sample pack on Saturday (11/20/16) and it was at my doorstep Monday morning (11/22/16). the juice came well packaged, it also came with instructions on how to Steep them juice, a Vape Wild Sticker, and it also came with 3 freebies (Citrus Bear - 10ml, Cherry Limeade - 10ml, Mystery Flavor - 10ml.) i have spent the whole day testing a little of each juice before putting them away to steep. all i can say is Wow. every single bottle of juice i have received was an instant hit for me and my roommate... and that's before allowing it to steep!!! so i can already tell that these e-juices are going to be amazing.

    Stupid Fast Shipping
    Amazing Ejuice Flavors

    These guy's at Vape Wild have just won a returning costumer. if you want great tasting e-juice and a good price look no further.

  76. wow

    Posted by Greg Frye on Nov 14th 2016

    Great sample pack. Thank you for the freebies too. Gained a repeat customer for life. Awesome service.


    Posted by ryan j on Nov 13th 2016

    Defiantly vapes up to its name great flavors! Loving the customer service and support as well all around great!

  78. suprised

    Posted by Nicholas Cal on Nov 12th 2016

    I've been looking for a new place to buy juice because my other website I use takes 2 plus weeks to get to my house. Vapewild fulfilled my order the next day. With these prices I would for sure rate these guys 5 stars cause so far the flavors I've tried are amazing. Great company will be my primary juice store for sure now. Thanks.

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