Vuse Ciro & Replacement Cartridges

The Vuse Ciro is perfect for the vapor who needs a convenient device but prefers a lower nicotine strength. There is only 1.5% nicotine (15mg) in the Vuse Ciro Cartridges. This compact device delivers strong flavor with its innovative ceramic coils. With many flavors available, you’ll definitely find one that matches your palette. So grab a Vuse Ciro Power Unit and pick a flavor out! You’re going to love this e-cigarette.

Vuse Ciro Power Unit

The Vuse Ciro Vapor E-cig is a vaping device that is both simple and compact. Its small form factor makes it a perfect travel vape. The size is comparable to a traditional cigarette and the hand feel is a near perfect match to an analog.  The Ciro...

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