Vaping Facts & Statistics

Vapewild administered a survey to vaping consumers and received 4,123 responses! The 27-item survey included questions  related to personal vaping behavior, flavor and nicotine preferences, and prior combustible smoking habits (if applicable). Respondents also provided demographic information and product preferences.

In this document, we provide aggregated results to share information that would prove beneficial to vaping interests nationwide.

Vaping Statistics Infographic


Gender: People view the vaping industry as primarily male dominant, but women make up over 45% of vapers according to this survey. We also had a little less than 1% of respondents prefer not to answer. 

Age: Many view consumers of vapor products as young adults but the most prominent age range is 35-44 with 30.65% of respondents falling in that category. Only 7.65% of the survey’s respondents were between age 18 and 24. 

Tobacco Usage:

88.85% of vapers do not use combustible tobacco products in addition to vaping.

98.2% of vapers found vaping as a successful tool to help them decrease their traditional tobacco consumption.

67% of vapers smoked cigarettes for greater than 10 years prior to vaping. In contrast, less than 6% of respondents didn’t smoke before starting to vape.

86% of former smokers have saved money since transitioning to vaping.

88.41% of vapers report an "improvement" in their overall wellbeing since making the switch from traditional tobacco products.


Over 30% of vapers polled have been using electronic cigarettes for 2 - 4 years. Less than 10% of respondents are new vapers, using the technology for less than 6 months.

66% of vapers did do some degree of research before starting to vape.

Usage Habits:

The vast majority of vapers (over 86%)  use 1 - 3 devices regularly.

Approximately 66% of vapers use their devices at less than 60 Watts. While vape mod wattage can go up to 350W, most vapers do not use their device at the maximum settings available. Lower power devices, such as pod mods, are becoming more popular.

98.62% of vapers use less than 12 mg nicotine e-liquid in their devices, with 47.8% of vapers using 3 mg. 54% of vapers use around a 65/35 VG/PG ratio.

95.73% feel comfortable vaping in a private dwelling, such as a home.

73% of vapers prefer dessert, fruit or candy vape juice flavors, while 10.46% stick with tobacco flavors.


Vapers are everywhere! Responses were fairly consistent, with every region of the United States being represented in the survey. The region with the most participation? The South Atlantic!

Vapers Map


Thank you to all of the respondents that participated in the survey. From the findings mentioned above, vape companies and policymakers can further advocate for the industry that provides options for adults instead of traditional tobacco products.

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