Vuse Solo & Replacement Cartridges

The Vuse Solo is an e-cigarette device that brings a small form together with simplicity. The nicotine strength of the Vuse Solo Cartridges are 4.8% (48mg). This creates a familiar experience to traditional cigarettes. Each cartridge holds 0.5mLs of e-juice inside and is easily replaceable. Grab a Vuse Solo Power Unit below and pick out your favorite flavor cartridge. You’ll be vaping away in no time!

Vuse Solo Power Unit

If you’re looking for a seamless vaping experience, the Vuse Solo is the e-cig for you! With a simple snap and go platform, this device is straightforward. Its design is sleek and compact for easy travel. At roughly the same width as a traditional...

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Menthol - Vuse Solo Replacement Cartridges

Get the taste of an icy blast of menthol. The Vuse Solo Menthol Flavor Cartridges contain menthol flavored e-liquid for a refreshing experience. The e-liquid contains 4.8% nicotine in its 0.5mL pod. The replacement process is easy! Just snap into your...

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Vuse Solo Original Cartridge Pack

Original - Vuse Solo Replacement Cartridges

A classic tobacco taste in an easy to use package. The Vuse Solo Original Flavor Pack brings you a flavor that is familiar. A tobacco e-juice that is bold in flavor is in these 0.5mL cartridges.  Each cartridge contains e-juice that has 4.8%...

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